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"I want a knight to dispatch some patrols around the Eastern border," Arthur ordered. Gwaine stepped forward and leveled an icy glare at his King, as per usual. Nodding to him wearily, the blonde dismissed everyone and leaned back into his throne, rubbing his face with his gloved hands tiredly.

Everyone hates me now that he's gone. Why did I have to… do it? Why wasn't I stronger? Hell, the whole kingdom hates me now. What do I do…?

At that moment, Guinevere of all people came in and coughed once. Her husband raised his head and waited for her to speak. "I want to build a memorial," she started coldly.

"Whatever for?" he questioned, slow and exhausted.

"Merlin," she spat. That made the King flinch. Sure, she hadn't split from him, but neither was she the same kind, loving person he'd once known. He still loved her though, and hadn't the heart to reprimand or retort to her.

Waving one hand in acceptance, he heaved himself to his feet and stared at his wife with blank, sorrowful eyes. "What have I done?" he whispered. "Everyone hates me. I think I'm starting to hate myself."

She didn't even grace that with an answer.

And so Arthur was left alone in the empty throne room.

For the first time since Merlin's death…

… the King found…

… he couldn't bear this pain so easily.

And so he thought of the man he'd burned…

… the one he'd thought of as his best friend…

… and Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, cried.