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She had woken in a cold sweat again.

It wasn't like it was before. Before she used to have dreams or nightmares. Even the nightmares were better than this. She would close here eyes, hoping to get some sleep and all she would see would be darkness. She wasn't thinking of anything anymore. Her mind was deteriorating.

Her dreams were always vivid. She always used them to get away, to hide from everything. She slept when she was bored, when she was sad or angry. All she could ever do to cope was sleep. It was, in a way, a wonderful medicine to the real world.

She was never normal to begin with, so why let that change? Why not embrace it?

That was what everyone said, but they didn't have dreams. They didn't understand what her mind was like, what her dreams were like.

They didn't understand.

Yet, they continued to talk, talking to her with fake smiles like she was some kind of child. No one was real. Reality was the real dream, and dreams were really reality. When she woke up, she was sleeping and when she was sleeping, she was actually awake.

But they didn't understand.

They called her crazy, stupid, and weird. They would watch her every move like she was some kind of animal. No one ever talked to her. No one ever got close. She was always alone.

Always alone.


Then, he appeared. He was a transfer student from an over sea's boarding school. He was different. He talked to her and tried to befriend her. He followed her everywhere even with everything he was told.

She tried to get away, but he was always there. She even tried threats. But it never work.

She stopped trying and let him.

She would vent to him and tell him everything. Even her dreams. He was like the friend she never had. And he embraced it. He didn't leave. He didn't look at her with disgust or pity. He was there because he wanted to be.

It was almost perfect.


Her dreams started to disappear. She didn't sleep as often as she used to. If she was lonely or angry she could call him up and talk to him. He was like her own dream.

He was her dream.

He was everything she wanted. Everything.

And then she opened her eyes one night, and he was gone.

It was only a nightmare. The usual nightmare she would get when she was lonely and she texted him.

No response.

She called him and e-mailed him.

No response.

She went to school, she looked for him.

He wasn't there.

He was gone.

But she couldn't believe it, she could see it. He was her dream. He was everything. And now, he was gone.

She couldn't let it change her. She tried to go back into her regular routine, but it didn't feel right. He wasn't there anymore, following her. He wasn't there anymore on the phone.

He wasn't there at all.

It was like he had never existed. And maybe he never did. Before she had always been able to determine dreams from reality. But it changed. He was in one world and never the other.

And now, she could only live in a nightmare.

In a nightmare where he never existed.