Summer: ES BACK!

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Summer: -ignoring- So I got in to two new animes~ Hetalia and Fairy Tail~

Luna: -blushes- I personally like Hetalia a lot more.

Summer: Thats only because almost all the characters are guys...-covers Luna's mouth- Anyways, since I feel like writing something I decided to write one of the two. I chose to write Hetalia~

Luna: Yay~

Summer: And just for my lovely helper this is an Country x Reader. Not telling which one though~


Prussia: Or Awesome me~!

France: But you may own me~

Luna&Summer: Ick! No!

You quietly sat at the coffee table of your cozy little home counting each second that went by. You were waiting for your best friend, Canada, to come. He was supposedly coming with his brother and was going to be a tad bit late.

'A tad?' you thought to yourself grimacing. 'It's an HOUR.'

You decided he wasn't coming and started putting the snacks away when there was a quiet knock at the door.

"Coming!" you yelled. You knew who's knock that was, you could recognize it any where.

As you going to open the door someone came bursting knocking you down to the ground.

"A-Alfred!" Mathew stuttered slowly following after his brother.

"What? She said come in." the older blonde replied.

"No, she said 'Coming' not 'Come in'!" Canada muttered.

He then noticed you, shocked with your but on the ground.

"(Name)!" Mathew cried immediately pulling you up.


After Alfred apologized and such the three of you sat down on the couch and watched a movie. It took quite awhile to finally land a winner, but you ended up watching THE INCREDIBLE HULK for whatever reason.

The whole time you found yourself glancing at Alfred as he cheered on Hulk. What you didn't notice was that once you looked away, he was staring right back at you.


Mathew fell asleep during the movie, leaving you and Alfred alone.

"So..." You awkwardly said trying to start up a conversation. Before you could say anything more, the blonde man next you cut in. "Do you like heroes?"

"Excuse me?" you gave him a look that said: "Is that the best you can come up with?" he gave you a playful glare but then laughed repeating what he said a bit sarcastically. "Do you (First Name) (Last Name) like heroes?". There was determination in his electric blue eyes and blush along his cheeks.

You thought for a moment before answering with a smile. "Yes, Alfred F. Jones, I do like heroes."you said getting up from the couch.

His eyes sparkled, you could tell by that he was very pleased.

"But my favorite one is-" He cut you off before you could say who it was. "Spiderman? Batman? Hulk?"

You sighed ,annoyed, and replied with a no to each answer.

Silence swept over you too before you decided to break the uncomfortable air. You had a little plan to get back at him for knocking you down on the floor and you were hoping it would work.

"If you were a hero..." You paused for a moment before continuing. "Sorry, a comic super hero, I think you would be Captain America." You said sitting closer to Alfred. His blush got bit darker but his eyes never went from yours. You smirked seeing that you had got his attention like you wanted and lowered your eye lids to give him a seductive look

"Thats my favorite one~" You whispered in his ear giving him a peck on the cheek. Then you looked at him confused when he gave you a very disappointed look.

"What?" you asked wondering what you did wrong. 'Shouldn't he be blushing like mad or something by now?!' you thought a little upset now.

"But I like Superman better and..." He blushed before muttering the next part. "I thought heroes like me got real kisses!" Alfred said crossing his arms. Your smirk reappeared as you leaned in close again making his cheeks get as dark as his flag.

"Once you prove to me that you're a TRUE hero, I'll give you a REAL kiss," you said leaning your head on his shoulder. He turned his head away from her tightening his crossed arms. His face formed in to a pout but you didn't see that. "Not fair!"

You raised your eye brow at his immaturity, and then rolled your (eye color) at him as you lifted your head from his cozy shoulder. "So fair." The two of you then got in to a heated argument that started out with "no fairs" and "so fairs", that soon turned in to an argument on how heroes should be kissed. You got louder and louder not noticing the two of you woke up Mathew in the process. He tried a couple a times to tell you two to be quiet but his quiet voice was ignored till he got up and separated you two.

"P-please be quiet!" his voice was louder than usually which thoroughly surprised the both of you. You both smiled weakly and said at the same time, "Sorry Matty!"

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