Kiss Me Slowly ~True Blood Fan Fiction~

I suddenly wake from my deep slumber and I yawn loudly, turning over as I do so. My blond hair messy as it frames my petite face. My mind wonders back to the night Eric spent with me; the hot passionate sex and the romantic cuddling and falling asleep in his arms afterwards.

The thoughts have me smiling away to myself as I sit up and stretch, clicking my back. From the corner of my eye I see something move and my heart instantly beings to pick up its speed. On high alert, I slip out of bed wearing nothing but a pair of black panties and a bra.

"H-Hello?" I stutter, looking around yet no one replies.

I quickly check the hallway before making a run for it; I hear footsteps behind me and low growl. Letting out a squeal of fear, I run into the kitchen, slamming the door behind me as my heart is hammering away in my chest.

"Get out of my house!" I yell through the door, knowing only a supernatural being would be so quiet when moving.

In response to my demand, I hear a low chuckle but I take that as a sign which tells me that they aren't planning to leave anytime soon. Making a hasty decision, I rummage around in the kitchen draw before gulping loudly; in my hands in a large kitchen knife which I'm willing to use if I must.

The house is dead silent which makes me even more jumpy and paranoid. Taking a deep, reassuring breath, I slowly open the kitchen door to find the hallway deserted and empty. Clutching the sharp knife in my hand, I go to take a step towards the hall when a pair of strong, cold arms snake out and pulls me back into a hard chest.

Screaming in surprise and shock, I wriggle around trying desperately to break free. I suddenly remember that I have the knife in my hand and with one quick movement; I swiftly bring my hand up and stabs the intruder in the arm.

With a loud growl of what seems annoyance, they take the knife out their arm and let it fall to the floor with a clatter. They then nuzzle their face in my hair which completely confuses me and I gulp at how familiar it feels.

"Mm, Sookie. I do love the smell of your hair." The guy purrs in my ear, bringing me closer to him.

"E-Eric!" I gasp; unable to believe that I just stabbed him.

"Yes my darling, it is I. Who else would you allow to nuzzle into you like so?" He questions, his gorgeous accent ringing in my ears.

"No one Eric. I just…I thought you were breaking into my house! Why didn't you answer me when I called out?" I reply, crossing my arms over my chest as I turn round to face him.

With a smirk, he licks his already pink and soft looking lips before running a hand through his golden mane of hair. "What can I say, I love hearing your little heart hammer away vigorously."

My mouth drops open as I listen to what he's saying but I don't make any further comment on the matter as, after all, he is a vampire. I then watch as Eric's eyes travel from my own to drink in the sight before him; his eyes looking down and lingering on my breasts before going back up.

"Like what you see?" I ask in an unsure voice.

"I always do." He replies before making his way towards me and picking me up bridal style.

I let out a giggle as we then appear in my bedroom, which is still how I left it earlier. He places me onto the bed carefully, making sure he is being gentle. I pull him towards me, running my hands through his soft hair.

"I thought I wouldn't see you till Saturday. Today's only Thursday." I mutter.

I feel Eric shrug as he snuggles into me, running his tongue along my neck. "I couldn't wait that long to see my girl. Plus, the club is boring me some."

"Oh really? How come?" I ask, genuinely curious.

Eric turns us over, so we're lying on our sides. He smiles at me in an affection way which makes my heart swell with love for him. It's strange, how much I've changed over the past year. I've gone from being a shy, innocent girl to a confidant, independent woman. I think about gran all the time but I know, some how, that she's smiling down at me from heaven.

"I think someone's after my club Sookie. Things have been going on… strange thing which angers me. Humans are going into the club with poison in their systems so when the vampires drink their blood, they die… I keep getting death threats. Vampires have been staked, shot, drained of their blood, this happened over the past week. Luckily the more adventurous and daring vampires still come to the club but I've noticed that many are straying." He growls, his eyes blazing red with anger and hatred.

"Maybe you've upset someone?" I suggest in a small voice.

"I upset everyone Sookie. This is no ordinary situation…Who ever this someone is, they want me dead and out of the way. I just need to figure out why."

I frown as I take in the information Eric has just given me. Why would someone want to kill off Eric and his business? Are they jealous of him and his success? Maybe there's a bigger picture behind all of this.

We lay there is silence; our minds on turmoil are we both think about other things. The silence makes me sleepy, its not an uncomfortable silence, more of a warm comforting one which makes me smile to myself at the random and odd thought.

"We should go to the club tomorrow night…" Eric beings.

"If that's what you want Eric." I reply in a light hearted tone.

Deep down though, I wish we could just stay here and have hot passionate sex. Oh how good is feels it have his tongue in my mouth, his teeth grazing my lower lip and his hands firmly in my hair, hi-

"Sookie." Eric's voice brings me out of my thoughts abruptly.

"Sorry Eric…I zoned out for a second there, what did you say?"

Eric smirks at me knowingly. "I said, yes, that is what I would like, as long as you are comfortable accompanying me to the club."

"I would love to." I say, smiling over at Eric whilst he still smirks.


"Oh nothing my lover…I just enjoy watching the expression you get when you're thinking about me." He replies, laughing loudly.

I feel my cheeks burn but pushing that aside, I stand my ground and decide to have a little fun with my vampire. I raise an eyebrow in mock surprise. "How do you know I was thinking about you? And what was I thinking?"

Eric's laughter quietens and he lets out a low growl. "You should not be thinking of anyone else but I."

"You still haven't answered my question." I taunt.

"Hm, You were thinking about how good I am in bed." He says with pure confidence and a big smile on his face which makes him look adorable.

Staying quiet, slowly makes Eric's triumphant smile disappear and in its place is a cold expression which makes me shiver. "What were you thinking Sookie."

I look over at Eric and I realise that he's hurt; hurt by my silence and hurt by the fact that I wouldn't just come out and say what was on my mind. So, instead of playing with him anymore, I lick my lips and crawls over to him, pushing myself up against his body.

"What were you thinking." He persists.

Still not responding to him, I run my hands through his hair and pulls his neck to the side; leans in and gives him a love bite, causing him to groan in pleasure which only makes my body heat up with the desire I have for him.

Smirking at Eric's groan and sudden reluctance to let me go and put any space between us. I lean up, grazing his earlobe which causes him to shiver with desire and lust, I then whisper in his ear softly.

"I'll show you…"