Faith carefully made her way through the wreckage that was her father's home, the charred remains of the house she spent only a short time of her life in. She was glad the Vanguard doctors were watching after Xander right now; he didn't need to see any of this. What worried her was that he hadn't woken up since Samael came to kill them only a few days before. She treaded softly as she looked for any old family portraits or anything worth salvaging.

Making her way to the stairwell, she stepped cautiously upwards as there may have been structural damage. A voice echoed out behind her, making her clutch onto the handrails as if they were lifelines for survival, "Petty Officer?"

"Jeez! Don't scare me like that, Mr. McTavish."

"Its Ryan or Lieutenant, Effie. You need help up there? I found a few albums here your father had stashed away. Got a box of your mother's stuff from before she died too. I can have them taken to the other house by the cemetery."

The other house… a place she didn't want to visit for a long while. Per her father's wishes, the house and its contents were left to her and a woman named Meghan had received ownership of the children's money until such a time as they were old enough to manage it themselves. Faith made sure Samael wasn't able to get his money by liquidating his account.

She nodded , "I'm sure I'll be fine. I just need to check the library and then we can go to the funeral," then continued up the stairs to the room where her father worked, where Xander turned into that thing… that monster. Inside, the room looked untouched, though the door was scorched pretty badly. She quickly looked through the books she thought were important and set them aside on the table, until she came across a small brown leather-bound book. She flipped through it and smiled, recognizing the handwriting as her mother's. It was her diary.

Making one last pass through the room, she gathered a few more books and odds and ends and stuffed them into a bag that was enchanted to hold much more than it looked. She quickly headed downstairs and looked at McTavish's face as he tried desperately to hold his composure at the sight of the devastation, "This shouldn't have happened. There's no words to describe how angry I am with myself. I shoulda seen it in his training…"

'Its not your fault or anyone else's for that matter. It was Samael seeking power where it should have been left. Lets go sir, we don't want to be late…"

McTavish nodded and gathered the stuff from outside and shifted away, leaving Faith alone to reminisce for a moment. She quickly shifted and a shiver ran up her spine as the old house came into view. McTavish, already having gone inside, left the door open for her. She walked inside, hesitantly, feeling the tears well up. Everything that was left there, was still there, a few photos, books and such. All of their brooms, both the twin's and Damien and Ashley's were mounted to the wall, covered in dust and time.

"L-l-lets go," she said with a quiver in her voice.

They left everything they brought with them in what was the living room and went out the backdoor into the forest that would be her father's resting place, next to her mother and late infant brother, whom she never got a chance to meet. The walk was short and quiet, but full of tension and pain… each step brought them closer to what they all wished had never happened.

In front of a huge willow tree next to a small waterfall, was the High General and several others who were friends of her family... She and her brothers were all that were left of her family. The once green and lush forest was now a clashing of red, yellow and grey. Leaves fell from the trees as though the forest cried in agony for the loss of a dear friend, as they had done so many years before when Ashley died. The group had all circled around three caskets, which rose a choked up question in Faith's mind, "I thought my brother killed everyone at my grandfather's?"

"We were unable to find your aunt, Amanda. Either he has her or she burned up in the fire. We will find her, Faith," said the High General.

Faith pulled from her pocket two books, the first she set on her father's casket and the other she set where she knew her mother was buried; marked by flowers of the brightest hues of color and a plaque of her and Damien together and their names. She took a few steps back and looked to McTavish, "Please send this book down to my mother. It should always stay with her."

"What is it?" Someone asked tearfully.

'Dad's diary. He always wrote to her, everyday without fail. Dad would want her to have it."

'How do you know that its for her? Did you read any of it?'

'No… because my dad would read through hers little by little over and over again. Its only fair she gets to read his now.'