Before Him, All Shall Scatter.


Extremely AU. OOC. Light rents out a room in his apartment located in downtown Tokyo. This… obscure male, Ryuuzaki, answers the add and pays six months' worth of rent up front. Light can't help but feel curious as to the other male's odd appearance, let alone his eating habits. And why is his hair SO bushy?

Chapter 1.

Light Yagami, a tall and lean 19 year old, arched his shoulders sharply to pop his back. The male had just finished covering the surrounding four blocks with flyers advertising that he needed a roommate. The apartment was located in a rather decent residential area of Tokyo and within walking distance of a shopping center and even only a short bus ride to the red light district if that was your thing. He didn't think he would have to search too terribly long to find an occupant for the unneeded space in his flat.

Shrugging, the thin teenager pulled out his iPod and smiled slightly as he scrolled through the songs. Despite his prim and proper appearance, he had a heavy infatuation to music of the hardcore and techno genres. The band he was currently listening to had a fantastically heavy bass beat and quite poetic lyrics; they could have been considered his favorite of the moment. Alesana. He walked in step to the music and happily sang the lyrics under his breath. "Do you remember me and our beautiful affair? Look in my eyes and honestly tell me our love is gone!"

In no time at all, he found himself in front of his apartment building. It was a simple, stark white building with balconies wrapping around its frame that traveled several stories. Popping his shoulders again, he reached into his back pocket to turn off his music. When he looked up from the rectangular device, he noticed a man walking down the street. He was fairly well dressed and looked to be a business man. That isn't what caught Light's eye though. It was the thin female neko trailing behind him. A sigh of sympathy left his lips at the sight. A few decades back, scientists had revealed that DNA mutations between cats and humans were possible, causing an uproar of demand in their production. Nekos, sub-humans with cat-esque features such as tails and ears; were popular among the rich and elite. As sad as it was, the government turned the other cheek when the nekos were being sold to rich people as maids, butlers, and even things that shouldn't have been allowed, such as sex slaves.

The thought disgusted the teenager; no matter if they had animal features, nekos were still human too. The thin female turned and looked at Light, a soft smile set on her face. At least this one seemed to be treated fairly well. He broke the thought off for a later date as he walked into his building and into the elevator. Pushing the button leading to the third floor, he let his back rest against the smooth, cold, metal of the wall. Silence didn't last long in the elevator as his phone had erupted with another song by Alesana.

"Close your eyes and let your mind escape into a world of dreams. I won't wake yo-" Shawn Milke's voice was interrupted as he answered the phone, disregarding the number appearing on the screen. Maybe it was someone interested in the apartment?

"Hello? This is Light Yagami, who am I speaking to?" His tone was very proper and polite.

A heavy sigh could be heard on the other line and it made Light furrow his brow. He really hoped this wasn't a prank call. Knowingly posting his personal number around Tokyo, he knew he would get quite a few of these calls.

The other line suddenly shifted and a rather flat voice started to speak. "Mr. Yagami, you said you have a room for rent on your flyer?"

Light raised an eyebrow, though knowing that no one would see him. The elevator signaled his arrival to his floor and he stepped off, maneuvering his phone to his shoulder so that he could get his key. "Yes, sir, I am. If you are interested, what is your name?"

Opening his apartment door, a rush of familiar smells hit Light's senses and it made him sigh contently. He always lit a vanilla crème candle before leaving the apartment just so that it would smell like this upon his return.

"Ryuuzaki. My name is Ryuuzaki Matsuyama [i][a/n: The manga nor anime gives a last name for this alias of L's, so I'm using the live action actor's last name.] [/i], and I would like to obtain this space. Shall we meet for coffee to confirm everything?" The man's voice on the other line was so dull and blunt. It made a nervous shiver run down Light's spine, but he wouldn't let that show.

"Sure, there is a café across the street from the apartment; I can be there in 10 minutes. What about you?" Light was trying to sound as friendly as possible.

"I just passed the café a few minutes ago, I can be there soon." The voice sounded so… dead.

"Alright then, for it to be easier to identify you, please wait out front of the coffee shop?" Light suggested calming, feeling slightly awkward.

"As you wish." The phone disconnected.

Light stepped out of the elevator to his apartment building for a second time in the last 30 minutes and moved out onto the street. It took possibly 2 or 3 minutes to get to the other side of the street using the cross walk and he smiled softly as he saw the café getting closer. The teenager's brow furrowed as he saw that several people were standing around the entrance of the shoppe. This was going to make for even more of an awkward first meeting.

Passing by a few people, Light felt a delicate grip on his arm. That same monotonous voice from the phone call called his name. "Light Yagami?"

The teenager turned around, his eyes locking with the large, round black, panda-esque eyes of his caller. Light audibly swallowed.