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"Hey, Nina," Fabian greeted her, falling into step with his girlfriend in the school hallway.

"Hey, Fabian," Nina smiled.

"Hey, listen, can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure," she shrugged, stopping next to her locker and spun the combination into the dial.

"Can you help me babysit Beth tonight?" Fabian leaned against the lockers next to hers.

"Um," she thought a second and then closed her locker door. "Yeah, I'd love to."

"Great, we'll be leaving at six,"

"Your house is beautiful," Nina commented, staring up at the two story house as Fabian paid the taxi driver.

"Yeah, looks like a hotel doesn't it?" he said sheepishly.

"More like old England lodge," Nina grinned.

"Come on," Fabian led her under the canopy arch way to the wooden double doors.

The first thing Nina saw was a large wooden staircase that divided two ways on their way up to the second floor. To hallways on the right and left side of the stairs, and Nina and Fabian took the left one. It led into a living room with a white couch, a big white marble fireplace with a mirror hanging over it. Nina unconsciously ran a hand through her light brown hair when she looked at her refection. The next room was bigger than the last with two brown leather couches and two chairs to match. Two large windows stood before the couple and a large TV hanging on the wall. The last room, the one they stopped in, was the kitchen; white counters and a big oven between the small windows over the counters. Sitting at the island in the middle of the room on a pair of barstools sat Fabian's parents, Kathrin and Aaron.

Kathrin's dirty-blonde hair that hung in a pretty bob was a little longer since the last time Nina saw her. Her brown eyes lit up when they landed on Nina and Fabian and she smiled, showing off her pearly white teeth. Aaron's dark brown hair with the same grey streak leading to the back of his head and blue eyes hadn't changed a bit. In a second Beth was in the room, running toward Fabian. Her blonde hair was much longer than last time, coming to the middle of her back, and her blue eyes were sparked the excitement. This time she wore a dark blue dress that came just above her knees, along with a pair of white sandals.

"Hey, Boo," Fabian smiled, picking her up.

"Hey, Kitty," Beth giggled.

Nina's eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

"Monsters Inc. is her favorite movie," he whispered, lifting Beth onto his shoulders.

Nina nodded and smiled at Mr. and Mrs. Rutter.

"Hello, Nina, so nice to see you again," Kathrin smiled back at her, moving to hug her.

"You too, Mrs. Rutter," Nina replied, squeezing her back.

"Please, call us Kathrin and Aaron," Aaron sent Nina a fatherly smile.

"Alright, Kathrin and Aaron,"

"Okay, we'll be back by nine, make sure she's in bed on time." Kathrin said as she and Aaron left the room, a few seconds later the front door slamming shut.

"Oof!" Fabian grunted when Beth kicked his chest, requesting to get down.

He raised her off his shoulders and she nearly jumped right out of his hands. She ran over to Nina and grabbed her hand.

"Come see my room!" Beth grinned pulling Nina up the steps and down the left hall into a light purple room. A small square room with a window, a desk, and a small white TV, led off that room. Beth jumped onto her big pink fluffy bed comforter and laughed.

Before Nina could comment the little girl took her hand again and dragged her back down the stairs, pulling her past Fabian and into the big living room next to the kitchen.

"Come watch Monsters Inc. with me!" the blonde giggled, plopping down on the big leather couch across from the TV and patted the spot next to her.

Fabian popped the CD in and sat next to Nina. Around the time Sully and Mike were trying to get out of the Himalayas and back home, Fabian had built up enough courage to reach for Nina's hand. She happily entwined their fingers and smiled at him out of the corner of her eye with rosy cheeks.

"Please!" Beth drew out. "Please!"

"No, Boo you need to go to bed," Fabian sighed.

"Beth, come on," Nina tried to grab the little ball of energy as she weaved around the furniture.

"Catch me if you can!" Beth continued to squeal, dashing away from her brother and his girlfriend.

"Annabeth Louise, listen to your brother," Kathrin scolded from the door way with her hands planted firmly on her hips.

"Sorry, mommy," Annabeth hugged Fabian's legs, then Nina's, and then kissed her parents cheek before skipping up the steps, turning left. To the room she'd shown Nina earlier.

"Thank you for watching her, sorry for the trouble," Kathrin sighed, sending Nina a sympathetic look.

"It's really no problem." Nina replied.

"Alright, mum, dad, we'll see you later." Fabian directed Nina to the door.

"Nice seeing you, Nina." Aaron called after them.

"You too,"

"Sorry about that," Fabian rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly as they neared a cab that was already waiting for them.

"It's totally fine; I'd like to do it again sometime, I love your sister." Nina smiled and stepped into the cab, letting out a long exhausted sigh and resting her head on Fabian's shoulder.

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