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The air smelled so sickly sweet that it was actually starting to give a certain brown haired male a throbbing headache. He walked around the bakery that Ryuuzaki and he had frequented a few times in the past. The male with sun kissed skin rubbed his face slightly, watching the neko he lived with fret over how many cookies he would be able to carry home.

Light had let the male walk with him to the bakery, knowing he hadn't been out of the house in quite some time. The auburn eyed male was cautious though… He was worried about the phone calls he had been receiving on his personal mobile. Refusing to give L a panic attack, he kept them all to himself. Somehow, no doubt with a bit of green persuasion, L's original owner tracked down his cell phone number.

The chestnut haired male rubbed at his temples, feeling exhausted. Everything was starting to weigh quite heavily on the teenager's shoulders. He glanced over at L, who was surprisingly chatting with the woman who ran the bakery. They seemed to be talking animatedly about cookies with frosting on them. It brought a genuine smile to Light's face. He adored seeing the neko male without the worry wrinkle in his forehead.

L's anxiety had been getting worse. The deep purple hued bags under his rather owl-like eyes had deepened to a tenfold and no matter how much he ate; the kitten seemed to be losing weight. Light was nervous that someone would notice he was a neko and call on humanoid abuse. Or even assume that he was mistreating his lover. L's hat seemed to cover his ears well enough… and the jeans made it seem like his tail didn't even exist… so far so good.

"Light," L's voice tickled the older teen's ears, glad to hear such a happy tone laced through his voice.

The brown haired male turned around, seeing a rather large mop of black hair coming towards him just in time to open his arms. L crashed into Light's hold, excited about his news. "Light! Light~!"

"Yes?" The other boy mused, his heart feathery at how happy his precious kitten was.

"The baker gave me free cookies and cupcakes!" L was bouncing on the balls of his feet, obviously overjoyed that he was gifted with confectionary treats. The kitten looked so bright and happy that Light just couldn't stop smiling at him.

The slightly shorter male held on to the assorted treats and held a rather fond smile on his lips as he glanced over at his lover. The neko's ears twitched under his white beanie slightly and he let his grin widen as he felt Light wrap his arms tighter around his waist. Boldly, L lifted up just a bit, stealing a quick kiss from the other's lips.

The coffee haired male kissed back after a second of shock and ruffled Lawliet's hair under his beanie. He chuckled gently at the kitten's sour expression and took the sweets from him. Light walked to the counter where the brunette cashier stood, a soft smile on her face as well.

Feeling guilty about not ordering anything in the store and getting free sweets, Light felt required to order a bubble tea for Lawliet and himself. The woman took quick to making the honey teas and they left. It seemed a little tedious to have to balance the drinks while carrying the several packages of sweets, but the couple managed for a bit.

"Are you seriously eating a cupcake now, Ryuu?" Light chided playfully, nudging his lover while his mouth was full of the sugary pastry.

L nodded, swallowing without chewing very much. "It's absolutely delicious. Would you like one, Light?"

The brunet waved the box away as L leaned it towards him. "No thanks, I'll eat a few when we get home. Do you want to stop anywhere else?"

L shook his head, the white beanie shifting slightly. "No, not that I can think of," He rubbed at his stomach, the thin fabric shifting under his touch. "I… I don't feel that great all of the sudden."

Light looked over his shoulder at the other male, a spike of worry in his eyes. "Really? Maybe you just ate too many sweets?"

L's usually pale face was a startling shade of green and he lurched over, holding his stomach tighter. The bakery's gifts crashed to the ground, smearing the pavement in frosted icing. The neko crippled to his knees, near clawing at the fabric of his shirt just over his stomach. No sooner than he hit the ground, the poor hybrid started to upheave the contents of his stomach.

A crowd slowly formed around the couple; Light started to panic. He didn't know what to do. He had never seen L this sick before. He rubbed at the other male's back, trying to help him to his feet. Right as he has gotten L to his proper height, Light noticed a blank expression cross his lover's eyes and his weight pushed forward, into Light's arms. L had passed out.

A small scream of frustration at the lack of being able to help L passed the auburn haired male's lips and he begged the paramedics to come to their aid, via his mobile. The crowd of people, all silently watching the events unfold, didn't offer to help the distressed teen but they didn't block the path for the blaring siren either.

Everything felt like a blur of light and color to the coffee haired male. L was loaded into the ambulance and Light road with him. They checked his vital signs and gave the other male the paperwork to admit him to see a doctor. Light moved on autopilot, frightened to death about what would happen to his precious kitten.

His mind wracked for possible ideas, even now beside L's sleeping form. What could have caused this horrible reaction? Was he allergic to something in the cupcakes? Had they gone bad? The older male held tight to Lawliet's hand, running his thumb over his knuckles lovingly.

The sound of a door opening alerted Light that someone had joined then. His blood ran cold at the hoarse tone of the voice.

"I do believe I have found my kitten."

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