Morganville 3

So Shane seems quite pleased but is that how he truly feels? While Shane fights with his emotions Claire has other problems to worry about. When Eve finds out it just isn't what she expects... Remember I can't update until I get at least 6 more reviews please review and the chapters will keep coming. R&R thank you!

Eve's Pov:

When I came into the living room I saw Claire and Shane together and immediately felt guilty. 'Oh,' I said not really knowing what to do. Normally, I would have mentioned a smug remark or had a little fun but they seemed so intense in conversation (and other things) that I didn't really know what to say. Usually they just shared a kiss, nothing more romantic downstairs. 'Was I interrupting anything?' I asked, shifting about and slowly moving to the kitchen.

'No, we were just having dinner' Claire replied 'Shane brought ribs'

Great, I was starving. Today was a busy day at the coffee shop, it left me drained (not the usual meaning of the word in Morganville I know). I staggered into the kitchen keen on having some delicious, fatty, unhealthy food for dinner. Lifting the silver foil off the top of the white box I dumped it on a plate and reached into the fridge for a cold coke. I didn't understand why Claire and Shane were being so affectionate today; it was as though there was something going on behind my back. There was no special occasion for them today, I thought to myself as I walked out the kitchen. Just to see Shane heading upstairs and Claire busy at the table. 'What are you doing Claire Bear?'

'Nothing, you look a bit less cheerful?' Claire said

'I'm just a bit tired that's all. Did anything exciting happen today?' I questioned trying to hint at what was going on, but her mind seemed elsewhere. Maybe she would just tell me anyway, I was a good friend to her, so why would she keep anything from me? Her small face looked a little different; content but also a bit nervous. I started to eat whilst I waited for her to speak, pretty sure that if I waited any longer I would faint from the lack of energy, goodness these ribs are great.

'Well, there was this one thing I kind of wanted to tell you...' Claire answered, and there it was, the possible reason for the strange behaviour.

'Really, what's happened?'

Claire's Pov:

I thought about how Eve would react, jumping everywhere and screaming in excitement. This would be a breeze, but again it did not feel this way. There was just something about telling the valuable friends here that would always be difficult, no matter what. It seemed ridiculous, I know, to not want to share this happy news with anyone but Shane. But at the back of my mind my thoughts kept returning to the same thing that stopped me every time. The thought of Eve judging me kept surfacing. Would she really judge me and think of me differently just because of this? Eve looked up from her plate to stare up at me, giving me no choice but to tell her.

'Well...' I started, 'I'm pregnant'

Eve's face changed from harmless curiosity to utterly shocked, her mouth formed the shape of an 'O', as she stared at me beside herself. 'Are you sure?' She asked quietly.

'Yes, I definitely am'

Shane's Pov:

I went upstairs and threw myself on the bed, could this really be happening? I passed my hands over my face thinking about what had now become three people in our relationship. I couldn't get over the shock of it actually being real. All the times it had popped into my head, I had shoved it back as far as it would go, into the depths of my mind hoping to address it another time. Why was it so different; accepting it and facing the reality. Claire and I had once discussed this, and it had seemed like a good idea but now I wasn't so sure.

I felt I had a responsibility to protect us, especially Claire, and I also really wanted to protect our baby. But Morganville seemed like the worst place to raise a child; another person stuck in this awful town and deprived of their freedom to leave. I didn't want anything to happen to our baby; no pathetic vampire getting their fangs near, no stupid contract of protection with vampires, and no limits of freedom to travel in and out of town. This would never be the case and that was what worried me deeply, all because we were in Morganville. I could not stop these terrible things from happening to the innocent life that had not yet been born, the thought made me sick to the stomach. I just wish Claire would have waited till we managed to escape this hell hole. There was nothing I wanted more than to have a baby with Claire, I cherished the love that we had and I wanted to strengthen it by starting a family.

I turned on the Play Station and the glow radiated out of the TV, showing a large start sign. Loading up the game I thought that shooting some zombies would help ease my mind a little, but as the game started I just couldn't concentrate. Firing manically I managed to take down about twenty of the walking dead, but it wasn't enough, they crowded the screen unstoppable. Forming a huge army against me and trying to take me down, and for the first time I couldn't fight back. The screen crammed full of zombie heads as the bold glowing letters appeared.

Game over.

As the sound faded I was left in silence and I immediately hated it. I thought about reloading the game but then it occurred to me that maybe I should listen to how Claire was getting on. Then I realised all I could hear was silence. I tried to listen harder but there was still no sound. Had she told Eve yet? She couldn't have or Eve would be elated... What if she already had? I was worried now; Eve was never this quiet unless something was seriously wrong. I went to my door and eased it open so that I could hear clearer.

Eve's Pov:

I couldn't believe Claire was actually serious; this just wasn't something I could take lightly. We lived in Morganville goodness sake. How Claire had come to terms with this being a good idea I just couldn't comprehend. We were stuck in this hell hole with no way out and Claire and Shane just thought they would make another prisoner. What would Amelie say? Even though I'm sure it wouldn't matter to either of them what she did think. It was such a big risk to take; they could be in real danger. I wish Claire had asked my advice before that was what a best friend was for right? But I suppose something like this was personal and it was solely their decision. But how could Shane allow this to happen?

'Claire, honey, I know this is what you want but do you think it's the right time?' I said consolingly

'Yes, of course I do why not?' Claire puzzled, I could see she was disappointed but I had to do what was right for her.

Shane's Pov:

The silence lasted for a few more seconds before I heard quiet voices. Good, at least they were talking; it couldn't be that bad then. But I still wasn't close enough to make out what they were saying. I walked with my back against the wall, it was as though I was spying, and all I needed was a black mask and sleek discrete clothes. Stay focused, I told myself, and Claire might need me.

Eve's Pov:

'I just think it's not ideal, you know, considering the situation we are in.' I explained

'But...' Claire hesitated clearly not knowing what to say, 'I don't know, I just thought you would be happy for me. With Shane being alright with it, I thought it would be a good time. We've wanted this for a while now Eve, maybe you just have to accept that.'

'You don't think I'm happy for you?' I said bemused

'Not at the moment'

'I can't believe that, of course I'm glad, but I'm just trying to protect you since you don't realise the problems this could cause, that's all.'

'That's all? You didn't even think to consider our happiness did you? Or the fact that maybe we want something normal in this horrid life we've been plugged into.' Claire was getting angrier now and to be honest so was I.

'Don't you think that's the reason for all this? Because you've chosen to give another person the life that none of us ever wanted!' I almost shouted, instantly regretting it as I saw the hurt replace the anger on Claire's small face.

Shane's Pov:

I didn't have to go any further into the corridor upstairs to hear their conversation now. It was loud enough and sounded like Eve was really angry with the situation. I did not expect Eve of all people to react like this; she was usually so supportive, especially towards Claire. But I could tell this had passed the limit. As soon as I heard Claire shout I bolted to the stairs just in time to hear the final word.

'Don't you think that's the reason for all this? Because you've chosen to give another person the life that none of us ever wanted!'

The sentence drummed in my ears as I raced down the steps. How could she say that? Did she even care about Claire at all, or how she would feel? I swear I will kill her as soon as I get down, that heartless –

The door slammed interrupting my thoughts, my steps, and my breath. If Eve was fuming like this how would Michael react?