Harry and Ginny had just started dating, however Having been cheated on by who he thought was Ginny; he didn't know what to believe; it had either been she who cheated on

him or, as rumour had spread; Hermione disguised as Ginny with the help of Polyjuice Potion in order to separate the two; he had no idea which side to believe; he didn't think

Hermione would actually have hurt him in the way she apparently did, nor did he think Ginny would have cheated on... oh wait; the chances of her cheating on him were high;

seeing she once liked him but went out with other people; either way, his mind was messed up. He decided to chance it just once more with the Ginny he knew and loved.

Harry was at home alone and bored; he thought about Ginny a lot and wondered whether it would be a good idea to see her in order to grow his trust for her; she

seemed to be the legit Ginny and seemed to love him like she said she did. 'Why not go see her?' he thought to himself; perhaps it would be better this time around. He

stood to his feet from his sprawled out position on the lounge; his dad was out with Remus, possibly in animagus form; so he left James a note that read:

"Dad, gone to Ginny's; got protection in case needed. I will be back when I can. ~ Harry"

He grinned and left the note on the fridge door with knowledge that he would want a Firewhiskey when he arrived home; therefore would see the note. Harry wasn't

planning anything that would involve protection with Ginny; he'd only written that knowing what James would be like; he and Harry were the father and son who'd stir

each other up; Harry just had to give James something to think about; he knew James would have a joke about him going to Ginny's without reason, so he figured he'd

own his dad by giving him the direct 'truth.' However this would work he didn't know but he was hopeful. He smirked to himself as he disapparated to the burrow. He

knocked his usual knock; once on the door, stopped then twice and stopped. Three times; stop and continue knocking, when Ginny answered the door he found himself

knocking on her dress. Harry grinned cheekily as Ginny's eyes lit up, "HARRY!" she beamed.

"GINNY!" Harry beamed back with a grin.

Harry held her tightly as she hugged him; he hadn't even walked through the door yet but he didn't want to let go, "How- how are you?" he asked, in hope to start some

sort of conversation.

"I'm good." She beamed and let him go as the two walked inside. She sat down and looked and looked at him as he sat down next to her, "Harry... I won't hurt you." she

knew his thoughts from the last talk they'd had when she first asked him out; though dating, Harry was still nervous and it showed. "I'm not like... whoever that Ginny

was!" she said louder than she probably intended to.

Harry gazed into her eyes, nerves ran through him but calmness had settled in the pit of his stomach as he swore he saw that they were filled with truth. "I-I-I believe

you Ginny; I've known you for ages..." he paused wondering if he was telling the truth whether he did actually believe her or not; he decided to partly fool himself at the

same time, "we've known each other for a fair while and I know you wouldn't do something like that." he part-lied, part-hoped.

Ginny gazed into his eyes, "I've loved you since you saved me from the Chamber."

Harry was sure this was a lie, seeing she'd gone out with others before him but he wasn't going to hold it against her; perhaps there was a reason for it; perhaps there

wasn't either way- he liked her now and she wanted him. He grinned, "You have...?" he questioned through part-shock, part ponder to whether she'd spoke the truth or

not. "I've loved you since around then too; perhaps longer; my heart's been growing for you. It- I love you Ginny." he said suddenly; even he felt surprised by his own


"I love you too Harry." she said and kissed him.

Harry held her tightly, passion burned through him, he shared her kiss tenderly and passionately; she kissed him back the same, before she broke it off, "should we tell

your dad?" she asked.