Dungeon Days Request 6:

I'm so excited, this being the big chapter, the tenth *applause?* Thank you to all who have reviewed and read this series, I'm glad I was able to make a story that people have enjoyed(?). This one is for MoonStoneWings I hope you like it!

In a hazy field, three boys could be seen participating in one of their favorite activities, absolutely nothing.

They probably would have fell asleep too if they weren't distracted by someone's familiar voice...

"Hey guys!" Shantel cried out excitedly, causing Zeo and Toby to pop their heads up.

She smiled at them, excitement shining in her aqua eyes as the wind rustled through a light yellow dress she was wearing.

"Why are you dressed like mom?" Zeo questioned, blinking his eyes in surprise. It wasn't like his sister to wear anything other than pants and a t-shirt.

"Because." She frowned pulling at her dress in disdain. "The talent shows today!"

"Oh..." Zeo exclaimed, face paling. It would figure he and his friends would happen to forget all about one of Dungeon Gym's biggest events of the year.

"It looks nice." Toby smiled at her, referring to her outfit. He didn't seem to be worried at all.

Zeo bit his lower lip and looked behind him at Masamune who also didn't seem very perturbed.

Instead he was staring up at the clouds, and it appeared Leslie had joined him.

"So what is your act?" Toby questioned, brushing a strand of his light copper hair behind his ear.

"A secret..." Shantel murmured, seeming a bit embarrassed as her face flushed a bit red.

"None of your bees wax!" Leslie pointed out, hopping to her feet. She twirled in a circle proclaiming, "I'm going to dance!"

"Don't you always dance?" Masamune frowned, yawning as he sat up.

Smoke fumed from Leslie's head as she exclaimed, " I can't help I'm so good!"

"So boring!" Masamune yawned again, flopping back over on the grass.

Leslie looked rather annoyed so Shantel grabbed her hand before she could possibly attack Masamune and told the gang, "Well, we've gotta practice so, see you there!"

Zeo and Toby watched Shantel pull Leslie away, who was trying her best to break free but eventually gave up and followed.

"What are we gonna do?" Zeo questioned, blinking his large eyes in confusion.

" Show off my numbah one skills!" Masamune smirked, flashing a thumbs up.

" Well I don't think that's quite an act." Toby laughed gently, a sweat drop forming on his forehead. "Let's think about something were all good at."

"But Zeo's not good at anything, except attracting cats." Masamune declared, arms folded,

"No..." Zeo mumbled, eyes starting to tear up.

Toby sighed, flashing Masamune a glare as he explained, " I'm sure we'll figure it out..."

Why he agreed to this he had no clue, it seemed he was getting suckered into doing a lot of things for these kids lately.

But it was too late to change his mind now, the talent show would be starting soon.

Dungeon Gym was renovated to have a small stage for the performances, a small red curtain draped over it's top.

"It's cute." Holly grinned, leaning her head against Coach Steel's shoulder, umber eyes examining the platform.

"I just hope nothing goes wrong." Coach Steel murmured, three faces coming to mind.

" Welcome to Dungeon Gym's annual Talent show! I expect everyone to give it their all out there." Coach Steel exclaimed to his excited pupils, all shouting and running around in disarray.

Sighing he passed the microphone off to Holly to make the next announcement.

" Thanks! My name is Miss Holly and I'll be announcing our acts. The first belonging to a mister Owen." Holly smiled warmly as she clapped her hands.

The rest of the kids followed suit and soon everyone was sitting and watching quietly, all anticipating their own turn.

Speaking of which it seemed it was Leslie's turn now. She exited out onto the stage and danced as she promised, gracefully twirling.

"She's better than I remembered." Masamune gulped, pulling on the neck of his red jacket.

"Yes, she is good. But don't forget were aiming for the top!" Toby smiled, flashing a number one sign with his finger.

"And on and on and on till we reach the stars!" Zeo giggled, flashing the same sign as he spun in a circle.

"Yup." Masamune grinned, pumping his fist in determination. They were ready, which was good because they were called to go next.

"Introducing three friends who are going to preform together, put your hands together for Zeo, Masamune, and Toby!" Holly declared, she knew those boys far too well.

Masamune and Toby walked out on the stage alone, silent for a moment before speaking.

"Were going to act out a story." Toby whispered, violet eyes lowered to the floor.

They both began to march in place, Toby narrating.

"We are two people who are walking." He explained and then suddenly stopped as a figure ran out onto the stage, wearing a black cape over their head.

"I am the evil candy lord, mwa ha ha!" Zeo spoke, attempting to appear frightening as he waved his arms around.

Coach Steel and Miss Holly had to bite down on their lower lips to suppress giggling.

" We don't have any candy!" Toby spoke with exaggerated sadness, putting one hand over his head.

" Than I'm going to have to eat you!" Zeo growled, walking over to him like a zombie.

"Oh no!' Toby wailed, falling over as he laid stiff on the stage.

" You monster! I'll defeat you." Masamune declared, pulling out a paper towel roll.

"I'm not a monster." Zeo whimpered, eyes starting to tear up.

"Were acting, remember?" Masamune whispered, pretending to stab him with his "sword".

"Oh." Zeo giggled, putting his hands on his chest as he complained, "Ugh. I learned my lesson."

"That's good. How about we all share some candy then?" Toby smiled, standing back up as he pulled out a baggy of jellybeans from his pocket.

" Yaay!" Masamune and Zeo cried out in excitement, each grabbing a jellybean and popping them into their mouths.

"And they lived happily ever after!" Toby told the crowd.

"Cuz the candy lord doesn't steal no more, so you don't has to worry." Zeo added, before the three hopped off the stage.

"Awesome job guys." Miss Holly called, waving them over.

"Did we do okay?" Toby asked as they all ran over and tugged on her dress.

" Ya did fine." Coach Steel laughed, one hand behind his head.

"Okay." Toby nodded with relief.

"And did you know, the candy lord is not even real. I'm actually Zeo." Zeo giggled, pulling off his cape.

"You had me fooled." Miss Holly grinned, ruffling his auburn hair.

"Did we win!?" Masamune asked hopefully, brown eyes gleaming.

"The acts aren't over yet." Coach Steel pointed out, motioning to the stage.

They turned their heads to see Shantel walk out on the stage, seeming rather nervous.

Toby felt his lips creep into a frown, he didn't like to see Shantel feeling unconfident.

"Go Shantel!" He cried, waving at her.

"You can do it!' Zeo called out as well as Masamune flashed a thumbs up in her direction.

Shantel nodded, a smile crossing her face as she began to sing, a delicate melody drifting about the room.

When she finished everyone in the room clapped, impressed. She truly was very talented for her age.

Coach Steel stood up and helped her hop off the stage as he pronounced to everyone, "You should all be proud of yourselves for a job well done."

"Who won!?" Masamune cried out impatiently, stomping his feet.

Coach Steel felt a checkered angry square forming on his forehead, but he managed to contain himself as he continued, "There's a voting box in the back. You can put the name of who you think deserves to win on a slip of paper."

After doing so they all stood around nervously, as Coach Steel and Miss Holly tallied the votes.

"I've got you beat." Leslie mentioned smugly.

"No way! I'm numbah one!" Masamune retorted.

"We'll see." Toby told them, eyeing Shantel. "You were great, I didn't know you could sing!" He blurted out.

"She does so all the time in the shower!" Zeo informed him innocently,

Shantel flashed Zeo a glare before turning to Toby and whispering, "Thanks!"

Toby nodded, taking hold of her hand as Coach Steel began to motion for everyone to calm down.

"Alright well it seemed most of you choose to vote for yourself. However there was still someone who received the most amount of votes. And for the knuckle heads who put Batman down as their vote, nice try."

Masamune and Zeo stifled giggles, causing an eye roll from Toby.

"Really?" He wondered but quickly let it go.

"Your winner is... or should I say winners are Masamune, toby, and Zeo!" Coach Steel determined, clapping his hands.

Everyone else did as well as the three ran up to the stage, and began waving excitedly.

They did it... and nothing would stop them, not now or ever from making it to the top.

That's it! I hoped you enjoyed~ and in case you were wondering how they won... Shantel gave her vote to Toby's team, as well as Miss Holly and Coach Steel. Once again, thank you all for your support! Your the best! ~Lily