Onward to Nowhere

Written By Stumble

Edited and Uploaded by MiniBlueSkirt

Released via joint account: Stumble Blue

Description: The group continues to survive while all others die from misunderstanding and loneliness.

Chapter One: Questioning Survival

The man spits a length of saliva into the empty water bottle, only to watch it slowly dry up. He tilts the bottle this way and that, watching his spit crawl along the plastic interior. Some drool sticks to his ugly beard; the droplets sparkle dimly in the cracks between the boarded windows.

In the chair next to him, she starts crying again, not even bothering to cover her red, emotional face or her purple, unhappy eyes. She sits there with jerking shoulders and trembling hands, sobbing and making terrible noises.

A baby, three months old, five weeks dead, lays rotting comfortably in its crib; it's gender no longer known, its name no longer remembered.

This man and this woman…believing they were the last ones alive, made a promise…to re-create humanity; to save earth. Only a half hour after meeting, the man and woman made love in a burned field of corn. But after witnessing the rise of so many zombies…with how they would stand up from the bloody streak in the road; nothing but their mangled strands of meat and bone holding them together…what was really the point in trying? Who was there to say that their children would be able to survive?

But the child was born, had lived and had died, and the unmarried lovers had become so depressed these days, that all they could ever do was block out their thoughts, mourn their losses, and hope to die peacefully in their sleep.

She falls out of her chair and into the floor, her sorrow escalating to hysterics. She curls into a ball and wails.

He looks down at her with pity, but any compassion has long left him. He gets up and walks over to a window and peers through the cracks. He sees children in their spring dresses, some tattered and dirty; he sees little boys with buckets and toy shovels, teddy bears and plastic swords. He sees a man with one arm, a woman with none. He sees a crowd of empty-faced humans seeking after the warmth of his heartbeat.

He places a hand on his chest, feeling pain there. Maybe love is all they ever needed, he thinks to himself. Maybe all these creatures need is to be reminded of love.

In that moment, he forgets all about his own love, his own child, and moves over to the door and begins tearing off the boards in an urgent manner. Nails and rotted wood sprinkle the floor, sounding almost like music.

Looking up with a horrified expression, she screams in a hoarse whisper.

"Don't go out there!"

She swallows hard and tries to stand up, but falls, unable to catch herself. Moaning, trying to find the will to stand up, she tells herself she loves him and it is what she tells herself over and over until she is sprinting towards him, embracing him, kissing his neck and face over and over, begging him to stay with her.

But he is deaf to her now, and the door is wide open…