Title: Wounded

Word Count: 306

Pairing: Tame Gabriel/Lucifer

A/N: Request was 'I want Lucifer wing!kink. I don't know with who or how - Gabriel possibly? - but I just want Lucifer showing his wings, battered and worn, and someone else helping take care of him.'

Summary: Gabriel loves his brothers in ways they could never love each other.

Warnings: Implied Slash

"Michael is a fucking asshole!" Lucifer's fury is molten, swirling around him, angry and red and burning. There's blood, his, Michael's, some of their other brothers who'd gotten into the fight, and it's running down his body, clumping his wings, staining his vision.

Gabriel rolls his eyes. He doesn't say anything, knows better, because when Lucifer throws a tantrum, he goes all out. Been there, seen that. Last week he got so pissed he literally caused an island to crumble into pieces and sink into the water and that was over a goddamn sword Michael got instead of him. Gabriel just sighs and moves in closer, pushes Lucifer to the ground and idly starts rubbing a thumb against his shoulder where the bones of his right wing and his back meet.

Lucifer scoffs and moves to get up. "Don't think I'm so easily distracted, Gabriel, your tricks won't work on me."

But then Gabriel's running his hands along Lucifer wings, mending all the broken bones back into place, cleaning the blood, pressing his Grace from his fingertips into Lucifer's wings, healing the hurt this brothers cause each other, and Lucifer decides that maybe he can shut up and sit down for a minute.

It takes a long time, and, while Lucifer could have done it himself in the blink of an eye, there's something soothing about every little nick and tear getting personal attention. Lucifer even lets his eyes fall shut, leans into the touches, lets Gabriel's palms work out kink after kink.

Gabriel bites his lips, watching the top of his brother's head as he works, and is overcome with the feeling of love for his brothers. They leave him breathless, in awe. They're not perfect, no, but they're his and he loves them despite themselves. It hurts.

If only they could do the same.