"Sasori-danna…why are you staring at me like that? Hmm." Came Deidara's curious voice. He was currently lying on his bed in the room he shared with his partner. He was stripped down to his underwear, because it was hot as hell and Kakuzu refused to waste money on an air conditioner.

"Because you're naked." Sasori replied, not able to take his eyes off his younger partner. Deidara rolled his eyes, sighing.

"No, I'm not. I'm still wearing my underwear. Maybe if that fucking cheapskate would buy a fucking air conditioner, I wouldn't have to walk around like this just to save myself from heatstroke! Hmm!" He growled, rolling over on to his stomach to let his back cool down.

Sasori caught sight of how Deidara's tight briefs clung to his ass. If could have, he would have a massive nose bleed. Instead, he put his brilliant mind to good use.

"Why don't we get in the shower? We can turn the cold water on. This humidity is not good for my joints, either. I could use a cool down." He tried to sound casual. Deidara smiled.

"Oh! Man, that's such a good idea! Why didn't I think of that sooner? And to think I've been lying here practically dying!" He jumped off the bed and ran for the bathroom. He turned on the cold water, and hopped inside, still in his underwear. Sasori took his time, shedding off his robe and his pants. He was anticipating seeing a wet Deidara…his hair clinging to his face, water running down his neck, back, and chest…and that was just the sight he saw when he climbed into the shower.

"Uhhnnn…Kami-sama, this feels so fucking good! You're brilliant, Sasori-danna-Sasori? What are you…don't-"

Deidara was cut off as Sasori pushed him up against the shower wall, and licked the shell of his ear. As he bit down on the tender lobe, he trailed a hand down Deidara's wet stomach. "You want to feel something fucking good? I'll show you something fucking good." He whispered, pulling down Deidara's soaking wet underwear , which fell with a plop onto the floor of the tub.

"S-Sempai…" Was all he could muster. His knees felt like jello. His brain was foggy…all he could focus on was Sasori's hand, which was wrapping around his half-erect cock. "Fuck! Sasori-danna…" He moaned, and it reverberated off the tiles of the shower. Sasori chuckled darkly.

"Do you want it? Tell me…tell me what you want." His voice was husky, and laden with lust. He stealthily uncoiled his cord from his stomach. He heard Deidara whimper.

"F-Fuck me! Fuck me h-hard, Danna! Uhnnn…" He was rocking his hips back against Sasori's groin. Smirking wickedly, the puppet master thrust his cord deep into the blonde's tight asshole. Rough, raw, with no preparation, and it tore a scream from the younger man's throat.

"FUCK! DANNA! Ah…ah…harder! Fuck me harder!" He was attempting to claw at the tiles, pushing back on the cord while at the same time thrusting into Sasori's hands.

Sasori couldn't believe the sight in front of him. The indignant bomber was reduced to begging little slut right in front of him. Because of him…it was perfect. He continued his rough, fast pace, until he heard the younger boys moans become more desperate…he was reaching his peak…but then why…why did he say-

"Pull out! Danna! Pull out!" He sounded so desperate, and begrudgingly, the redhead removed his coil from inside of his partner. Deidara turned around, and grabbed the older man's face with both hands. He was staring deep into his brown eyes.

"This means something, right? Right, Sasori-danna? You don't th-think I'm just some slut?" He whimpered.

Sasori was a little taken aback by the questions. Of course it meant something. Like he would make himself vulnerable like this before anyone else. He continued to jerk the younger boy off, loving the submissive, horny faces he was making. His adorable little moans.

"You are a slut-"

"S-Sempai…" he whimpered.

"But, you're my slut. My lover. And if anyone else touches you…thinks about touching you…thinks about hurting you…The rivers will run red with their blood. I will-"

"SASORI-DANNA! I'M COMING! Uhn…UHN…haa…a-a-ah…" Deidara moaned, as his seed splashed across Sasori's chest. He collapsed there, as well, clutching to his Danna for dear life. As the afterglow of his release ghosted over him, he gazed up at his partner.

"I love you, too, Sasori, my man."

And he kissed him.