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Some tales are told…then soon forgotten.

But a legend…is forever.

Mindy shook her head as she read the article in the newspaper.

"Looks like someone has been taking credit for our work again, honey", she said.

"On August 18th, 1973, Sally Hardesty, her invalid brother Franklin, and their friends fell afoul of a bizarre cannibalistic clan of serial predators. Ms. Hardesty was the sole survivor of that night of terror. She died in a health care facility in 1977.

A single member of the murderous "family" lived to see trial. The prosecution recorded his name as W.E. Sawyer. He died in the gas chamber in 1981.

The jurors concluded that "Leatherface", presumed to be an unapprehended killer, was in fact an alternate personality of Sawyer's activated whenever he donned a crude mask made of human flesh.

If there was no Leatherface in reality, then Sally Hardesty may at last rest in peace…if there actually was a Leatherface, he remains at large, and the so-called "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"…

was only the beginning."

"What garbage!" Mindy said crumpling the newspaper.

In the past three months since Thomas, Mindy and Carrie moved in with Mama Sawyer, the stories of their crimes had passed into legend. Some nut ball started spreading rumors and claiming he was the killer instead of Mindy and Thomas.

Mama Sawyer welcomed Thomas, Mindy and Carrie with open arms. Carrie was very shy meeting her cousins Tinker and Alfredo. Most awkward moment was seeing Tex. Mindy still didn't trust him, but Carrie immediately liked him. Speaking of Carrie…

Mindy got up and kissed Thomas' cheek.

"Sweetheart, before we work on tonight's catch, we should tuck Carrie in for the night."

Thomas nodded and sat up. Mindy looked down at his leg and gently ran her leg up and down it.

"How's the leg?"

He shrugged. Ever since Tinker made the leg brace for him, his leg felt as good as it did before the accident. He was not allowed to walk around without it, not until his leg completely healed. Thomas ran his hand down Mindy's back, down the scar she had from the fight they had with Lefty three months ago.

"I'm fine, Tommy", Mindy smiled. "Let's just take care of Carrie, huh?"

Thomas nodded got up as he and Mindy walked to their daughter's room. Carrie sat at a little table by her bed with her doll and half a dozen animal skeletons and human skulls.

"Carrie, time to go to bed now", Mindy said.

"But we were just starting the tea party!" Carrie said.

Thomas smiled and picked Carrie up. Mindy pulled back the blankets on the bed allowing him to lay her down on the bed. Thomas tucked Carrie in and kissed her goodnight.

"Night, Daddy", she said.

Mindy kissed Carrie goodnight.

"Night, Mommy."

"Goodnight sweetie", Mindy whispered. "Now you get some sleep. Remember me and your cousins have a surprise for Daddy tomorrow. Don't tell him, okay?"

Carrie nodded.

Mindy and Thomas went up to the attic where their work area was. Sitting in the corner was one of their latest victims, a young lady. She was tied up and crying her eyes out. Mindy smiled as she picked up her sledgehammer.

"I got this one", she said.

Thomas smiled as Mindy raised the hammer above her head. The girl screamed as she brought the hammer down across her face. Both Mindy and Thomas smiled as the woman's blood splurted on them. Mindy stepped away as the woman fell dead to the floor.

"She's all yours, hun."

Thomas grabbed the woman's legs and pulled her to the table where he kept all his tools. He picked up a knife and began cutting the skin around her face.

"Making another mask?" Mindy asked.

He nodded as he cut the messy parts off and started sewing. Mindy watched as he dabbed the blood off the face being more neat than he did with his last few masks. Out of nowhere, the two of them heard the sound of a twig snapping. There was someone outside the house. Mindy looked out the window to see someone running off. Thomas got up and opened the sliding door to the attic. He slammed it behind them as he went to see who was out there.

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