That's all she saw.

Not even a small spec of life, but her own presence.

Why am I here where is everyone? She asked herself in the darkness.

Suddenly a high pitch cry rang through the darkness, a baby's cry. She turned around to see a crib, light blue in color with a bright, firry red blanket draped over the side. She slowly walked over toward the crib, unsure about what was going on. But, something made her suspicions go away and left her with her maternal instincts taking over her body.

Shh, everything is ok baby. I'm here, I'll protect you. She said as she tried to sooth the baby with her calm toned voice. The cry kept ringing in her ears.

She then lightly placed her hand on the railing of the crib and leaned over to look down at the crying child. What she saw was unforgettable.

The baby's cry still rang through the darkness, but there was no baby to be seen. All that was in the crib was a massive pool of dark red blood.

She stared in horror at the sight. Without thinking, she slowly reached into the crib and the pool swallowed the tips of her fingers. She then slowly pulled her fingers out of the dark red ocean and started at the coated tips. They felt sticky, and trails of the blood began running down to her palm.

Her eyes grew wide and she finally let out a horrifying scream, the invisible baby's cry mocking her.

"Ah!" She screamed as she shot up from where she slept.

Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes, some already escaping from their prison. Her chest was moving rapidly along with her heavy breaths; up, down, in, out. Sweat was based at her brow, some ready to follow their fellow drops down her face. She tightly gripped onto her stomach.

She rapidly looked around the room that she once slept in. Darkness was all that was there. But this darkness was different, it had other life. Light from the full moon was shining high and proud in the night sky. Sounds of cricks playing their soothing melodies echoed in her ears. A soft touch ran up her back.

"Korra are you ok?" He asked her with worried eyes.

She weakly shook her head.

"Did you have another nightmare?" He asked again, with those same worried, golden eyes.

She replied with a weak nod. A tear then escaped the prison of her eye and left a long trail of its adventure down her face.

He lightly brushed away the tear's proud trail.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked as he stared into her ocean blue eyes.

She took in a shaky breath. "N-No. Later." She replied, as another tear left an escape trail down her face.

She then lay back down on the white pillow that her head once rested on. He pulled the cover up to her bare shoulder and wiped a tear from her face before lying down with her. Once his head met the warm pillow, she buried her face into his chest.

"Mako," she said weakly, "do you think I'll be able to keep this one?" She asked, gripped on his worn out white tank top.

He looked down at her wavy, brown, hair with shocked eyes, and then changed them into concerned ones.

He then lightly held her close to him with loving arms. "I'm sure you will. If not, we'll just keep trying till you say stop."

She then let all her emotions come out into his chest, hiding them from the world.

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