Four months had passed since that faithful night at Double Dees house. It was now late June, a time all too familiar to the kids on the cul-de-sac. The brisk, bone-chilling winter air had left Peach Creek, with warm humid air taking it's place. The birds had returned, singing their beautiful summer morning songs as the denizens of the town arose out of bed to begin their day.

School had already ended for the students of Peach Creek, and nobody was as excited to start their summer as Ed, Edd, and Eddy. The boys had spent the last few summers concocting various schemes; the intent being to loot the other children of their money, which they would use to buy their coveted jawbreakers. The Ed's would once again be able to enjoy the warmth of summer, in addition to the sweet, delicious flavor of their beloved treats. However, this summer would be different, as they would be enjoying it with three very special girls.

In the months since Eddy's party, Rod had become a fire fighter, married Tabby, and moved her and the girls into the vacant house on the end of the cul-de-sac, directly across from Double Dees house. Due to living directly across the street from her boyfriend, it became a common ritual for Marie to gaze out across the street to Double Dee just before bed, blowing kisses and whispering good night. Although the family now lived in their own house, they still kept their old trailer in the driveway, as they were planning on using it as a camper for their annual trip to the beach in July.

The girls themselves had changed drastically since February. Their clothes were no longer thrift store bought, and as with any ordinary teenage girl, their closets were filled with as many shoes as they could get their hands on. The house that the girls moved into was equipped with three bedrooms; Rod and Tabby took one, which left two to be divided up between the girls. Of course, after some "persuasion" from Lee, it was decided that she get her own room, while her two little sisters shared the last one.

Lee no longer needed her hair extensions that she had worn at Eddy's party, as her natural red locks had returned. Her curls dangled well below her shoulders, no longer frizzy and untamed. She began wearing makeup on a regular basis, accentuating her eyes with mauve eye shadow, making her appear remarkably similar to Marie. Lee had begun healing from the trauma she had endured as a child on her own, and she was looking forward to the retreat that she was due to go on in around two weeks. As she healed her past, she looked towards her future, and began caring about her schooling once again. After Eddy's party, the flood of phone calls to Tabby from the school for Lees misbehavior ceased, as Lee had shaped up and began using the natural intelligence that she was blessed with. She graduated 8th grade salutatorian, second only to Double Dee who was of course valedictorian. Due Lee's tall figure, long beautiful hair, and pretty face, she had attracted the attention of a modeling agency, and managed to have her picture placed in a few teenage girls magazines, modeling various Styles of clothes. This of course allowed Eddy to boast, saying not only was he dating a "hot babe," but also a model.

May's braces had begun to do their job but it would be much longer until her overbite was completely corrected. May had joined Peach Creek Junior High's girls softball team just in time for spring training. The coach was reluctant to let her start, due to never seeing her play before. However, her attitude changed as soon as she witnessed May strike out three of her best batters in a row. Needless to say, she had gotten a spot as starting pitcher for the team, and rival schools soon learned to fear the name Annamae Lonergan. May had made friends with the girls on her team, and managed to lead them to the state championships. Of course, May would find time to relax with her Big Ed, who had become the mascot for the team. He would proudly cheer his "Little May" on from the sidelines while entertaining the crowd as the loveable oaf he was. It was quite common that in between innings, May would pull her boyfriend behind the bleachers for a secret kiss.

And finally, we come to Marie. Marie had not changed much in looks since Eddy's party. She had wanted to try a new hairstyle to rid herself lf the sideswept bangs she had worn for years, but decided to keep them due to not having any other way to mask her exotropia affected eye. Neverthless the hair style did irritate her slightly, as one of Double Dee's little cousins mentioned that "she looked just like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania" at a family function they attended; Marie decided to laugh it off. Marie spends her free time in her room drawing, when she is not with Double Dee of course. Her portraits no longer carry any negative connotations. The monotone colors that we're present in her sketchbook were gone replaced with vibrant life like works. She would often sit in her window, sketching the birds on the trees and the distant landscape. Marie would spend her nights in her den, which was filled with Rods fire fighter memorabilia, in addition to all of her grandfathers fishing heirlooms, cuddling with Double Dee on the couch while eating popcorn and watching movies. The couple was just as happy as they were four months ago, when they first declared their love to each other on the balcony of her grandfathers house.

No one knows exactly what the future has in store for the Eds and the Kankers, but to quote Eddy, one thing is certain, "This is gonna be one happening summer!"

I hope you enjoyed that little diddy. Believe it or not, as I wrote this, I started having severe nostalgia, flashing back to those summer nights, writing away and producing chapters of this story non stop till 4 a.m. every night...yeah, it was crazy, but I sure had fun with it. Anyway, I am also going to use this opportunity to say that there is not going to be a sequel to Bad Girls with Big Hearts. I Never really saw myself as much of a writer, although I do enjoy a good story now and then. However, I can say that I am working on a draft for the first chapter of a Hey Arnold fic, which was one of my other favorite shows as a child. It's the one of the only other shows Id feel I have watched enough to know the characters in and out (however, it is not the show I have an encyclopedic knoweldge about, that honor goes to the Dragonball series) Nevertheless, I have a draft halfway finished and expect it to be released sometime soon. I dont expect to put new chapters out one after the other as I did with Bad Girls with Big Hearts, but I will try my best.

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