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"I don't know about this, Mara." Jerome murmured to his girlfriend. They were sitting in the back of a cab on the way to a restaurant for dinner with her parents. She told him that her father wanted to meet him as much as her mother. Both for different reasons.

"Jerome it's going to be fine." she assured him.

"But, I don't meet a girl's parents, I never do. And you don't need to meet mine! You've already mine!" he told her, his right leg shaking uncontrollably. "I'm only meeting your parents because I really don't want to mess this up."

She put a comforting hand on his knee and looked him in the eye. "It'll be alright." she whispered.

He stared at her unsurely as the cab drove up in front of the fancy restaurant, Ivy's (that's not a real restaurant, I think. I just made it up). The two got out and Jerome paid the driver. She began walking to the door while he stood back. She turned around and looked at him questionably.


"I don't know how to do this." he muttered.

She sighed and walked up to him. "Jerome?" he looked down at her. "At any point you feel uncomfortable take my hand and give it a squeeze." she took his in hers. "I'm here for you." she put her hand on the nape of his neck and brought his head down to hers. She gave him a quick, passionate kiss.

"I love you." she whispered. "I want this to work."

He looked at her for a moment, shocked and ecstatic. She loved him! "I love you too." he admitted. He leaned down and gave her another kiss.

She smiled and pulled him into the restaurant.

They were directed to a table in the corner where a woman that looked very much like Mara just taller and had lighter skin and a tall dark-skinned man sat next to her.

"Mara!" the woman squealed and ran up to her taking her in her arms. "How have you been?"

"Good." she replied. "Mum, dad, this is Jerome." she motioned to him.

He smiled and waved. Mara's mother gave him a quick hug, she didn't act like a ex-pro hockey player. She let go of him and gave her husband a look. He rose and walked over to Jerome. He wasn't very tall, he was about two inches over Jerome.

"Mr. Jeffray." he greeted sticking his hand out.

The basketball player shook Jerome's thin hand firmly, and it seemed to Jerome that it was like he was trying to crush it. He let go of it and glared at him. Jerome quickly grabbed Mara's hand for reassurance.

The parents sat down and Jerome bent down so his lips her next to Mara's ear.

"They didn't give you anything, did they?" he asked.

"What?" she asked confused.

"I mean, they kept their athletic skills and their height. What'd you get?" he smirked.

"Shut up!" she smiled.

They sat down across from the adults, Jerome across from Mr. Jeffray and Mara across from her mother.

Half way into their dinner and the awkward silence Mr. Jeffray sat up straight and looked sternly at the blonde.

"So, what are your plans for the future?" he asked him.

"Uh, I'm not really sure at the moment." Jerome replied nervously.

"You don't know?" he questioned shocked. "What college will you be going to? What do you want to do?"

"Jerome is more of a live in the moment kind of guy. He doesn't usually think ahead and plan." Mara explained.

Mr. Jeffray grumbled under his breath about something like ending up on the streets. That made Jerome more nervous than ever.

After a few questions about school and their friends Mrs. Jeffray looked at Jerome.

"So, you don't have any plans for the future?" she asked.

"Um, no." he admitted. "I don't really know what I'd like to do yet."

"Well you'll need money to support a family." she pointed out.

"Well my dad has a job, I don't really need one-" he started.

"No I'm mean yours and Mara's, you two will need money after the wedding." she interrupted as Jerome took a bite of his steak.

Jerome froze and started to choke on his bite as did Mr. Jeffray.

"Mum!" Mara glared. She patted Jerome on the back.

After he recovered he sat panting heavily. "Um," he started standing up. "I need some air."

He left the table and walked out of the restaurant quickly.

"Jerome wait!" Mara called. She got up quickly and chased after him leaving an innocent looking mother and a angry father. She found him sitting on a bench in the small garden on the side of the restaurant. His eyes were sort of glazed over and he was staring straight ahead. "Jerome?"

He turned to her and smiled slightly. "Hi."

"I'm sorry about my mum, she can be a bit…motherish sometimes." she apologized.

He chuckled. "It's okay. I…I just get kind of freaked out when I meet parents you know?"

"I get that, I was a little nervous when I met Mick's parents. That was intense." she laughed.

"I hope you don't hate me for-" he began before getting cut off by the girl now sitting next to him.

"No." she stopped him. "I totally get that. I know you don't think about that kind of thing."

"Do you think about that kind of thing?" he asked curiously.

"I'm a girl. Every girl does that. Every time a girl gets a boyfriend she goes to her room, writes in her diary and dreams about their wedding (I DO NOT do that by the way!)." she told him. "But, they usually end up breaking up…"

"Well that won't happen." he promised her taking her hands in his.

"I'm very glad." she smiled. She sat and stared at him, admiring him. His icy blue eyes, filled with love and a hint of nervousness, his dirty-blonde hair brushed to the side, he had a white dress shirt and a navy blue tie around his neck. She loved the way he dress. It was always so professional and sophisticated. She stood up after a minute and pulled him with her. She gave him another quick kiss on the cheek and hugged him. He embraced her back and smiled when she smiled at him.

"Now, let's get in there and make my parents like you!" she ordered. "Well, mostly my dad."

"Okay…" he murmured as she pulled him into the restaurant.

The two sat down and smiled at the adults and dug into their food once more.

"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable Jerome." Mrs. Jeffray apologized.

"It's alright." he assured her. "I occasionally think about those things, but I think we're a little too young to know for sure."

"I agree." she smiled.

Mara's father was quiet the rest of the meal as Mara, Jerome and Mrs. Jeffray socialized. Her mother had taken an immediate liking to Jerome and Mara was glad.

The four were in front of the restaurant after dinner waiting for Jerome and Mara's cab. While Mara said goodbye to her mother her father motioned for Jerome to follow him.

He walked a way from the women and the curb and stopped by a tall oak tree. Jerome followed cautiously but willingly. He wanted to get Mr. Jeffray to like him.

"So, Jerome," he started sticking his hands in his pockets. "Mara seems to really like you."

"I really like her." Jerome replied.

"She talks very fondly of you, even when she was dating that Mick fellow." he told him.

Jerome cringed at the name of the meathead. He always hated Mick, mostly because Mara was crushing on him all the time.

"Really?" Jerome asked smugly, shaking off the thought of the meathead.

"Yes." he nodded in reply. "What are your feelings toward my daughter." his voice changed from casual to stern in an instant.

"I…I love her." Jerome replied.

"What are your intentions with her?"

"Truthfully, sir, I don't know. I don't think that far ahead." Jerome answered.

"Well," he stared him in the eyes, a hint of a smile on his face. "Start, you have my blessing."

"Wh…What?" the dirty-blonde stuttered.

"I approve of your relationship with my daughter." he smiled and clapped a hand on his shoulder, leading him to the waiting cab.

"Is everything alright?" Mara asked the two.

"Yeah." Jerome smiled and took her hand. He turned to her parents and smiled. "Thank you for dinner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffray."

"No, really, is everything alright?" she repeated looking between him and the adults.

Jerome leaned down and whispered his conversation with her father into her ear.

"Really?" she smiled. She ran up to her dad and gave him a hug. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome." he hugged her back.

Mara grabbed Jerome's hand again and waved to her parents, walking to the taxi. Suddenly there was a flash and a squeal. The two closed and block their eyes. They opened them to see Amber standing before them holding a camera while jumping up and down.

"Jara!" she squealed. "This is so going in your scrapbook!"

"No, no, no! Amber come on." Jerome tried, holding his hand out for the camera.

"No way!" she retorted. "This has Fabina, Peddie and Moy pictures on it too."

"Moy?" Mara asked.

"Mick and Joy, duh." she replied. "Alfie start the car." she called to the left and ran towards Alfie's blue sports car.

"We're not going to get those pictures." Jerome stated.

"Am I the only one surprised about Mick and Joy?" Mara asked him.

"No." he replied. "Bye!" he called over his shoulder and climbed in.

"Well, that went better than I thought it would." Mara stated as they strolled up the walkway to Anubis House.

"I know." he mumbled.

"Are you okay? What my parents were talking about didn't freak you out too much did it?"

"No, I kind of like the idea." he smirked. His right arm slithered around her small waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Really?" she asked surprised.

"Mhm." he confirmed.

Mara giggled. He leaned down and she met him halfway. She smiled into the kiss, as did he. She pulled away and leaned her head against his shirt.

"I love you." she mumbled into his chest.

"I love you too." he smiled.

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