A/N: This story takes place in an alternate universe and is completely different from Pink Mugs.

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The plot, however, is all mine.

Rated M for language.

'God. Orientation week was epically boring.'

"Yes indeed." I raised my big-ass soda bottle, taking a huge gulp in celebration.

We were having our monthly late night s'more fest on the beach.

January, my bestest friend in this ever expanding universe handed me the delicious treat before stuffing a marshmallow in her mouth.

'Jan. Babe. Stay away from the flames.' Leo, her boyfriend warned, having witnessed last year's bonfire disaster in the form of her hair catching on fire.

'What? I am being extra careful. Ok? Bella, tell us one of your grandpa inspired stories. Pleaaaase, with a cherry on top?'

'Yeah. You're great at storytelling, Swan.' Leo smiled in encouragement.

"No. I am going to go for a short stroll and let you two play a round of tonsil hockey." I replied, getting up from my beloved spot on their make-out blanket.

I was getting tired of being the third wheel all the time.

Seriously. It's no fun.

Ah well. It's my fault for spending my weekends cooped up in the library, reading about elf knights and whatnot. Not to mention all those tall, handsome men in armor…

Dear grandpa, what have you done to me?

He was the reason I wanted to major in literature. Too bad he's not with us anymore. May he rest in peace.

Grandpa was crazy, according to the familia.

He always spoke of another world, governed by supernatural beings. They lived in a supposedly unseen realm that can only be accessed using portals. Hidden portals.

My poor grandpa spent his final days in a retirement home since no one wanted to take care of an allegedly senile man.

I was twelve years-old when he passed away, but his stories were engraved in my mind and I could easily recall them whenever I wanted.

His journals were locked away in our basement, and I wasn't allowed anywhere near them, thanks to robo-mom.

My dearest mother and renowned fashion designer Juliana Swan literally turns ash-white at the mere mention of those journals. I have tried on more than one occasion to unlock the stupid safe but it only made her more angry and distant towards me.

My work-obsessed mother who didn't even bother to call her own daughter to wish her luck on her first day at U-Dub was in Milan for Fashion Week.

Fashion Week my ass.

Anyways, so…that's how I ended up on the beach at two in the morning, getting high on Coca Cola.

My sandy feet led me farther away from my friends and the warmth of the fire. The lulling sound of the ocean waves licking at the shore made me want to go skinny-dipping.

There must be something wrong with me because I had zero fear of the dark.

I walked further down the beach where I could finally see the Forbidden Cave in the distance. No one exactly knew why it was forbidden per se, but those who tried to swim towards the entrance were sucked into a whirlpool and drowned.

The land surrounding the cave was steep and rocky with a huge –no trespassing- sign erected by the mayor himself.

Did I mention that mom also 'prohibited' me from hanging out here after sunset? Her parental rules didn't mean shit to me anymore since she was never home.

"Okay, let's do this!" I shouted, saluting the full moon. Its light made it easier for me to undress and dip my toes in the water.

It wasn't too cold, so I daringly ventured further into the deep end, squealing with every wave that threatened to pull me under. It was a crazy thing to do but I was bored and skinny-dipping was on my bucket list.

I sang Rihanna's Only Girl in the World at the top of my lungs just for kicks and splashed my arms around to create a bit of Bella atmosphere.

Unfortunately, my epic singing was rudely interrupted by the incessant barking of a dog. I glanced towards the shore to find a white Siberian husky sniffing my clothes.

So not cool.

"Hey! Doggy!" I yelled, my eyes widening in horror as he snatched both my shirt and bra before bolting down the beach.

"Oh no you don't!"

That up-to-no-good ball of fur had the audacity to look back and taunt me with his cobalt blue eyes as if we were playing a game of fetch.

I was just about to jump out of the water and chase after him when this guy comes running from the opposite direction like one of those hunky Baywatch lifeguards. My hands flew up to cover my breasts as I watched him call out the husky's name.


The white dog froze mid-sprint and turned around with my bra strap dangling from his jaw.


The tall man with the sexy broad shoulders crossed his impressive arms as Alpha hung his head down and dropped my stuff directly in front of his owner's feet.

My neon pink bra was like a beacon in the night.

I have never been more embarrassed in my entire life!

'Sorry about that.' McHottie apologized.

His voice was deep…like phone-sex operator deep.

The guy obviously had manners since he immediately averted his gaze the moment he realized I was topless.

Alpha barked at me as I waded my way back to the shore and mystery guy shushed him, dragging him by the collar towards a giant boulder.

"Oh my God." I crawled over to my clothes and got dressed in record speed, almost ripping my skinny jeans in the process.

They clung to me like second skin, but that wasn't my only problem.

I was wet and possibly reeking of dog-drool while a dark, russet skinned version of Thor reprimanded his dog in a language I didn't understand.

Alpha's whines made me soften up, feeling all guilty on his behalf.

"Umm...please don't do that. I'm sure he learned his lesson by now."

Mr. Tall and Handsome turned to look at me for the very first time, his big midnight eyes drinking me in from head to toe.

Up-close, his features were strikingly gorgeous; a combination of good genes and brilliant bone structure rolled into one fine specimen.

'He's not supposed to follow me here, or steal your garments for that matter.'

Speaking of garments, did I mention that he was wearing a black, band collar shirt under a grey lapel jacket? The top three buttons were left undone to reveal a smooth patch of skin.

Somebody either waxed or has a naturally hairless chest.

"It's no biggie, really."

Alpha suddenly rose on his hind legs and licked my hand, nuzzling his snout into my palm. I laughed, petting him in return. He was too adorable for his own good.

'I don't mean to pry, but what are you doing out here, all alone?'

"Oh I'm not alone. My friends are further down the beach."

His mouth quirked up on one side, drawing my attention to a small crescent-shaped mole above his upper lip.

'Is this a hobby of yours, swimming in the nude?' He smirked.

I cursed my Rapunzel long hair for wetting the hell out of my shirt, torn between answering him and hiding behind that massive boulder in mortification.

"Umm...no." I huffed. "What's a guy like you doing out here, in an Armani jacket and dress pants no less?"

'How'd you know it was Armani?' He cocked an eyebrow, seemingly amused.

It was a miracle that I wasn't stuttering or nervously babbling in his presence.

"Identifying labels is a talent of mine. Ask my best friend, she'll vouch for me."

'I see…and to answer your question, tonight was my birthday so I came here to clear my head for a while.'

Who the fudge was he clearing his head for?

He should be drunk right now.

Hell, if I was legal, I'd be drunk right now instead of sipping on soda.

"Oh…happy birthday! How old are you?"

'Twenty two. How about you?'

January chose this moment in history to call out my name, her panicked voice reaching my ear, getting Alpha all riled up and barking once more.


Mystery guy crouched down to attach a silver leash onto the husky's collar, affording me another glimpse of his silky, black ponytail.


"Shit. I…umm…gotta go." I took a step back, ogling him for the last time.

'Is that your name? Bella?' He frowned, rising to his full, impressive height.

I should have been intimidated but I wasn't.

"Yeah, it's short for Isabella. What's your name?"

His expressive eyes widened briefly before they flickered down to my wet shirt. I didn't realize that the wind had picked up until he shrugged off his jacket and carefully draped it around my shoulders.

'Jacob. My name is Jacob.' He repeated glumly.

I felt bad for the B-day boy but also shocked that he'd offered me his jacket.

"It was nice meeting you, Jacob."

'Bella Swan, get your ass back here!' January shouted for the umpteenth time.

"Thanks for the jacket."


I patted Alpha's head in goodbye and jogged towards the bonfire.

Holy muffin! I gotta go skinny dipping more often.