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Chapter Two

"Sugar?" Ryou and Malik asked looking surprised at the other hikari.

"Yep." Yugi nodded smiling. "You think Bakura and Marik are a handful but those two don't compare to Yami when he has a sugar rush." Ryou and Malik looked at each other then to Yugi looking skeptical.

"How can Yami be worse than Bakura and Marik who are deranged psychopaths who used to kill people for fun, and probably still do without me and Ryou knowing." Malik asked. Ryou paled a little at the statement.

"I really hope they don't." he said.

"You're right Malik, Yami doesn't go around killing people but when he's hyper it isn't violence that he uses." Yugi paused. "Though you'd be surprised at how destructive and crazy he can be."

"Oh really?" Malik asked. "How destructive?" Yugi smirked.

"You know how Kaiba recently had to renovate his entire mansion because of the damage done to the walls, the floor and the furniture?" Yugi asked.

"Oh yeah, I remember Joey mentioning something about it." Ryou said then his eyes widened. "Wait, don't tell me. . ." Yugi's smirk grew.

"Yep, that was Yami." He said. "All because Mokuba gave him a few pieces of candy."

"Oh my gosh you have to tell us all about it!" Malik said. Yugi laughed and nodded. "Okay, well it was about a week ago when Kaiba had called and asked me to come and help Mokuba with some school work. . ."


"And if you take the circumference of this circle then take that number and divide that by the number here then add the area of the triangle in the first part of the equation to that total then you get the answer." Yugi instructed Mokuba as he went over the math sheet that Mokuba's private instructor had given him to complete. Mokuba was good at many things when it came to gaming, his brother's company and even knowledge with basic business skills but math was one thing he could do without. He knew that all businesses required basic math skills for completing orders, filing bank reports and setting up budgeting but since when did geometry become a necessity for budgeting?

"Hey Yugi, can we take a break?" Mokuba asked as he filled in the answer to the previous problem. Yugi scanned over the worksheet that Mokuba had just completed checking for any wrong answers. "Well since this math sheet is finished and all you have left is English homework I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a break." Yugi smiled. "Just make sure you don't skip the rest of your homework." Mokuba smiled.

"Thanks Yugi!" he said before jumping off the couch and running to the kitchen for a snack. Yugi laughed as he watched Mokuba run off then hummed. "I wonder where Yami wandered off to?" he asked looking around the huge private study room. Yugi had brought Yami over to the house after he had received the call from Kaiba to come over. Apparently the C.E.O wanted to duel Yami while his brother was with Yugi but when both teens arrived at the mansion Mokuba told them his brother had a business emergency and wouldn't be at the mansion for a while. This left Yami nothing to do while Yugi tutored so the former pharaoh decided to have a look around the huge mansion.

But that had been almost two hours ago.

Yugi hoped that his Yami hadn't tried messing with anything in Kaiba's mansion or more importantly something Kaiba didn't want them touching.

Which knowing his yami he probably wanted to do it anyway. Yugi started to think that maybe Yami spent too much time hanging around Bakura and Marik. He'd have to talk with Ryou and Malik about what exactly their darker halves do when they aren't looking. With that in mind Yugi got up from his seat on the couch and began to look for his missing partner.

"Note to self, ask Kaiba for a map and directions when visiting his mansion." Yugi mumbled to himself as he trekked the halls of the Kaiba estate. He had been walking for a little over half an hour looking for his wayward dark with no luck in finding him. And of course he spent a good amount of time getting lost in the many rooms of the mansion. After checking a few more rooms on the floor he was on and calling for his yami through the mindlink Yugi decided to head back to the study room where he hoped Mokuba was waiting for him and his yami.

It took Yugi another 15 minutes to make his way back to the private study and when he got there he stood in the doorway shocked. The entire room was in a chaotic disarray. The furniture was turned, the couch sliced in half, the table lay in pieces scattered across the floor, there were holes in the walls, burn marks on the floor and books were strewn everywhere. Yugi couldn't believe what he was seeing. He closed his eyes and opened them again hoping that what he was seeing was just a dream but when his eyes fully opened the mess was still there.

This wasn't a dream.

But what could have caused such destruction? It couldn't of possibly been Mokuba, and Yugi knew Yami wouldn't do something like this unless. . .

"Yugi come look at this Yami's on the ceiling!" the voice of Mokuba shouted. Yugi immediately froze.

Yami. . .was on the ceiling. . .which means. . .


"Whoops, hope that wasn't important."

Oh no. . .

"Please say he didn't, please say he didn't, oh kami please say he didn't do it!" Yugi chanted to himself as he made his way to the living room. When he there he came to a whole new kind of mess. The room looked just like the study, couch dissected, books everywhere, table shattered, vase broken, well that was new, walls and floors riddled with holes. And Yami standing on the ceiling.

"Yami you get down here this instant!" Yugi shouted trying to use his best stern voice. Yami looked down at his hikari and pouted.

"No way! I'm finally taller than Kaiba and you ain't gonna take that from me!" Yami shouted. Mokuba, who was standing at the far side of the room fell to the floor laughing. Yugi cursed Joey for teaching his darker half to talk like him. "Yami, get down from the ceiling, and clean up this mess!" Yugi demanded. Yami smiled and looked around the room.

"I think it's an improvement." He said.

"It's a disaster!"

"So is your hairstyle but you don't see me telling you to fix it!"

"Yami you have the same hairstyle!"

"Yeah, but I make this look sexy! You look like a chibi tye dyed porcupine!"

"That was mean Yami." Yugi pouted.

"Well you do." Yami giggled.

"Just come down here you baka!"

"Aw, now who's being mean."



"Stop that!"

"Stop what"


"What's that?"

"That's that!"

"What's that's that?"

"Ugh I don't know!" Yugi shouted making Yami and an amused Mokuba laugh. Yugi turned to the still laughing Mokuba and glared. Mokuba, after seeing the glare stopped laughing.

"What did you give him?" Yugi asked. Mokuba looked sheepish.

"What did I give him or how much did I give him?" he asked. Yugi facepalmed and groaned.

"Both." He growled. Mokuba reached over to his side and picked up two empty bags of what was originally hershey bars and butterfingers. Yugi's eyes widened.

"You let him have all of that?!" he exclaimed. Mokuba shook his head. "Nuh-uh! I ate half of hershey bars." He said. Yugi sighed. "Oh great."

"Yugi." Yami's voice called down to the annoyed hikari.

"Yes Yami?"

"I don't feel so good." He replied. "I feel dizzy." Yugi brightened a little.

"Then why don't you come down so you won't feel so dizzy." He said. Yami seemed to contemplate this before nodding.

"I could do that, or. . ." Yugi tensed.

"Or what?" he asked afraid to know the answer.

"Instead of me turning right side up I can just turn the house upside down!" Yami exclaimed. Yugi's eyes widened.


((End Flashback))

"And now you know how it happened." Yugi said. Ryou and Malik stared wide eyed at their friend.

"So, how did you get Yami to get the house back to normal?" Ryou asked. Yugi shrugged.

"After about an hour of having the house upside down he fell asleep and unfortunately shadow magic doesn't work when the wielder is asleep so the house returned right side up. It didn't turn the destruction in the house back to normal so when Kaiba came home he was beyond pissed. Then Mokuba had to make the statement about how now they could decorate the mansion how they wanted to." Yugi explained. "And then Kaiba had the nerve to blame me for the whole thing! Yami isn't my pet, how am I supposed to know where he is at all times. I can't help it that he reacts violently to sugar!" Yugi said. Ryou was about to retort but Yugi stopped him. "Don't answer that." Malik laughed.

"Man I am glad Marik doesn't react to sugar or I'd be in huge trouble!" the tanned hikari said. Ryou nodded. "No kidding." The white haired teen agreed. Yugi sighed.

"Well at least after that I was able to keep Yami away from any sugary treats." Yugi said. "Now that I know exactly what Yami's capable of I can make sure he doesn't have to much sugar and cause more destruction." Ryou and Malik nodded their heads and the three hikaris headed toward the game shop, none of them noticing the sets of brown and purple eyes that glinted behind them.

When Yugi, Ryou and Malik made it to the Game Shop they entered the front door and found the shop empty.

"Hello? Grandpa? Yami? Anybody home?" Yugi called out. He and the other two hikaris walked through the shop and into the living room and were shocked at what they saw.

The couch torn in half laying across the floor, the tv set chucked across the room and sticking out of the wall, books strewn all around the room, burn marks all over the walls, Yami jumping up on Yugi's grandfather's chair and in the corner laughing was Bakura and Marik, holding an empty bag of candy.

Yugi eyes widened.

"Oh no, not again. . ."


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