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Zim finished putting in his contacts and walked out the door. "Stupid Earth

holidays," he growled, holding GIR's leash firmly in his hand.

"Hey Master, where we goin'?" GIR asked Zim, happily bouncing along the sidewalk

with his leader.

"We are going to a thing called a 'reaping', GIR. Now act normal."

Once the two arrived at the location: a flat, paved area with fast food

restaurants lining the outskirts of the space. A stage stood in the midst of all

this, which Pro. Membrane and Ms. Bitters were standing upon.

"Now to announce the tributes," Zim's human teacher skipped right to the point.

She pulled out a slip. "Maybe the Dib human will be picked..." Zim thought to

himself. He laughed. "Yes...I would like that."


"Eh?" Zim was pulled out of his thoughts by his teacher announcing his name.

"Zim, you have been chosen. Please come up to the stage."

Zim growled, and went to push his pack so he could annihilate everyone in the

crowd and he could go home, but then remembered humans didn't have his power. He

would have to win the Games normally. He shuddered at the thought as he walked

up to the stage.

"Now..." Ms. Bitters pulled out someone else.

"Ms. Gaz."

"I'm coming," said the grumpy girl whom the name belonged to.

Zim mischievously peered over at the female human. It was the Dib-Monster's



"Can't I wish to have immunity?"

"Well, we know we're here to help you out, Timmy, but the Network would have us

killed for that. It's against 'Da Rules'."

Timmy Turner was in his room, trying to think of ways his fairy godparents,

Wanda and Cosmo, could get him out of the Reaping.

"Don't worry, we still have a chance of being picked, too, sport." Wanda said,

looking at Cosmo.

"Well, yeah, I guess." Timmy thought about that for a minute.

"Wait, we can still be Reaped? Ahhhh!" The green-haired fairy hid behind his

wife, who pulled him out from behind her.

"Yes, we can. So, Timmy, anything else we can do to help you out?"

"Well, are any of you sponsors?"

Cosmo answered, shaking his head.

"Nope, but Jorgen is!"

"Well, you guys know him, right? Get him to sponsor me. He's mighty and

powerful, so he'll send me a ton of cool stuff!" Timmy excitedly suggested,

looking up at the two pondering fairies.

"We can't really bribe Jorgen, either. He's the most rule-favoring Network face

there is. Ever since he was transferred to the Network, we lost touch and he

forgot about us." Wanda admitted. "Sorry, sport."

Timmy hung his head and walked out the door, but he didn't get far before Wanda

and Cosmo fluttered down and walked by his side.

"Timmy Turner!" The Mayor called out, holding the slip of paper in his hand

out to the crowd. Timmy looked at his godparents one last time before becoming a

tribute, stepping onto the stage.

"Good, good: now time to pick the female tribute!" the mayor reached into a

second bowl, then handed the slip he had chosen to Mr. Crocker, the deranged

Channel 6 mentor.

"You may do the honors, Crocker."

The teacher took the paper and read it aloud. "Miss Vicky.."

Timmy widened his eyes. "Not Vicky..." he mumbled. Instead of turning to see who

the female was, the 10-year-old looked at the ground. At least she would

probably die if she didn't kill them first.


Katara looked around the crowd for the little boy, who was probably going to be

reaped because of his popularity.

"Aang?" she called out, gripping harder on her brother Sokka's hand as she

pushed aside others with her free arm.

"Don't worry, Katara. I'm sure Aang's fine. Look, there he is now!

Seeing where her brother was pointing to, Katara released her hand and ran

towards the Avatar.


"Katara!" the Air-Bender squealed, running into his friend's arms.

"I'm kinda...scared, Katara." Aang finally said, looking up at the Water-Bending

girl, who looked at him back and said,

"Aang, don't worry. They won't do something like that to a little kid." She was,

of course, only trying to console him, but her thought cheered Aang up and he

smiled and turned to take Katara closer to the stage. The reaping was about to


"Hello and welcome to the Reaping for Channel Seven! These tributes will be

competing in the Twentieth Annual Hunger Games. We'll start with the female

tribute." Iroh read from an ancient-looking scroll that told the traditional

Reaping speech everyone should give with his nephew, Zuko, watching over his


"Nephew, please retrieve a name." the teenager nodded at his uncle's command and drew a name.

"Katara." he grunted, knowing who this name belonged to. Reluctantly, Katara walked up to the stage and politely held her hands in front of her legs. She couldn't bring herself to look at Aang again when she saw his distraught and woeful face. She couldn't even look at her own brother when his name was drawn from the next bowl.


SpongeBob SquarePants looked out the window of his pineapple home. The Reapings here were always eccentric because Bikini Bottom was, well, underwater. The town's people were one of the only populations that weren't humans besides a couple people in Channels 5 and 6. Nobody, though, had an entirely different species as their population.

"Well, Gary, are you ready?" the usually excited sponge asked his pet snail, Gary.

"Meow." was the mollusk's reply.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, Gar-Bear, but I'm not ready for this." SpongeBob opened his window and looked to his right, where his grumpy neighbor, Squidward, was sulking.

"Hey, Squidward!" the sponge waved. Squidward just rolled his eyes.

"How can you POSSIBLY be happy on the-" the cephalopod looked around for signs of Network people or Peacekeepers, the reinforcement team for Network rules who worked-and lived- in each Channel.

Squidward's voice dropped to a whisper.

"-worst day of the year?" he finished grumpily.

"Actually, I'm not that happy." SpongeBob looked down. "I'm really scared!"

"Well, of course.." Squidward muttered. "Who could not be scared?"

"Well, Mr. Krabs! He's a big fancy Network guy, right? He doesn't care."

"Actually, SpongeBob, he's the mentor for Channel 8. He's LIVED the Games before. He was scared before…just not now."

"Oh." SpongeBob sighed. "Well, at least we know someone from 8 who won. If we're reaped, he'll know us."

"Uh, yeah. Right." Squidward half-heartedly agreed, remembering that he always got on Mr. Krabs' nerves because of his grumpy attitude.

"Great!" the yellow sponge's mood suddenly improved. "I guess I AM ready then! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!" he chanted, running down the stairs in his house to get to the Reaping. "Come on, Squidward!"

The neighbor reluctantly followed SB to the stage plastered to the Krusty Krab, the now-abandoned restaurant owned by Mr. Krabs, who was sitting in a seat behind Mrs. Puff, his fiancé.

"Welcome everyone!" SpongeBob's teacher exclaimed, looking happily at the crowd, which included a worried sponge and a careless squid.

"We'll start with the male tribute." she reached into a bowl that looked like all others.

"Sheldon J. Plankton!" she announced, still looking happy- but not as happy as she would have been if SpongeBob would have been reaped.

The sponge looked across the crowd to find the owner of the Chum Bucket, Plankton.

"Barnacles!" the 'evil' organism cried as he hopped up to the stage, struggling with each step.

"Now let's choose the female…" Mrs. Puff grabbed a second name.

"Sandy Cheeks!"

"Yay, Sandy!" SpongeBob wasn't concerned. He knew Sandy well and that she was a hard-core survivalist…But what he didn't know is that nothing, not even training, could prepare her for what was ahead.

Author's Note: The tributes for Nickelodeon/Sector 3 are: Zim, Gaz, Timmy, Vicky, Katara, Sokka, Plankton and Sandy. I'm gonna work on Disney Channel next, and don't worry, there won't be any new cartoons on there. XD Please tell me the DC characters you want to be reaped in your reviews. Thank you so much to the three who reviewed my previous chapter: I made time to finish this chapter today because of you guys. Thanks again!