Whats up, loyal readers! The Next Kitsune here with my 15th story a Naruto/Bleach crossover, and my acceptence of 'Whats in the scroll?' challenge. I've read most of the stories of the authors that have accepted this challenge and finally decided that I am ready to accept it.

Summary: Instead of Kage Bushin, Naruto finds the masks of Espada. Which one? All of them (that includes Nel). he leaves to train in his new powers. After a few years he returns. Watch it konoha this jinchuriki will get his much needed revenge.

If you think Im an author that thinks Konoha desreves his protection... then your thinking of the wrong Kitsune. I've been against Konoha from the start of the series. But hey if i change my mind he wont be hokage. Just saying ahead of time.

It a harem fic for Naruto! Im not revealing the harem til maybe chapter ten.

TNK: So any complaints?

Naruto: Yea I have one!

TNK: O yea? what is it?

Naruto: Will both Hinata and Sakura be in my harem?

TNK: Hell no! Sakura is sasukes fan girl, and Hinata is waaay too shy. I'd perfer she ends up with Shino or Kiba

Naruto: Nice answer.

TNK: I try.

Disclaimer1: TNK doesnt own Naruto or Bleach.

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I made a few changes to the timeline. trust me it'll work.

Let just start the story!

[Forest Around Konoha]

Naruto, Kyuubi Container, Knuckle head, and Dead Last of the first years. He decided to rest in front of a little shack in the forest. Getting started on his 'make up test'. Yes, he knew it was a fake test. The possibility of learning a new jutsu was too good to pass up. "Now lets see..." Naruto said as he studied the Forrbidden Scroll of Seals. "Kage Bushin? Ha! such a joke. No, thank you. I can barely perform the regular bushin." he said as he moved on.

{Hokage Tower}

The Sandaime Hokage frowned. Not because Naruto had taken the scroll. It was because Naruto decided to over look the Kage Bushin. 'I need a way to keep the Jinchuriki under my control before its parents return. But how.'The old kage thought as he watched Naruto search the scroll.

[Back to Naruto]

'Edo Tensei? No.'

'Yondaimes Key for unlocking Kyuubi? I thought he killed it? I wonder ,who the poor bastard is that got kyuubi sealed into him. Save that to memory.'

Naruto thoughts as he scanned the scroll for a jutsu besides the Kage Bushin.

'Yondaimes Hiraishin seals?' Yes.'

He smiled because they were in regular storage seals and not blood protection seals. Naruto smiled, he had gotten his knowledge from sneaking into the library and reading into seals for a few days until the hokages Anbu found him.

'Hmm? Whats this?' he thought as he found a seal with the Kanji for Mask. 'Hmm, it must be powerful if its in this scroll. Lets check it out.' he thought as he channeled his chakra into the seal. As he did 11 masks poof into existance. Each were different shape and size of the other. Each mask,which looked like it was made of bone, had power rolling off of them on different levels. After he arranged them he was suprised at the order.

1st was the mask remains of a jawbone that has been worn around the neck.

2nd was a five pointed crown.

3rd was two masks: a old cartoon styled skull, and a mask that reaches from the bridge of the nose to just mid way of the chest.

4th was a left side of a helmet with a horn on top.

5th was a set of small jawbones and teeth.

6th was a right jawbone.

7th was a row of tiny spikes, skull shaped earrings and necklace.

8th was a pair of rectangular glasses

9th was an elongated mask with eight holes going down it.

and the 10th powerful mask was a massive jawbone.

Naruto looked interested at the masks and there level of power. He picked up the mask that looks like a pair of rectangular framed glasses. 'The 8th most powerful?' Naruto thought as he held them close to his face. As he inspected them, they slipped and landed on his face. Naruto blinked for a couple seconds. "Aww sh-" Naruto never finished as he fainted and entered his mindscape.

[Narutos Mindscape]

Naruto awoke infront of a giant cage with a small piece of paper with the kanji for seal. "Well, well, well, It looks like my jailor decided to finally show up." A demonic sounding voice said making him jump.

"Yes it does kyuubi, you have finally arrived young man." A more human said behind him making him jump again. "Who are you?" Naruto questioned with nervousness in his voice. the demonic voice answered. "I am The Kyuubi No Kitsune! Queen of the Biju!" Kyuubi said said with pride in her voice.

"And you?" Naruto said to the human like figure.

"I am Szayel Aporro Granz." the figure said, as he came into view. He has shoulder-length pink hair and amber eyes. He is wearing a long shirt that covers his entire torso up to the top of his neck. He has three stripes on his uniform, each starting at his collar with one running to the left side of his chest , one to the right side of his chest, and one down the middle. He wears the regular pants with a slight length taken away. He also has white gloves.

"and what are you Szayel-san, if you dont mind me asking?' Naruto asked. Szayel smiled." Of course I dont young man... I am Espada Numero Octava. I am an hollow that has achieved the rank of Arrancar." the 8th Espada stopped for Naruto to take in this information.
"Out of the Arrancar, only nine may be given the rank of Espada. Within the Espada those nine Arrancar are ranked from Primera to Nueva." Szayel said with a smile."Makes sense." Naruto said in thought. "I have unsealed your hollow mask, along with the others." Naruto smiled. "Ah you are the one that unsealed us then?" he asked. "Hai, you and the other ten." Szayels smile got wider. "Ah yes the other Espada." he said as if reminiscing the good days with them. "They were powerful in their own right." he elaborated. 'Before we were betrayed by that bastard Aizen.' Szayel thought.

Kyuubi decided it was her turn to get Narutos attention.
"Kit, the reason I attacked your village was my kits were killed by men that wore leaf first man smelled of Toads and Oil. The next one smelled of Snakes and Blood. the third one smelled of monkeys. The final one had your villages precious Sharingan eyes."

Kyuubi said in a sad tone, at mentioning her deceased kits."Hmm, well we already know who has the scent of monkeys." Naruto said with a smile Grimmjow would be proud of. "Yes, we do kit." Kyuubi smiled the same smile. "Yes, we do." Naruto then asked the million dollar question. "How do I set you free Kyu-chan?" Naruto smiled another Grimmjow smile. "Just tear off the seal completely kit." As Naruto reached for the seal a hand stopped him. "Now, son i dont think that is a good id-" a voice said behind him before it was cut of by Naruto himself."Szayel-san. Please kill him for me." Szayel smiled, "As you wish Naruto-san." he said as he cut down the Yondaime.

[Land of Fire Border]

Minato Namikaze, his wife Uzumaki Kushina, and their daughters Naruko and Natsumi, were making there way back to Konoha. Why? "I'll tell you why!" Minato said with a shit eating grin on his face while addressing the readers."Well..." he started keeping even the author in suspence.
"I left Naruto to fend for himself knowing I would never misplaced my trust that the village will treat him like a hero, right?" As soon as he said that he noticed the portion of chakra he left in Narutos seal didnt return.
"Good hes training in kyuubis chakra." He said to himself.

"If hes training in Kyuubis then we can keep training the girls for another few more years then." his wife said in a very worried tone. She was adament against sealing the Kyuubi inside of their son in the first place. But due to being weak from childbirth and the releasing of kyuubi from her body. Minato took baby Naruto from her arms and seal the kyuubi inside of him anyway.


Im going to end it here for now.

Ok readers I have a request. Im writing an Self Insert fic. I was going to give myself a Zanpakuto but with only one total review on Kurosaki Bros Strike, Im willing to listen to suggestions for a Zanpakuto for my charater.

All I need is a description of the following:

Sealed state

Shikai form

Shikai power

Bankai Form

Bankai Power

I know a self insert is a bad idea. But i've really wanted to do one. So can you guys give me ideas? All credit for my Zanpakuto will go to whoevers idea i choose. Thank you for you time. Oh and Message me the descriptions.

I have a few bashings in mind... Jiraiya, Hinata, Kiba, Team 7, Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, Sandaime, and Konohagakure Bashings. Slight Yondaime bashing. Anyway enjoy the month of may! and have a happy Cinco de Mayo!(early I know)

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