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Sarah's POV:

"Really? A babysitter? For you?" Benny laughed as we walked through the hallways of the school.

"Shhh. Benny, lower you voice," I said. "If you don't, my rep will go down. Besides, guys are starting to check me out."

"You're still just a geek like me," He said. "Well, that's what you get for not taking care of you sister, Brianna."

"You were there with me too." I crossed my arms.

"Yeah, but that's your punishment," Benny said.

"The babysitter's for Brianna, anyway," I said.

"Look at the bright side, one of those babes will be in your house tonight," He said as he winked at a girl.

"That's good news for you, not me," I crossed my arms. "My parents said that her name is Erica and she goes to our school. By any chance, I can talk my parents out of this."

A girl passed us with a bunch of people. She was wearing a black shirt, black long jacket, tights and high heels. She was basically dressed all black. Some of the people behind her were dressed like that. She looked at us for a second and smiled. Her smile sent a chill down my spine for who the hell knows what reason, and then she walked away.

I looked at Benny and shrugged. We walked over to the cafeteria and grabbed a tray. We were going to walk to a table but I accidently bumped into a guys and my food stained his shirt.

"I'm so sorry," I said afraid to look up at him.

"UGH, dork. Thank you so me," He said.

People looked at me, so I hid my face and walked to a table with Benny. Rory sat down in front of us with his usual perky smile.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Rory said.

"Nothing much," I said.

"Except that Sarah is getting a ba-"

I covered his mouth before he can speak.

"Nothing. I'll get nothing," I smiled sheepishly.

Benny looked past me and sighed.

I looked behind me to see a blonde girl with glasses that looked like a Dusk fan and the guy I just bumped into earlier.

"Are you checking out the blonde?" I asked.

"Her name is Erica, by the way," He said as if it was too obvious, which it wasn't. "Maybe she's your babysitter."

Rory laughed.

"S-she's Brianna's babysitter, not mine," I lowered my voice. "And she might not be her."

"Never know until you try." He winked at me and walked to them.

"Benny!" I called him.

It was too late. He was already going to those two and talk to them.

"Hey. By any chance, would you be babysitting the Foxes tonight?"

"Yeah. Do you know them?"

"Yeah. One of them is my best friend. She's right over…" I hid my face. "… there. She's just… kinda shy."

He walked over to us again. "good news. She's the one that's babysitting… Brianna." He laughed again.

"Shut it. It's not funny anymore!" I wanted to hit him, but I realized that I couldn't.

After school, Benny and I walked outside. We saw Erica, that guy from the cafeteria, that creepy gothic girl and the guys outside too. They were all wearing sunglasses except for Erica. 'That guy' was yelling at the goth girl. After the argument, he walked away from her.

"I'll see you later," One of the girl's group members said. I thought they were all from the drama club. Maybe they were, but who really cared?

All of the drama club members that were outside entered the girl's car. Erica smiled a bit and walked away. When they drove, they walked right in front of us, scaring us in the process and letting us step behind.

"Watch it dorks," One of them yelled.

I looked at Benny. "Drama club is really weird," I said.

"I don't really care, so let's just go home." He walked as he left me behind.

I ran to catch up to him. We were talking about Star Trek on our way home. No doubt we were geeks.

I know that lines aren't exactly like the movie, but that's what I'm going for. And I made "Jesse's" character a female so Ethan and she would be ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.

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