This is for Bade Prompts.
My Prompt is: Moving in Together

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Beck was laying on his bed, writing a paper for school, when a bang on his RV door interrupted him. He ignored it and kept typing, He wanted to at least get this paragraph done before he had to stop. But that didn't happen when the door flew open, and a certain black, blue and green haired girlfriend of his came into the Silver Streak. She walked over to the opposite side of his RV, and dropped an over-large duffle bag onto the floor in front of the couch before taking a seat on it.

She pulled out a pair of scissors from her waistband and grabbed a pad of paper from his coffee table, and began to cut it up.

Beck raised an eyebrow at the large bag, and looked towards his girlfriend. "What are you doing? Moving in?" He couldn't help but laugh at the preposterous idea.

Jade looked up, ever so slightly from the piece of paper she was cutting up, to answer him with an 'mhm'. Beck was sure he had heard her wrong. But she continued to cut away, like nothing was bothering her, which he was sure there was.

"Uhm, don't take this the wrong way, but why?" He asked her, placing his laptop to the side.

Jade gave a half hearted shrug. "My mother is an idiot, and my brother is nothing but a nuisance. I can't stand living in that house anymore. They don't care if I stay, they really don't care if I'm there at all. So, I'm moving in."

Beck licked his lips slowly, in an attempt to find the right thing to say. "Jade..."

"Don't." She started, not even bothering to look up. "I need somewhere to go, and don't even try to talk me out of it, Beck."

Beck sighed, feeling the debate dying on his tongue. He motioned for her to come over to him. She pursed her lips, dropping her scissors on the sofa, and brushed the tiny pieces of paper off herself, making them flutter onto the ground. Beck opened him arms for her, and she moved into them, legs tangling together, her chin resting somewhere near his collarbone.

Jade looked up at him, her lips near his adam's apple. "Tell me you love me."

Beck rested his chin atop her head, squeezing her shoulders in a comforting manner, he didn't have the heart to joke with her, when she was upset like this. He knew the real reason behind her wanting to move in. He could see the insecurities, but he wouldn't mention it, no not today, not ever. "I love you, Jade." Beck pressed his lips to her hairline, when she picked her head off his chest.

"I know." Was her simply reply, as Beck cleared his bed of his laptop, and books. Jade kicked off her boots getting under the blankets, still fully dressed, but not really caring.

"If you know, then why do you ask?" It wasn't a mean question, he was actually fully curious, he flicked off the lights not bothering to change his clothes either.

The pale skinned girl gave another shrug, but you could see the moon reflecting through the tinted windows into her blue eyes in the dark. "It's just nice to hear.. You know that someone cares."

Beck pulled Jade closer to him, her body fit perfectly in his embrace, like it was made just for her. "You're always welcome here, Jade. Your home is with me."

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