It's Friday night and I'm getting ready to go to the club which is owned by Eric. I'm sitting here in my white underwear and bra; blow drying my damp hair. Once it's dry, I then go to my wardrobe, unsure of what I should wear.

After a few moments of debating what to wear, I pick out a pair of light blue skinny jeans, my brown cowboy boots and a white strap top and to top it all off, I sling on my black leather jacket. I let my hair fall down and frame my face.

With one last glance at the clock, I walk into the kitchen; switching the light on to find Eric leaning against the counter, smirking at me as his eyes soak in my appearance and what I'm wearing. In a flash he's in front of me, running his hands through my soft, silky hair.

"I love your hair Sookie. It's so…Soft." He mutters, kissing me softly on the lips.

"I know. Eric…" I trail off, getting lost in thought.

"What's wrong Sookie?"

"I have a feeling something bad is going to happen tonight." I suddenly gush.

Eric seems to stiffen at my words but just when I'm about to comment on it, he relaxes; taking a deep breath of air. "Everything will be fine my angel."

I smile up at him and his reassuring words. Eric embraces me into a comforting hug and I cling onto him, not wanting to let him go. The strange feeling in my stomach is back and is unsettling me, as if it's trying to tell me that something really bad is going to happen tonight.

Pushing that feeling aside, we break away from each other and with a couple of deep and reassuring breaths, I'm back to normal. No more disturbing and worrying thoughts, I tell myself as I remember that Eric can feel whatever I am feeling.

"Are you ready, my lover?"

"Yes Eric."

"Then let's go and get this party on the road." He announces.

Taking Eric's hand, we walk out of my house; locking the door behind me before walking down the steps and getting into his sleek black car. We sit there in a comfortable silence yet I can tell that Eric is thinking the exact same thing as myself...

What's in store for us when we get there?

We arrive outside the club and as usual, there are lots of human girls lurking about, waiting and wanting to come in and see just how dangerous and sexy a vampire can really be. The thought of that instantly made me think of my dangerous and sexy vampire; Eric.

As we head into the club, I see a girl glare at me and give Eric a flirtatious smile with causes jealously to stir deep within me as I practically growl at her. Stupid cow, I think to myself and then instantly scowl myself for being so shallow and mean.

"As you can see, not so many vampires." Eric mutters, anger radiating off of him.

As we got closer and deeper into the club, that feeling of anxiety takes over me once again. I run a hand through my hair to distract myself and with a small sigh of reassurance; Eric then takes my hand and gently squeezes it, comforting me through touch.

"Everything's fine."

We walk into the large main room to find vampires drinking blood and humans near by, begging them to drink from them and show them a good time. The music blares in the back ground, creating a light and exciting atmosphere.

There is a group of vampires and humans, huddling around someone which picks at my curiousity and Eric's as he leads us over to them. I let out a sigh as my throat is dry and beings to feel sore, I let go of Eric's hand and walks over to the bar, ordering a glass of vodka.

The vampire serving at the bar gives me a sly, flirtatious smile and hands me the alcohol. I instantly gulp it all down in one go, feeling the effects of it already. I glance over at Eric to find him talking to some woman dressing in all white which is very eye catching in place like this.

"You really were thirsty." The serving vamp says in an amused tone.

"Yep, can I have another please?" I ask hastily.

Without another word, he gives me another glass of vodka and I consume that all in one gulp too. Now that I'm more relaxed, I look around the club to find that Eric is right, there are still vampires coming here but not so many as before.

I then feel Eric's hand on my shoulder just when I'm about to take another swig of my drink. "Now Sookie, don't you go all drunk on me."

"I'm not drunk…Just tipsy!" I slur, smiling up at him with a crooked smile.

Eric helps me down from my position at the bar and we start to make our way to his office at the back of the club yet whilst going past the large group of vampires and humans huddled around someone, I glance over and see no other than her.

Gasping loudly, I go into a shock of state and anger all in one go. Eric looks down at me, confused and unsure of why I'm suddenly behaving and acting so rationally. "What's wrong Sookie?"

"She's here Eric." I hiss through a clenched jaw.


I don't reply, instead I get closer to the crowd, pushing my way through the vampires who glare at me but I don't comment. I suddenly go still as I watch the scene before my own eyes, as others watch as well, mesmerised however I'm not mesmerised, instead I'm horrified.

"C-Come on, please let me drink from you." A very pale vampire moans at the girl with blond hair.

The girl with long silky blonde hair and blue eyes is slowly pacing round the vampire who's tied down to the wooden chair. She gives the vampire a firm squeeze on his crotch, causing him to hiss in pain and pleasure.

She's wearing ripped black jeans which show off her smooth looking legs and thighs, a low cut dark blue top which also shows off her cleavage and large breasts. Her high heels click against the floor whenever she moves, teasing the vampire.

"Now who do we have here?" Eric mutters in my ear, his eyes glued to the girl.

I let out an inhuman sound and stalk away, my hands clenched into fists at my sides. My temper flares up as I think about what trouble she's going to cause for me, why else would she be here? I've only ever met her once before and that ended with a black eye for her and a busted lip for me.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the toilet." I growl, assuming its Eric who's asking.

Bursting into the toilets, I slam the door behind me. The image of her in my head spins round over and over again, causing me to growl even louder than before. I look in the mirror, at my reflexion; my medium length blonde hair, my blue eyes, all I can see is her staring back at me.

As my temper reaches its peak, before I can stop myself, my hand is smashing into the mirror; shattering the pieces of glass all over the floor and sinks. I then look down at my hand whilst breathing hard, to find it cut and bleeding slowly.

"Great, just great." I mumble to myself as I sit down and stare at my hand.

All of a sudden some human girl walks into the bathroom, giving me a dirty look as she takes in my flustered state. My anger gets the better of me once again and just when the girl is about to go into the stall, I stop her.

"What was that look for?" I question.

"You were having sex in the stall; do you know how disgusting that is?" She replies in a sharp tone.

"Did you know that you're completely wrong and if you don't get out of my sight in less than 10 seconds I'm going to kill you!" I scream.

The girl gives me one last look before hastily retreating out of the bathroom to god knows where. Why am I letting her get to me? I think to myself as I become slightly calmer than a few moments ago.

A wave of emotions hit me hard and with my bloody hand cradled against my chest, I being to cry.