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Chapter One

It was a perfect balmy May evening just days after spring had hit the east coast with irresistible appeal. The weather was perfect, winter had vanished literally overnight. On this lovely day Hinata Uchiha, wife of Sasuke Uchiha was at home making the finishing touches for the dinner party she was hosting that Friday evening. It was a small get together of friend both her and Sasuke knew since high school.

It had been a couple months since she's last thrown one. Sasuke has been so busy with work that Hinata barely sees him anymore. But she just thought it was because of some big merger he was working on. He was a lawyer at a big law firm in New York. But she hopes that as soon as it goes through they could spend more time together.

This was also a reason as to why Hinata was throwing this dinner party, to help Sasuke relax and keep his mind off work. He was even coming off work early tonight. About thirty minutes later at 7:07 Sasuke walked through the door. When Hinata went down stairs to meet him it was obvious he was working all day. Under his eyes were a bit dark and his skin seemed a little paler than usual there was also a slight slouch to his usually straight posture. To anyone else he would seem perfectly normal but being married for 24 years could make you notice even the little things. But he still looked as handsome as ever to Hinata with his dark almost black hair and eyes so dark you could get lost in them. His well defined high cheek bones made him look young for his 45 years.

She followed him upstairs to their bedroom as he began to take off his clothes. There was an awkward silence between them before Hinata decided to break it.

"Honey I talked with Hanabi today she says she might be coming home for Christmas."

"Hn." Well one thing about Sasuke he wasn't much of a conversationalist.

Hanabi was there 23 year old daughter. She lived in Los Angeles, California. She moved out there about 2 years ago after she finished school. She works at a production studio and she says she couldn't be happier with her job.

At that moment Sasuke was lying on the bed looking exhausted.

"I think you would have enough time for a nap before our guests arrive," said Hinata.

And promptly after that Sasuke was out. Forty minutes later at about 7:58 there was a knock on the front door. At the same time Sasuke was getting out of bed.

"Must be our guess arriving. I suggest you get ready now"

"Hn" he grunted but complied and sleepily went to the bathroom to get ready.

Hinata went to get the door not wanting to keep her guests waiting any longer. She opened to door to see her cousin Neji and his wife Tenten. Both hers and Neji's sons will be graduating that summer. Her son Itachi was 18 and he was planning on going to Stanford after graduation. She was going to miss him dearly. And with him being gone she was going to have nothing to do. She was a stay at home mother after all. So was Tenten but she was not going to be out of that job for a while seeing that she is currently pregnant. But at least Hinata would have her husband to take care of so as to not feel as inadequate. Neji was a lawyer at the same firm as Sasuke but he wasn't a partner so he didn't have as much workload as Sasuke.

"Welcome am glad you both could make it this evening," said Hinata as she was leading her guests inside.

"Well we're happy we were invited," answered Tenten.

A while later after all the guests arrived Sasuke finally made his appearance. There were six people in all at the party. There was of course Sasuke and Hinata Uchiha, Neji and Tenten Hyuuga and Shikamaru and Temari Nara. All there friend were married. Shikamaru was a lawyer as well but at a different firm than Sasuke and Neji. Temari was once a stay at home mother but is now a proud owner in a little boutique in Manhattan.

They all sat around a large mahogany table making small talk while the caterers set the food on the table. Hinata, even though she didn't work, was having a discussion with Neji about the world of business. It was what she majored in at college and got masters in but she never had a need for it. But she still liked to be updated.

She looked across the table to Sasuke their eyes made contact before Sasuke broke it. For a second Hinata thought she saw a bit of guilt in his eyes. But she shook it off as a figment of imagination. After all what would Sasuke be guilty for?

After dinner they all moved to the living room seeing as the night was still young. Tenten and Neji sat in the couch. Shikamaru sat in one of the single seats with Temari occupying his lap while Sasuke sat in the other with Hinata in his lap. Sasuke looked a little uncomfortable. No one seemed to notice except Shikamaru but he chose not to comment about it.

"Remember in high school how shy Hinata was," Temari commented.

"Yeah but that was until she started dating Sasuke," Tenten said with a laugh.

While the girls were having their conversation the men were silent. They weren't conversationalists, not in high school and not 27 years later. Shikamaru even looked like he was about to sleep but he has always been like that. About an hour Sasuke and Hinata were saying goodbye to their guests. But not before Shikamaru gave Sasuke a meaningful look that was lost to everyone else. Itachi was at a friend's house for the night so that left them to privacy they haven't had in a while.

Hinata was quite happy with that. She hasn't had any quality time with her husband in almost 2 months. She was getting a bit frustrated to say the least. She might be from the upper class but she loved sex as much as the next person and wasn't frugal about it. But most importantly she loved sex with her husband. She has never been with anyone else nor does she want to. Sasuke was her first and he was going to be her last. She rather masturbate than cheat on her husband so that's what she did. She has always wanted to try new things but Sasuke was never up to it. So old fashioned and only gave her it one way, with him on top of her. As boring as the position was she enjoyed it all the same.

So tonight she decided she wanted to make love. As soon as they were in their bedroom Hinata promptly pounced on Sasuke. They both fell to the bed Hinata on top. As soon as she was about to connect their lips Sasuke shoved her off him. He then stood up and went to the bathroom without sparing her a single glance. Disappointed Hinata went to go bath and get ready for bed in the guest bathroom down the hall from their room.

When Hinata came back to the room she found Sasuke sitting on the bed and he looked as though in deep thought. He hadn't notice her come in the room. So Hinata stood and watched him and how his eyebrows furrowed when his thoughts became conflicted. Deciding to let herself be known Hinata clear her throat. When he took notice of her he patted the bed beside him indicating for her to sit.

"What's wrong honey?" Hinata asked as she moved to sit by him.

He said nothing but looked as if he was about to say something. Silence rained over them for a while. Hinata was about to break the silence when Sasuke beat her to it.

"Hinata you know I love you but I feel like we have been drifting apart for a while and I know you've notice it as well."

"Honey where are you going with this" she asked a little panicked. Truth is she has noticed it as well but thought things would be fine in time like it used to be.

"Wh-where am I going with this?" he hesitated for a moment "I want…I want a….this is more difficult than I imagined," Hinata was listening with the utmost attention as she watched Sasuke fumble with his words. She had a sense of foreboding. It was quiet for a while again until Sasuke came out and said "Hinata I want a divorce." And with that statement alone Hinata's world came crashing down.