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"Alright Kenshin. Teach me to chop."

Kaoru's blue eyes turned slyly to Kenshin as he laid out the next batch of ingredients for her to chop, "Are you annoyed yet Kenshin?"

The tone of her voice surprised the rurouni vaguely, he turned his own violet eyes to her shining orbs, and saw and an equally mischievous smile curled over her peach colored lips. Thoughts stuttering, he swallowed slightly- with a woman such as Kaoru such a look was very, very dangerous. Cautiously he cleared his throat, rurouni mask firmly in place, and voice perfectly mild he responded.

"Of course not Kaoru- dono. Sessha could never be annoyed with you, de gozaru." And it was the truth, though he was perhaps a little….exasperated with their cooking endeavors. He had started with chopping for two reasons, one: because it was a basic and made things easier to cook preventing over or under cooking and two: because he thought it would be closest to Karou's talent and ability to wield a sword.

'Bokken.' He amended silently, wondering if it really made so much of a difference, 'Of course it does. You've held a training sword- it is nothing like a katana.'

He sobered at the thought, but continued to watch Kaoru as her crafty smile slipped away and she nearly pouted at him.

"Mou Kenshin! Your patience is annoying!" She grinned at him and they both shared a short laugh.

"Well Kaoru-dono, they do say patience is a virtue."

The shihandai tilted her head and brought a finger to her lip, "Who says that Kenshin?"

Blinking, Kenshin shrugged.

"Alright, alright. But how am I really doing Kenshin?" She held out her knife casually and gestured to the chopped daikon on her cutting board. Violet eyes appraised her work carefully, to his pleasure the sizes were much more uniform than when they first started. Only had his aforementioned patience, many demonstrations, and much assistance had produced such. Not that Kenshin minded, as teaching to chop offered him a certain amount of…nearness.

The rurouni had to hide his smirk at the thought of such. He had very carefully stepped behind Kaoru, after her first failed attempt, and placed his own hands over hers guiding her motions for long moments. The differences between their hands fascinated him the entire time he touched her- their skin was nearly the same color, perhaps he a bit more tan, and they both had the callouses due their 'profession' but Kaoru's hands were somehow more…gentle.

Only her exclamation of joy had brought him out of such a stupor. She had successfully cut the entire vegetable into pieces- nearly the same size considering Kenshin's help. Dropping his hands away after a lingering second Kenshin had smiled so genuinely at her that Kaoru's heart stuttered wildly. And then he set her off to practice on her own.

This had once again been an almost abysmal disaster. The piles of uneven vegetable cutting were piling up in the corner, and Kenshin wondered on what sort of meal he could scrounge out of such disaster.

However, her newest efforts pleased him, and as his grin stretched full, Kenshin saw the gesture returned with so much more joy, on a much more beautiful face.

Not wanting to diminish her joy or pride, he carefully ran the knuckles of his hand across her pale cheek, brushing aside her bangs as he smoothed across her forehead for a moment, "You did wonderfully." He murmured.

The air grew thick as Kaoru's eyes widened and then deepened in color and a soft flush brushed the apples of her cheeks. Something thrilled inside her belly as Kenshin gazed upon her with such an aching expression of tenderness- the gold of his eyes didn't surprise her this time.

"Kenshin..?" She breathed softly. Kenshin's felt his heart melt and his stomach tighten at the sight of Kaoru looking up at him with an almost reverent expression of desire. There was no doubt that he could make her love him. In fact, in that moment he was so sure that her feelings for him would grow to love, that he unconsciously started to lean forward.

But in the way that most things in his life turned out, the fates or Kami decided he was not to be bestowed with such a gift as high pitched squeals reached his ears and the giggling calls of "Ken-nii!"

It took only an instant for Kenshin to reign himself in and take a step back from Kaoru, as two little girls barreled through into the kitchen. Guilt almost instantly pooled within him- stolen, hidden kisses, while enticing, were not really proper.

Kaoru seemed to shake herself, eyes liquid with disappointment, before she realized what was happening. Her cheeks were still flush, deepening in color as Doctor Gensai hobbled in behind his two granddaughters.

"Ah Kaoru-san, Himura-san, I was hoping to find you two here." The old doctor said with a cheery grin on his face. Both hiding disappointment, Kenshin and Kaoru sent him varying smiles.

"Did you need something Gensai-sensei?" Kenshin questioned taking another step back and Ayame and Suzume swarmed around his feet little arms stretched up to him. He smiled gently and knelt down to the two little girls, though he kept Kaoru in his peripheral.

"Well not so much need, as my little granddaughters wanted to go to the Akebeko today and I thought it would be a wonderful time for us to catch up." The words were so familiar that Kaoru felt a vein throb in her forehead. Menacingly- feeling jilted of…something that was about to happen between her and Kenshin- Kaoru approached the old man, rolling her sleeve.

"You want us to pay don't you?" She nearly growled, eyes glowing. The old doctor paled as his eyes grew wide.

"O-Of course not Kaoru-san. I-I just wanted...and t-the girls….the Akebeko…" At every word Kaoru's eyes narrowed until the man trailed off, the breath literally gone from his lungs.

Then heaving a great sigh, "Hai…"

Kenshin sighed slightly, shaking his head even as he smiled, their friends were so endearing, even when that endearing nature happened to interrupt the first sign of fruition of his carefully laid plans.

'Oh well…I have all the time in the world.' Kenshin thought, thrilled at the idea of a forever with Kaoru.

There was no way he could know of course, what was to come.

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