My first crossover! It's really short. Like Ed. ;-)

I based this story off of an image found by going to Google Images and searching for "FMA vs Spirit Tracks." Enjoy!

And thanks toe Konpeki Rei for beta-ing. You rock, man.

I don't own Zelda or Fullmetal Alchemist.

"OK, Zelda," Link says, "you ready to get your body back?"

"Am I ever! I hate being in this suit of armor. It's itchy," Zelda moans.

"Then we're off!" the Hero of Time cheers and marches off with a "yah."

"Whoa whoa whoa- hold it a sec!" calls a voice. Link and Zelda turn around to look at the newcomer. What they see is a short boy with a blond braid and metal limbs. Behind him stands a knight- or, at least, one's apparel.

"Who are you?" Link asks.

"I'm Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. This is my little brother, Alphonse," the blond boy says, gesturing to the armor who gives a wave and a cheery "Hi!"

"He's your LITTLE brother? Yeah right," the green hatted kid snorts. Next thing he knows Link is on his butt, punched there by Ed.

"I'M NOT SHORT! GOD, WHY DOES EVERYBODY THINK THAT?" the older Elric shouts. Al tries to soothe him but to no avail. Eventually, though, the alchemist calms down.

"Anyway, you are under arrest for copyright infringement," Ed says, brandishing a piece of paper.

"What? Why?" Zelda asks.

"Because we had the idea of the whole 'soul trapped in a suit of armor' back in 2001. It's 2009 now. We came first, you go to jail." Edward smirks.

"Sorry, but it's the law," Alphonse offers.

"But I saved Hyrule! Like, 15 times!"

"Tell it to the judge," Ed taunts, slapping handcuffs on Link. Alphonse grabs Zelda and leads her away as well.

And that is the story of how the Legend of Zelda cast got arrested, and why it took so long for Nintendo to make Skyward Sword.

The End