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Chapter 18 : Lightning Strikes

Nami no Kuni, Eastern shores

The men and women from the fleet watched in horror as the great beast rose from the bottom of the ocean, sending huge waves toward their ships. Since it was close to midnight, the only light sources in the area were the several torches on each of their ships. With those circumstances, only one small part of the monstrous creature could clearly be seen by the crowd, its head. The rest of its body was shrouded in darkness, only giving it a scarier appearance if such a feat was even possible.

"What are you doing, you fools, fire at them !" Danzo roared, he was the first to regain his senses. The rest of his army, even his Elite Guard, were still stunned at the sight of a beast that could only have come out of their worst nightmare.

The Godaime's outburst woke the fleet up and every last one of their ships resumed its attack on the Kuro no Kitsune. Firing a volley of boulders toward the blond and two of his companions who were still standing on top of the creature's head, they did not receive the reaction they were expecting.

The blond had previously chosen to evade. However now, he did not even move a muscle when the first missiles came his way. The boulder exploded mid air, blocked by one of the Kraken's tentacle. The ship which was responsible for the attack was instantly grabbed and then crushed by one of the beast's remaining 'arm'.

No matter how powerful the weapons from the Kiri-Konoha fleet were, the Kraken's shell was much tougher. None of their attempts had even come close to leave a mark on its skin, annoying the beast more than dealing any kind of real damage to it.

Growl …

"Pesky little man, how dare you summon me in such a place. I was in the middle of a meal, I hope you have prepared the necessary price in return." The Kraken said in a loud voice, taking little interest in the battle around them. It was not like anything they were throwing at him had had any effect against him up until now. The Kraken merely used his arms to defend the man who had summoned him. It could have easily withstood the power behind those boulders but obviously his summoner most likely wouldn't.

"Yes, yes I have ... Now do you mind focusing some of that anger of yours against them, you lazy overgrown octopus." Naruto replied with a snort, ignoring the beast's temper or his wives shaking their head at his 'conversation' with the legendary creature.

"You are lucky that I look forward to the reward, I would have killed you otherwise." Kraken replied. "Now … Let's see, some new faces and … Oh … Those fools from the Southern Sea, I really hate their guts. You've got yourself a deal, I'll even do it for half the usual price." There was some bad blood between the Kraken and the Emperor of the South, only Naruto knew about it but the blond chose not to comment, his partner was finally in the mood after all.

The darkness was providing Naruto and the Kraken the perfect cover to attack and defend. While the enemy had to fire with no accurate aim toward the blond's position, he and his summon could clearly see them the moment they fired their weapons. Added to the fact that Galatea had stayed with him, his wife was using her sensory abilities to the fullest, providing him and the Kraken an accurate estimate of all the enemies' current positions.

Miya did not stand still during all this, using her long range abilities, she cut down several boulders that were out of range or too fast for the Kraken to intervene. The purple haired swords-woman did not have any trouble to locate her targets, once again thanks to Galatea's detection skills.

"We lost enough time, let's get started ! Give me some fuel !" Naruto shouted as he clasped both his hands together and started to gather chakra to his palms. The Kraken understood the order and used a secret pocket in his stomach, where it stored the necessary combustible for his summoner's next technique. Both of them started to inhale large quantities of air before they simultaneously expelled it toward the advancing enemy fleet.

"Katon : Uzu Sen Ryu Ha !" Naruto yelled as he fired a highly condensed fireball that ignited the multiple streams of oil that the Kraken had released at the same time. The combined projection of both formed what looked like one thousand burning dragons that fell from the Heavens toward the fleet from Kiri.

Cries of panic and desperation could be heard within the ships of the Kiri-Konoha Alliance, as they burned and sank. Naruto's jutsu had the visual effect of a meteor shower raining down on them, the area of effect was absolutely gigantic.

The technology level of those ships from Kiri did not allow them to maneuver fast enough to steer clear of there. Nevertheless, with the second fleet right behind them, they had no way to navigate outside the zone where the blazing dragons fell.

On board the Alliance's flagship the atmosphere was the same, the Council representatives were all stunned at the display of the Kuro no Kitsune's powers. The appearance of the Kraken had already shaken them to the core, but with the use of that fire jutsu, Naruto had literally brought hell down on them. In the 'heat' of the moment, no one saw two shadows slowly disappearing from the ship's deck.

Within the City

"What the hell is that thing ? Gamabunta looks like a small toad compared to its size !" Jiraiya had almost fell off the roof he was standing on, when Naruto had called upon the Wrath of the Sea. The Gama Sennin never imagined someone could summon a creature that much bigger than the boss of the toad contract.

"That's the Kraken, Naruto's strongest summon. This is only the second time that I've seen it though it still amazes me how such a creature can exist. The world really is a big place ..." Hiruzen replied, a bit of anxiety could be heard in his voice and Jiraiya did not miss it. They may not have seen each other in a long time but he was still his teacher, they spent too much time together in the past for the pervert to not notice Hiruzen's strange expression.

"What's wrong ? That beast is literally tearing through the ocean and the invading armies. Shouldn't you be, I don't know, a little bit happier about this ?" The Toad summoner asked his former sensei, unsure about what was bothering the older man.

"Unlike us, Naruto's summoning contract does not tie him to only one animal. He has the ability to call upon any kind of creature tied to the sea. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a toad or two that would answer his call." Hiruzen replied, not taking his eyes off the battlefield.

"However, for such an outstanding advantage there is always a drawback. Any creature summoned by him will continuously drain additional chakra from his reserves until it's either sent back or gets dispelled by a critical hit." The Sandaime continued, this time gaining Jiraiya's full attention.

"You should know firsthand the strain on chakra in order to summon a Boss-Class creature. Just try to imagine the consequences applied to the Kraken, a beast many times bigger than Gamabunta and much older than Lord Fukusaku. To just bring it into this world, Naruto should have used up at least half of his entire chakra reserves. I don't know how long Naruto will able to keep it up before it gets dangerous for his safety." The Sarutobi finished, cursing his old body and inability to do more for a man that was once called the God of Shinobi.

"How much of a drain are we talking about ? That kid should have more chakra than a dozen Kage combined, surely he could withstand the strain. His Uzumaki genes as well as the beast Minato did seal inside his gut should ensure this, are they not ?" Jiraiya asked, even though he was not there in Konoha when it happened, he knew of the terrible burden the late Yondaime had left Naruto with.

"Jiraiya, you better be really careful about the words you use in his presence when dealing with the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Even I do not know the full story but, to Naruto, the events that took place on that day were and will always be sensitive subject. To answer you, he has full control over the bijuu chakra inside his body. To match the needed output of energy, he should be on his fifth or sixth tail as we speak." Hiruzen said, warning his former student about Naruto's feelings about his jinchuriki status. Truthfully he knew more, however it was not his story to tell.

Jiraiya chose to not comment or pry on the jinchuriki thing, they had more urgent matters to discuss and there was definitely more to it than his sensei had revealed to him. A quick maths calculus made him realize that even though Naruto did use a godly amount of chakra, he'd still have much more to share than any Kage level shinobi in activity could spare.

"Wait a minute, that's six out of nine in the worst case scenario. Not even taking into consideration his own reserves which should also be huge, considering who his parents were, he should still have enough power to fight against them !" Jiraiya replied, wondering why the Sandaime was so worried.

"That's the true root of my fears, Jiraiya. When I said he has full control, it was the truth. However, no matter how you look at it, chakra from a bijuu was not meant to be used by a human being. The chakra is highly toxic to us non jinchuriki and only those with a cooperative relationship with their bijuu can somehow accommodate that foreign source of power. That being said, there are some side effects from the overuse of that chakra and, in Naruto's case, a particular emotion is heightened ..." Hiruzen revealed, only to be interrupted at this point by Jiraiya.

"Don't tell me ..." Jiraiya's eyes widened as he realized which emotion Hiruzen was talking about. It was not that hard to guess when he thought about which bijuu Naruto's powers originated from. The flashbacks of Kushina, Naruto's mother and former jinchuriki for the Kyuubi, flashed in his mind as he remembered how she behave when using too much bijuu chakra.

"Anger, yes." The older man answered with a heavy sigh. He distinctly remembered telling Naruto to not go over the top, as his young student always reacted like that when his precious people were involved in any kind of risk. If Naruto was without a doubt a bearer of the Will of Fire, the blond's fire was nonetheless sometimes fueled by his overprotective desire to protect his precious people.

"I told you NOT to tell me ..." Jiraiya replied as he stood up from his position near Hiruzen. "I am going back toward the gates, there is no way to avoid detection any longer. From now on, I will use everything I have in my arsenal in order to repel their ground forces." He said, leaping backward in the direction of the city gates. Watching Minato's son fight with such passion, he felt ashamed of himself, hiding behind like a civilian. Hopefully Tsunade and the girls would understand his choice to reveal himself to the Leaf.

Back on the Sea

"Hold the charge ! Retreat !" Roared a Kiri rep as he took in the devastation that happened in front of him. Never in his life had he seen so many deaths, it was no battle, it was a pure massacre. The order to turn back came far too late, most of their ships had already been destroyed or were in the process of collapsing from the multiple fires that came from the aerial strike.

"Hokage-dono, we should ..." Another Council member started, only to stop himself when he saw no trace of the War Hawk. His actions were soon mirrored by his peers as everyone started to look for the man responsible for all of this. They all came to the same conclusion fast enough, the man escaped, leaving them and even his escort behind.

The Root operatives did not even flinch when realizing that their master left them behind, facing a monster and a man who could invoke the Fury of the Heavens itself. Trained to obey, they merely continued to put out the fires on board the ship.

Another 'guest' was missing on the deck though, no one noticed Sojiro's absence. He was indeed a man discrete enough and with no aura like the one that Danzo was projecting around him. Where did the both of them go was the one million Ryo question in everyone's mind at the moment. Had they checked better, they would have seen the pair water walking toward the second fleet right at their back.

"What is the meaning of this, Konoha nins ? Where did your master go ?" Shouted the Kiri leaders while the Leaf shinobi ignored them, going on with their respective designated orders as the mere soulless drones they had become.

Seeing this, the people from Kiri got even more frustrated. They knew pretty well about the ROOT operatives, having been in their presence since the beginning of the operation. They served no one but Danzo and never deviated from the scope of their mission until it is either completed or they die trying to.

Interrogating them about Danzo's whereabouts held no meaning either, since they were programmed to not reveal anything about him. After all this time as the leader of the Leaf, Danzo's methods were still the same, archaic but efficient nonetheless. It's not like they would have the time to schedule an interrogation session anyway, with what laid in front of them.


The ship right next the them imploded as a giant tentacle ensnared it, like a constrictor boa would to a prey. From the shadows, a giant black mass of water rose to their side, creating huge waves as the ship threatened to capsize.

Growl …

Appearing from that large shadow and unlike anything they had ever seen, a giant eye opened itself horizontally, much like some species of the reptilian family. The iris was blood red, sending shivers down their spine as it analyzed the people present on board the ship.

"He's not there, shall I destroy this one as well ?" The Kraken's voice boomed in the area. They were so scared that they could hear the beat of their heart inside their chest, almost exploding. Was it courage or preservation instinct but one man among the assembled Council members took a step forward.

"W-We surrender, please do not kill us. We will agree to any term you see fit in exchange, Minato Namikaze." The man said, bowing down as his head touched the deck of the ship. Seeing that, all the other representatives mirrored his actions and fell to their knees, imploring the blond to spare their pathetic lives.

"I will ask only once so you better have the answer. Where are Danzo and Sojiro ? I saw them on this ship earlier." Naruto said, not even trying to correct them when they addressed him with his father's name.

"We don't know, I swear ! They disappeared when you unleashed your Katon jutsu against us." The same man who spoke first replied, still in prostration before him just like the other representatives.

That answer, obviously, did not suit Naruto as he lifted a hand toward them, allowing the Kraken to proceed. The blond was not himself at the moment, he wasn't thinking rationally and perceived any annoyance to him as threats to be dealt with. He had already dispatched several unarmed opponents on his way and was about to do the same to the men and women before him when another hand rose and stopped his.

"They are telling the truth, I'm having troubles with all those chakra signature around us but I have a lock. Danzo and Sojiro are halfway toward the second fleet. At their current pace, we won't catch up in time before they join with the Southern Empire's reinforcements." Galatea said, as she stood next to him, doing her best to restrain his arm but failing to do so as his strength greatly outclassed hers.

"So … I don't need any of them anymore then." Naruto growled as he escaped from his wife's arm and leaped toward the remains of the Kiri flagship. The few black ops members who stayed behind to cover for their master's deception stood in his way. Unfortunately for them, in his berserker-like state, Naruto didn't hold back at all and literally tore through them, leaving a pile of charred bodies in his wake.

"Not enough … I still have to punish them ..." He said like a man possessed, slowly making his way toward the representatives of Kiri High Council. His hand were bloodied by the 'fight' he had with the Konoha bodyguards and his eyes leaked killing intent that froze his preys where they stood. He was only a few feet away from them now and started to gather chakra to his limbs, ready to pounce on them like the predator he was.

"Uzumaki Hijutsu : Shishio Fuin !" Four voices yelled at the same time, as Galatea, Miria, Miya and Kazehana appeared around him. Each of his wives had the palm of their right hand extended in his direction and red tendrils of chakra were connecting them to him.

The effect was immediate, as Naruto fell to his knees and his chakra output started to lower itself. It took a minute or two but he soon regained his composure with his chakra level stabilized. Breathing heavily, he slowly stood up and looked around, slightly lost and wondering what had happened. All around him and slightly winded too, his wives smiled as they managed to pull him back from losing himself to anger.

"Did I lose control again ? Was is the Shishio Fuin that you just used and what are you doing here?" He asked, looking at Kazehana and Miria who were supposed to go back and informed Hiruzen on the new developments. It seems like his memories were a bit foggy after calling the Kraken, flashes of what happened came to him but he had some troubles to process them.

"We managed to get in touch with Stella and Rana, they will relay to Hiruzen-sama. We came back as fast as possible when your chakra started to radiate that killing intent. You still have to train, if those scums managed to get under your skin, Naruto-kun." Kazehana playfully reported while she came closer to her husband to hug him.

"Seeing you lose control, we all decided to try that new seal you were working on and hope for the best. Fortunately that worked, the bond we share does increase the chances of success for a perfect synchronization of our chakra, allowing us to regulate the output should you lose your focus again." Miria added.

"That seal was experimental at best, I can't believe you tried it on the field like that." Naruto replied lowly, worried about the side effects from that jutsu. "Are you experiencing any kind of discomfort from aligning your chakra with mine ?" Naruto knew how toxic that was, for non jinchuriki people.


New explosions echoed in the area as Naruto and his wives were conversing, having forgotten that another fleet was on its way. Unlike those from Kiri, those ships from the Southern Empire were all armed with cannons, just like Naruto's.

"Looks like we are right on time, Naruto-kun !" Naruto smiled as he heard the voice of Rana. Stella was there as well, the both of them leading the newly repaired Musashi and Yamato. Tayuya and the Diva were also on board both ships, tending to their several instruments.

"There are at least twenty ships in that fleet from what I could see. Do not forget that they are faster than those from Kiri, they also have a better reach and more accurate weaponry. Tayuya, you are in command of this flagship from Kiri and your friends you join you as well. Lock the councilors up in their quarters and place yourself behind us, you will provide cover fire since this ship's weapons are not accurate enough to challenge the enemy." Naruto started the new battle plan.

"You girls will board the Musashi and Yamato. Our ships still have better specs, you will take them out one by one but remember to keep a safe distance and do not let them flank you. I will remain on the Kraken for the time being and assist each of you depending on the situation." He finished giving out instructions to his wives.

With Danzo

The Godaime sighed as he boarded yet another flagship, this time belonging to a fleet of foreigners from outside the Elemental Nations. At first sight and much like Sojiro's, their appearances did not really differ from the people of this continent. He supposed the world was really much bigger than what he had always imagined it was.

"Officer on deck !" Shouted a man as Sojiro took a step forward. The entire crew of that ship stood in attention as they saw him. Danzo knew that the man held a position of power in that army, maybe his act of 'good grace' in saving him would play in his favor now. He was already seeing himself at the head of such a fleet defying the entire Elemental Nations.

"At ease, Captain, relay this to the fleet. Assume formation Omega, primary targets are the Galleon Class Yamato and Musashi battleships. Secondary target is the city port right behind them." Sojiro immediately took command as he told Danzo he would.

"What of the beast, Captain Commander ?" The ship's captain asked, obviously the Kraken could be seen from far away and he noted that Sojiro did not mention it in his orders. The soldiers were well aware of Naruto's most powerful summon, for having battled it more than once. The ships' cannons would hurt it more than those from Kiri but that would only slow it at best, not dealing any critical damages.

"Our ships should have be updated with the newest toys from the R&D department as per my orders and with that target into consideration. Have the men use the new type of ammo when facing it, the regular ammunition will be used against the ships and the port. Now go, you have your orders." He replied with authority, noticing Danzo's confused look.

"After having fought and lost too many battles against it, we started to look into ways to subdue the beast. My first fleet was supposedly here to investigate suspicious activities from them in a zone so close from our borders. Our expedition also had the secondary objective to beta test those weapons, should an opportunity present itself." Sojiro started to explain.

"However as you very well know, they somehow knew we were coming and took us by surprise. It is normally impossible for our forces to battle each other like this, without starting a War which no side would come out unscathed. Our current position in a zone between the two territories is what makes it possible, granted that it is greatly frowned upon." He continued before Danzo interrupted.

"What did your people come up with to fight against such an monstrous creature ?" The man asked, obviously not interested in Sojiro's stories or lessons in international politics. No, what got Danzo's attention was the mention of weapons that could defeat a Boss-Class creature like the Kraken. That kind of tactical advantage would prove extremely useful to him against some very annoying shinobi within the Elemental Nations.

"Well, why don't we find out then. I've only read the manuals and never seen them in action before today." Sojiro replied with a smirk, ignoring Danzo's anger at his unspecific answer. That guy did start to get on his nerves, however, as a man of honor he would respect his end of their deal.

With Naruto

"Damn, they're spreading their lines. I can already see them trying to outflank our three ships while baiting us in the center." The blond analyzed on top of the Kraken. His wives had boarded the two warships while Tayuya took over the former Kiri flagship.

"Come on, you know my take on their leader." The word 'leader' was laced with venom, as it left the beast's jaws. Ignoring Naruto's warnings the Kraken wanted to charge forward and, in its words, beat the shit out of them.

Seeing no harm in his partner's plan, Naruto thought about it for a few moments before conceding. The girls needed the space he would gain for them by advancing on the enemy and it's not like the opponent could do any damage to him after all.

Having been granted permission from its summoner, the Kraken moved forward. They aimed for the advancing fleet's vanguard, a small group of four ships. Judging from their speed and lack of heavy weaponry, they were most likely scouts.

Once they got into striking range, the Kraken extended its tentacles in an attempt to catch the ships. From the corner of his eyes, Naruto noticed that the crews were abandoning those ships and with an impeccable timing at that. The blond's instincts screamed at him to pull back, sniffing a trap, but the Kraken would not be stopped at this point.

Ignoring a volley of cannonballs that came from both sides, the Wrath of the Sea simply rose its two closest tentacles, moved them in order to shield Naruto from the impact, not fearing one moment for its own skin.

This is when things went to hell and the impossible became possible …

"What the ..." The black balls detonated on impact, however unlike all the other times, the Kraken lost the two limbs he lifted in order to cover its sides. It was simply unbelievable, nothing the men could invent had ever pierced its skin.

"Naruto, what did you do fool ! I can feel my chakra fading away, did your miserable reserves dry up again ?" It roared at the blond, not able to understand how something like that could have happened.

Ignoring the beast's roars, Naruto replayed the whole scene in his mind. He was the closest when it happened after all. He clearly remembered the cannonballs reaching the tentacles and exploding as they hit their target. A troubling fact was that upon disintegration, they produced some smaller parts which were then spread all over the monster's body.

Being a bit of a scientist himself, Naruto understood too late that they indeed walked right into the enemy's trap. Somehow, they managed to create some kind of ammo with a component that would disrupt the flow of chakra upon detonation. That was the only explanation to what occurred and a reason why the Kraken felt those fluctuation in his chakra afterward while Naruto was entirely in control of his emotions and not driven by anger like he was earlier.

The scouting ships continued to float until they reached Naruto's position. Once again, he realized too late what those ships came for, loaded to the brim on the deck with the same dark cannonballs. The enemy fleet then focused all the cannons on this particular target and in little more than a shot or two, managed to hit it sending large quantities of black powder all around the area.

"Kairoseki !" Naruto screamed in his mind as he finally took a sniff at the mysterious substance. It was a mineral well known to him for its chakra disrupting properties. In fact, Naruto even used it as the ultimate chakra control exercise, having placed a plate made of that same material at the top of his cabin and trying to stick to it upside down was quite a difficult task.

He always found that stone interesting but never experimented much on it since it was so rare. Only found in the deepest part of the oceans, it took tremendous effort and logistics to extract some but, somehow, the Southern Empire managed to secure such a large quantity that it allowed them to use it as part of their ammo in battle like this. This spelled troubles for him if such was the case, chakra was the base of his power.

"Naruto … I can't ..." Were the last words the Kraken spoke before it was forcefully dispelled and sent back. Naruto and his followers were now in a very difficult position, still trapped between two armies and having lost their main asset in this battle. All seemed lost at this moment and the girls as well as Hiruzen, who witnessed the whole thing from within the city, were starting to lose hope.

With the Southern Fleet

"It works, Captain Commander !" Yelled an officer as they all witnessed the Kraken's defeat. Danzo was impressed as well, having finally been explained the mystery behind the Kairoseki Stone. There was no more obstacle in their path toward Nami no Kuni from now on. Sojiro was about to order a change in formation and full scale charge when another officer spoke first.

"New ships detected on starboard !" All eyes turned toward the North and true to his words, another fleet was making its way toward them. Danzo's eyes narrowed at the new arrival, having recognized their banner.

"What the hell are they doing here ?" He mused, ignoring the surrounding confusion and chaos.

"That's not all, look up !" Someone else shouted.

The sky was covered with strange looking nins wearing some kind of winged mechanical devices, allowing them to literally fly in the sky. On their armor and forehead protectors was a symbol that Danzo knew too well, clouds …

The attack started immediately, with the flying nin spreading their forces into two waves. One went toward the city while the second one stayed and started to circle around the Southern Empire's fleet. As soon as they were in position, they started to drop small explosive charges all over the field. The aim was not that great but their numbers made up for the lack of accuracy.

The aerial forces made a path for their fleet to join up with Naruto's. The lone blond still lingered in the center of the ocean while his wives were a little closer to the shores.

With Naruto

"What took you so long, Raikage-dono ?" Naruto said with a smirk as his newest ally approached him. The blond jumped into the new fleet's flagship and bumped fists with their commander, the Yondaime Raikage himself.

"That's our first sortie with those toys of yours, brat. We came as fast as we could after receiving the distress call." A replied, sporting a smirk of his own. He was escorted by a fleet of smaller ships that were very similar to what Kiri had, in terms of technology.

"I take it you like them, how's the Shinano, does it please you ?" Naruto asked, the Shinano was the name he gave to this specific ship. It had the ability to launch those strange mechanical devices that composed the aerial strike force from Kumo.

"I'll admit they're pretty nice. Come on let's wrap this up, they have nothing on us." A yelled as he dragged Naruto along with him on the sea and water walked toward the enemy's fleet.

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New Jutsu :

Katon : Uzu Sen Ryu Ha, translates as Fire Release : One Thousand Supreme Dragons from Uzu. A collaboration jutsu between Naruto and the Kraken which mixes the beast's oil and Naruto's fire. As explained and following the name, the visual effect is what looks like one thousand fire dragons falling from the sky on the targeted zone.

Uzumaki Hijutsu : Shishio Fuin, translates as Uzumaki Secret Arts, Four Symbols Seal. I'm well aware that the name already exists in the Naruto verse, but in this one, Naruto is the creator of the jutsu. It allows his wives to synchronize their chakra with his, in order to help him when he loses control.