"Are you going to tell me where we're going?" Deidara asked as his partner, Sasori, as they entered a small village on the outskirts of Suna. They had been walking all day, and Sasori refused to tell Deidara why. He only muttered, 'It's a surprise,' before they left the base. Sasori huffed.

"No, Brat. I told you, it's a surprise. Now, hush up and keep walking. We're almost there." He grumbled.

Deidara stomped his foot, but kept walking none the less. He was curious. It had been over a month since that night they had made love for the first time. Everything had been going good, according to Deidara. He was happy, and Sasori seemed happy, too. He didn't smile all the time or anything, but he seemed…more content. He didn't wander at night anymore. He lay right beside the blonde, all night. He even closed his eyes, pretending to sleep as well. Deidara found this particularly endearing. So why was his partner being so short with him now? Why did he seem so…nervous?

Finally, Sasori stopped in front of a small tea shop in the heart of the small village. The sign that hung above the wooden door read 'Shinjitsuno Ai'. Deidara raised an eyebrow, glancing at his partner.

"You brought me all this way…to get tea?" He mused. Sasori looked agitated.

"Just come on, Brat." He grabbed Deidara's wrist and dragged him inside. He chose a small booth in the back, and the sat down opposite of each other. The inside of the teashop was painted a dusky rose color, with origami hearts hanging from the ceiling. It was sort of tacky, but still cute. It smells of sweet mitarashi dango and green tea. When the server came to take their order, that's exactly what he asked for. When the girl turned to Sasori, he waved his hand.

"Nothing for me." He grunted. She looked a little nervous, but nodded, and scurried away. Deidara was openly staring at Sasori.

"Danna…what's up with you today? All of this is so…out of the norm for you. Are you alright?" He asked. He reached across the table to take the older man's hand, but he pulled away, like he had been burned.

"Yes, Deidara, I'm fine." He hissed. The girl came back with Deidara's tea and his dango. He smiled brightly at her.

"Thank you! I'm sure it will be delicious!" He said sweetly. She blushed, clutching her tray, before fleeing again. Deidara chuckled, biting down on his dango. "Oh…it's so good!" He swooned. He looked back to Sasori, who looked even more agitated than he had before.

"Brat…I brought you here for a reason." He muttered, glaring at tile of the floor.

"Mm-What?" He said through a mouthful of dango. Sasori was playing with something in the pocket of his cloak. He looked ready to kill.

"This…place. It's….where Father proposed to Mother." There was rage swirling behind his eyes. Deidara was lost.

"Ah. That really cute! Thanks for bringing me-" He began, but he was cut off as the Sasori slammed a small black box down on the table. Deidara gasped, staring at it. Sasori grunted.

"Open it." He sounded annoyed. Deidara grabbed it, and took the top off. He almost dropped it when he saw what was inside. It was a ring. A silver band, with a small scorpion engraved on the inside. He looked up at the redhead, who still looked so pissed off.

"Sasori-danna…what?" The blonde muttered. Sasori reached across the table, and pulled the ring out of the box. He grabbed Deidara's hand, and pushed the ring onto his finger.

"Marry me." He hissed.