I stomped out of me and Maka's house, she just had to start a fight again! And over nothing! I was talking about Kid and she freaked the hell out! I just wanted to hang out with him!

"Don't even come back Soul Eater! I'll throw your crap at Kid's door!" Maka yelled out the door.

I shrugged and kept walking. Who gives a fuck anymore? Not me. This situation, is un-cool…

I walked to Kid's house, apparently my stuff will arrive soon by courtesy of Maka. Even from the outside, you can tell this place is symmetrical, Kid hated things asymmetrical. I have to admit, the OCD little boy makes me laugh a lot because of that. He despises my hair and clothing choices. I smiled thinking about it and soon arrived to his front door, Kid was already outside.

"Soul? Is something wrong? You know, besides your asymmetrically…"He smiled, but a look of disgust in his eye.

"Me and Maka got in a fight, said she was dropping my stuff off here." I scoffed.

"You got kicked out? That's horrible! I'm sure my father can arrange something for you in our home, come on." He smiled.

I smiled back and walked in with him. He looked around and sighed in annoyance.

"Father! I need to speak to you!" He called.

Lord Death soon arrived.

"Yes my son?" He asked.

"Um, Maka kicked Soul out for good, can he stay with us for a while?" Kid asked.

"Of course! May I ask what happened between you two?" He asked me.

"I was asking if it was okay if I had Kid over, and she just freaked out and started yelling. I don't know what I did honestly." I shrugged.

"Hm, well, a meister without their weapon is nothing, I'm sure she will come here begging for you back, you are in fact, almost a death scythe." Lord Death said cheerfully.

I smiled and nodded my appreciation, I know I looked cool doing that, I always do.

"Anything else?" Death asked.

"No father, thank you for letting him stay." Kid smiled.

"Yeah, thanks Death." I smiled.

Lord Death chuckled and waved goodbye, going elsewhere in the home.

"So, would you like to come to my room? I actually got you and Maka something for your anniversary, I know it's a few months ahead, but I'll give it to you now if you want." Kid smiled.

"Only if you want to." I smiled back shrugging.

He chuckled and walked up the stairs, me following. We turned into his room a few doors down, of course, everything was perfectly symmetrical.

"Have a seat! I'll get it out for you." Kid offered, pointing a hand to his bed.

I sat on the edge and he walked to his dresser, a look of concern wiped his face, he looked down to his hands and gasped.

"I'm… I'm asymmetrical… I'm suck a failure! I'm disgusting don't look at me!" He wailed.

I gasped and kneeled down beside him, Kid whimpered.

"No… I'm asymmetrical!" He cried.

I grabbed both of his wrists to see what was wrong with his hands, one ring was gone. Kid started crying, I took off the ring and put it on his dresser.

"See, symmetrical." I smiled.

He sniffled and looked at his hands, smiling and jumping up.

"Who knew you could be so symmetrical Soul!" He laughed.

I smiled and sat back on his bed, he sat by me, smiling at his new symmetrical fingers. He had completely forgotten about the present, eh, I don't need it.

"Anyway, my father got a piano, expecting me to know how to play it! Funny right?" He laughed.

"Oh, that is kinda funny." I smiled.

Kid was about to say something, but there was banging and yelling outside his front door.

"It's Maka… I'm so sorry…" I mumbled, getting up.

"I can get it if you like." He offered.

I shook my head walking downstairs, him following me. I opened the door and found a furious Maka. I looked at the door, various dents and scratches from her throwing my crap at it. My eyes widened.

"Kid! This is going to gegt personal, so can you maybe', go upstairs? It's your house, I respect that, but this is private." I covered before he could see the door.

"Of course, I'll bring drinks to my room for us." He smiled.

"Why the hell did you do that to his door! He'll freak out Maka!" I hissed quietly.

"I don't care! You care about your stupid friends door more than me! WONDERFUL!" Maka yelled.

"Listen, I don't know what I did, I don't know why you got mad at me wanting to hang with Kid. Can I get an answer?" I said calmly.


"Calm down! Maybe' I like having a life too? And who said I liked hanging out with him more? You we're my girlfriend!" I spat.

"And you we're my weapon!" She hissed.

"What…? Is that even possible to abandon your own weapon!" I screeched.

Lord Death walked in behind me.

"Actually, it's not possible for a weapon to leave the meister. The meister can leave the weapon." He explained.

"In your face loser!" Maka teased.

"Now, now Maka… You can choose a new weapon tomorrow. And Soul, you're going on the list." Lord Death sighed.

Maka smiled and left the area. I grabbed my bag of stuff and shut the door.

"Um, father… I need to speak with you as well… Soul you can put your bags in my room for now." Kid said quietly.

I nodded and walked up the stairs. I heard mumbling from them. I walked into Kid's room and set my bag down next to his bed.

"BUT FATHER!" I heard Kid yell.

"No Son! I'm sorry!" Lord Death answered.

It went silent and Kid soon came in with two glasses of water.

"Family stuff?" I asked.

"Sort of… It deals with you. You have a right to know about it." He sighed, sitting by me.

He handed me a drink and he sipped his quietly.

"I asked my dad if you could be my weapon, along with Liz and her sister. He said no, so I asked if I could trade them for you, and he still refused. I'm sorry." He sighed.

"Dude, you don't have to make me your weapon. I can get a new meister." I laughed.

"But if you don't get one by midnight, you have to start all over with your souls. You just need two more Kishen souls, and that witch soul, you can be a death scythe!" He sighed.

"Kid, thanks for caring. I don't mind starting new. Fighting Kishens is so fun! I would love to be a death scythe, that would be so cool, but starting over would make it even better!" I smiled.

Kid smiled too. He looked up and nodded.

"Um, it's only noon, we can go swim if you like. Father got a new pool installed out back." Kid offered.

"If you want, I hope she gave me my trunks." I chuckled, picking up my bag.

Kid grabbed a pair of black trunks with three white stripes to match his hair, and walked to the bathroom. I pulled out my white ones and quickly changed into them before Kid got out, he is going to freak over my big scar. He walked out about a minute late holding his clothes in a neat fold, and sort of gasped at my scar.

"Here's a towel." He smiled.

"Thanks." I smiled back.

He led me to the back of his house and took me to his pool. It had black tile bottoms, rounded off sides, a diving board, a waterfall, and it was shaped like a Death Skull. The eyes were hot tubs!

"So asymmetrical…" He whispered, dipping his feet in.

I laughed and sat by him. He looked at the bottom of the pool, as if he found more asymmetry.

"Do you see that?" He asked, pointing down.

"No, what is it?" I asked.

"Get a closer look!" He laughed, pushing me in, I pulled him in with me.

We had a water fight, then raced around the pool, saw who did better flips from the board, and just talked in the hot tubs.

"Son, Soul, time to come in. It's six." Lord Death came out and told us.

"Yes father." Kid nodded.

"Yeah sir." I nodded too.

We swam to the side our towels were on and got out. We dried off and walked in with Lord Death. We went up to kids room to get clothes, and he got a black button up shirt, and black pants, I just got out a white shirt, my jeans from earlier and my jacket. He changed in the bathroom and I quickly changed out in his room.

"Done Soul?" He asked through the door.

"Yeah." I nodded.

He walked out and stretched.

"It's time for dinner, so we should go." He offered.

"Alright, I'll be down in two, I found a note. In here just now." I said, putting my trunks back in the back.

"Okay, I'll tell Father." He smiled, walking out.

I started to read the note:

Dear Soul Eater,

I really feel that you are the worst boyfriend, weapon, or even friend I have ever had! You hang out with Kid more than me, I don't like it… It's over, I'm getting a new weapon, good luck becoming a death scythe, Soul CRUSHER! Have fun with that freak buddy of yours…


I scoffed and threw it in his trash can. I walked down and met with Lord Death, Kid, and his weapons. We sat down and ate together, then went to the rooms again.

"I can sleep on the floor Soul." Kid smiled.

"No, I will, your bed." I smiled back.

He shrugged and got out sweats and a new regular black tee. I took off my jacket and slept in my Death Ball shorts and my same shirt. Kid came out and jumped on his bed.

"Here's a pillow." He smiled, tossing me one. "It gets hot here at night, no I wont even need blankets."

"Thanks, night man." I yawned.

"Good night Soul." He yawned as well,

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