It may have been a good thing Ginny did go to sleep when she did; things just went from weird to awkward to just plain scary. As soon as Harry entered back to the living room; he noticed James and Scorpius were playing cards over some Firewhiskey, apparently to block out the strange events. He thought it best to leave the two and catch up with Fred who he hadn't seen for a while.

Fred grinned at Harry as soon as he entered the living room; "I gotta go." he said and leant in to apparently kiss Harry. He pulled back as Harry looked at him awkwardly and laughed, "Only jokin'!" he sighed. "If only George wasn't at the hospital wing with a runaway nose. I wasn't allowed to stay with him. I'd do it if he were here..." he said then looked at the look of shock and confusion on Harry's face. He grinned, "you know I'm only joking... right?"

James looked up from he and Scorpius's game of what Harry recognised to be poker and sniggered.

Harry glared at James and laughed, "of course!" he wasn't sure exactly what he believed; after all the strange happenings in this one night.

Before Harry could think of the next event, Fred grabbed a frying pan.

Kailey looked at Fred and grinned menacingly, "Fred..." she said casually to Harry. "KILL HIM WITH FIRE!" she yelled in her crazed tone upon realizing this wasn't the real Fred.

Fred looked at Kailey, "NOOO!" he said dramatically. "That would make me officially fried."

Harry looked at Fred; he'd known it wasn't the real Fred from the beginning; well... after his suspicions proved right, "Fred... you already were fried, remember." he grinned, as he thought back to Ron's Cyborg twin.

Fred looked at Harry, "but literally!"

James and Scorpius were now amused more than before; they finished their poker game and watched the happenings. Fred looked at Scorpius and James then back at Harry then to Kailey and grinned, "Goodnight all! Mischief has been managed."

Harry and Kailey glanced at each other and looked to James and Scorpius; James's face told them he wasn't expecting this to be the end. Another 'POOF' and the sight in front of them made James stand up, "I've got to go see how Lily's going... Later Harry." he said and walked quickly to the door; it looked as though he were running.

Harry nodded, knowing why James was leaving and watched as James walked through the door. "I'll be home later dad." he said and with that, James was gone.

Umbridge stood in front of Harry and Kailey, Scorpius left just after James did; no one wanted to be in her presence at any time, "HEM, HEM!" she coughed, prissily and looked at Scorpius as he made for the door. "WHAT?" she screeched then saw her own reflection in the window, "MERLIN'S BEARD!" she screeched once more and combusted into fireworks, unable to handle the sight of herself.

Kailey looked at the fireworks, and screamed, irked by the thought of them being Umbridge, "URRGH! Umbridge? KILL HER WITH FIRE!"

As soon as Kailey said this, 'POOF' and another man who looked like a younger and shorter hippie version of Snape appeared, "she already died kids." The man pointed out. "I'm Snapetables; Snape's brother." he announced to Kailey and Harry. He looked around at the tables and smiled; "tables... they're cool man!" he said and took a drag from his pipe, the moment he did so; he choked and died.

Kailey burned the body without another word. From the ash of the flame, once Harry put it out, Lupin appeared and smiled at Harry and Kailey. "Ummm... sorry kids; hope I'm not interrupting anything important but I've been called over with strange reports from this location and many deaths... is everything alright?" to Harry's horror Lupin froze and flopped to the floor, apparently dead. He had to remember for a moment that none of them were real and only imposters from the visit of Snape's underwear. He really was amused he caused all this.

'POOF' Harry, Harry and... Wait who? Harry looked around the place, "wow." The real Harry just stared; he didn't know what to do or say. He didn't want another Ron episode.

Kailey looked at the cloned Harry and gestured for the real Harry to sit down, with that Harry sprawled himself on the sofa. Kailey smiled and said to his clone, "my godfather died."

"Everyone's dying here." Harry said. "Oh wait." He looked at the other Harry and poured water over him.

The real Harry laughed and threw the bucket at his clone, shook the water out of his hair, "thank you." he grinned.

As the bucket hit Harry's clone, Lupin appeared once again, looked at Harry and scowled, "I do not want to be revived by a Harry imposter!" with that, he pointed his wand at Harry, "show yourself! I hate forcing people by magic but I will if I must... for the good of everyone here!"

Before Harry could react, Lupin disappeared and Umbridge reappeared; Harry leapt back and almost landed on Kailey; Kailey caught him before he fell to the ground and nudged him, Umbridge's reaction, however was quite more than a nudge as she again, combusted into fireworks.

Kailey looked proud, "good. That woman scares me." she said to Harry who nodded in agreement.

It was then Dumbledore appeared; for the first time that day, Harry and Kailey felt safe, Kailey beamed, "DUMBLEDORE!"

Albus looked at Kailey, "what?"

Kailey laughed, "Hi!"

"Hello." Dumbledore replied.

Kailey grinned, but then everything fell cold as ice; it felt as though the happiness was gone, Dumbledore seemed distant and Harry seemed frozen. A dementor had arrived. It looked at Harry, "free kiss?" Harry knew what to do, he thought back to his only memory; whether he was sure it was a memory or not but it worked for him; he let it fill him up as he focused hard, pulled out his wand, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" he yelled, with that the dementor combusted into George.

George looked at Kailey and Harry, "DELORIS JANE UMBRIDGE!" with that, Harry shuddered, Kailey looked at him and George grabbed Harry's arm and fled the burrow.

"Free kiss, Harry?" he heard a voice say. It was James.

Harry leant over his bedside table and reached for his glasses; he looked at James and grinned. It was all a dream.