Hi everyone ! This is my first story about Legend of the Seeker. I'm basing it on the show since I haven't read the books (yet). I've written a one-shot about Cara, check it out if you haven't already and give me your opinion :)

So, this one takes place after "Extinction" but Dahlia never appeared to trick Cara into following her, so Cara and Zedd both went with Richard and Kahlan to get the Stone of Tears. However they split up just before R/K went through the mountain rock. So, in fact, it follows the episode but Cara doesn't steal the Stone of Tears from Zedd at the end.

I am not a native English speaker, I'm learning though. So feel free to point any mistake (I'm sure there are several) and give me an explanation if you can (if you have time, if you're sure about your explanation...) Everything that can help me improve (my english or my writing style) is welcomed !

I will write a sequel to this if enough people are interested in the story. It will probably evolve into a Kahlan/Cara story, although I'm not sure whether it'll be strong friendship or more. Whatever you want to read !

I'll stop there !

Enjoy your reading and let me know what you think of this beginning :)

The sun was already shining when Cara opened her eyes. She had been the first one to take watch, and when Richard had relayed her, she had gone to her bedroll and fell asleep immediately. The last few days had been exhausting. They had the Stone of Tears, which meant that the Keeper would do everything he could to prevent them from going to the Pillars of Creation. They were close. In a day or two, the adventure would be over. They just had to stay alive. The Banelings sent their way were numerous and very often, Cara had feared for the life of the Lord Rahl. She knew that the Mother Confessor and the First Wizard would die for the Seeker, and of course she would too. But she wanted the four of them to be alive to witness the Keeper's defeat.

Kahlan was packing and Richard was taking care of the horses when she woke up. Zedd was nowhere in sight, but he probably wasn't far, looking for something to eat. Cara stretched out and got up, rolling her blanket and putting it back into her bag. Ten minutes later, they were back on the road.

"We should reach the Pillars of Creation in less than twenty hours now." Richard said.

"Something's wrong."

Everybody turned to Cara who had just spoken.

"What do you mean ?" Kahlan asked.

"I mean, we haven't encountered any obstacles since we left this morning. The Keeper knows we have the Stone, he's been trying to kill us all mercilessly for the past week. And now that we're getting closer, there's no one to stop us, and I'm the only one worried ?"

Her words made them pause. Richard stopped his horse, and so did the rest of them.

"Cara's right. There must be a trap somewhere, and we're probably heading right into it."

"What do you suggest, Richard ?"

"I don't know. Zedd ? Isn't there a way for you to find out if there's trouble ahead ?"

"I'm afraid I can't see in the future, my boy. I can try to cast a spell of protection upon us."

"What about a spell of invisibility ?"

"The Keeper will see past this kind of spell. We know that the Sisters of the Dark serve him, and they do have powerful magic too."

"Don't forget about Darken Rahl." Cara added with a raised eyebrow.

"Alright. Zedd, do the spell of protection. Maybe we should split up. Cara will go with Kahlan and I'll go with Zedd."

Cara and Kahlan shared a look, and the blonde said :

"I don't think us splitting up will help. If anything, it'll make us weaker."

"I will give you the Stone of Tears, and you'll reach the Pillars while Zedd and I create a diversion."

"That's stupid. I'm sorry Lord Rahl, but I can't let you risk your life. I should stay with Kahlan or Zedd behind while you go to the Pillars. You need to be the one to put the Stone into place."

Richard stared at the ground for a few seconds.

"Cara, I need to talk to you."

His request surprised everyone. But the Mord'Sith didn't object and followed her Lord away from the others. Once he was sure that neither Zedd nor Kahlan could hear him, the Seeker faced Cara. She had a solemn look on her face, as if she already knew what he was going to ask.

"Thank you Cara, for protecting me so well."

She bowed slightly.

"It is an honor, Lord Rahl."

"As your friend, Cara, I have something very important to ask you."

"Whatever you want."

He took a deep breath and whispered :

"Another prophecy came to me through Shota, a while ago. I will defeat the Keeper, but I am not meant to survive it, Cara."

He saw her frown, and decided to explicit a bit.

"I will die."

"I won't allow it."

Richard smiled at her immediate response and put his right hand on her shoulder.

"You don't have a choice here. It is written in stone, as it was written that I would defeat Darken Rahl. I trust you, Cara, to make sure that the Keeper will lose. I need you to take care of Zedd and Kahlan afterwards. They will be devastated and you'll have to be strong."

"This is nonsense. That wench Shota doesn't know what she's saying. You can't die, you're the Lord Rahl and as long as you have me, nothing will happen to you ! If you die I will revive you with the Breath of Life !"

She was upset and confused, Richard could tell. It was an expected reaction. The Mord'Sith was loyal to him, and he knew she'd die a thousand times before letting someone or something get to him.

"Cara, please. You can't tell anyone."


"As your Lord Rahl, I command you to keep this a secret. I command you to protect Kahlan and Zedd as if they were me. I command you to be strong and to stick with them once all of this is over. I command you not to die and I command you to keep going even if I die. Understood ?"

Cara lowered her head, and Richard felt bad for using of his title and power over her to make her obey him, but there was no other choice.

"Yes, my Lord."

"Thank you, Cara. Now let's go back."

"What if they ask me about what you said to me ?"

"Tell them it's a private matter and none of their concern."


The young man slightly squeezed his friend's shoulder and walked past her toward Kahlan and Zedd. Staying back, Cara let a sigh escape her and turned away from her companions. She needed to be alone for a while, to process the information. Richard, her Lord Rahl, was going to die. There was nothing she could do about it. And she would have to lie to Kahlan and Zedd about it. She would have to betray their trust in order to keep her promise to Lord Rahl. And it shouldn't matter to her. Her duty was to the House of Rahl, to Richard only. So why did she feel like she was stabbing the Mother Confessor and the First Wizard in the back ?

"Cara ? Let's go !"

Kahlan's voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she reluctantly walked back to her horse and mounted it in silence. She could already feel the blue eyes of her friend upon her but she didn't return the look. She kept her focus ahead of her. She didn't care about the prophecy. If there was anything in her power to spare the life of the Seeker, she would do it.

"Cara, you will continue to the Pillars with Kahlan. Zedd and I will buy you time."

For a second, Richard's eyes met Cara's and he saw the protest in them, but he silenced her with a look. Knowing that nothing could change his mind, the blonde slightly bowed her head and walked away, a hand on her horse's collar. She heard Kahlan's goodbyes to Richard and tried to ignore the fact that it was probably the last time the Mother Confessor would kiss Lord Rahl, and that she was the only one to know about it. She focused on her horse, checking if everything was okay with it, trying to block whatever thoughts would cross her mind now. She almost jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Cara ?"

"What ?" She said abruptly while turning round to face Richard.

"I'm sorry for putting you into this position."

"Well, don't be. It's my duty to serve you and I will do as you say."

"Promise me you will take care of Kahlan and Zedd, and make sure nothing happens to them."

"I promise you."

"And if they need a hug or anything, be there for them."

If the moment wasn't so serious, Richard would've laughed at her expression when he said the words.

"Fine, I will do as you say !" Cara huffed.

"Thank you. It means everything to me. Here, take the Stone of Tears. I'm sure they won't expect you to have it."

He handed her the small stone and held her hand a second longer than necessary, which didn't go unnoticed by Cara. She offered him a small smile and he went back to Zedd's side.

"Alright, we will meet you at the Pillars once we're sure nothing will stop us. Don't wait for us to put the Stone into place. Be careful."

"We will." Kahlan said.

It was time to go.

Should I put the dialogues in bold to make it easier to read ? That's what I usually do with my other stories but I've had some complaints about it so I don't know. Need your opinion once again ! :P