"You ready?" Kid Flash asked the boy wonder, turning toward him in the Bio-ship. Robin grinned at the red head, his masked eyes were twinkling with mischief and humor. "Man, I was born ready." They both grinned and then turned back toward the front.

The team was headed out on a mission to observe, enter, disarm and leave. Apparently a bomb was at the old Cadmus sight and, while the league knew about it, it was most likely the scientists didn't. So, they had to get them out while Robin disarmed the bomb. Superboy hadn't been to prone to go but they needed his help, especially if they were going to navigate the halls.

Initially, it had jest been a simple 'go-report-come-back' type of mission but since the bomb was there that would be hard. Batman had located the bomb when he had pulled up a video feed of Cadmus. No one was in the room, and it didn't seem that cameras and video-feed was online, most likely causing mass panic within the facility. So, Batman decided to let the team go and get everyone out and disarm the bomb. From the video feed, which wasn't very good, he could tell that it could blow up two whole city blocks- not good.

Artemis rolled her eyes at the two boys and frowned. "You guys are so stupid." Robin, honestly not caring what she said, replied with nothing but Wally, itching for a fight with the blonde, stuck his tongue out at her and made a stupid face; completely underlining her point. She stuck his tongue out at him as well and they kept exchanging this until they heard Rocket ask Zatanna a question.

"Are they always like this?"


"Really?" Rocket's voice conveyed disbelief.


Wally glanced at the two other girls and then at Artemis, who had promptly done the same. The ride was silent as they approached the destination. Aqualad looked up, his silver eyes stern and ready. He turned to face the team and they, having heard him clear his throat, turned to face him as well.

"Rocket and I will enter first, taking the first, second, third and fourth levels; telling people to move. Kid Flash and Artemis-"

The two groaned when their names were mentioned together.

"-will take fifth through tenth. M'gann and Connor eleventh through fourteenth. Robin will begin to locate the bomb. Understood?" Everyone nodded and turned back to the front, quiet and thinking up plans to go with. This wasn't a fighting mission but more of a search and rescue one.

Robin was formulating a plan in his mind. He decided to get Cadmus systems back online, which he figured was the reason they hadn't located or noticed anything wrong yet. He knew he had to be quick, not knowing how long the bomb was set for. What bothered him, was, however, why the bomb was there? Who had a bone to pick with Cadmus? Lex Luthor? Naw, bomb's weren't quite his thing… he kept silent. Joker's work was a bomb but he was in Arkham. Unless, of course, he got Harley Quinn to do it.

But, no. Someone just wanted to play a really, really not-so-funny joke or something was going on. And quite frankly, he wanted to know.

"Approaching Cadmus," M'gann said, stealing a quick glance at Connor who was simply ignoring everything around him. The Bio-Ship, in stealth mode, began to lose it altitude as M'gann lowered the ship down onto a nearby roof. They got up and slowly made their way out, eyes on the building as if it had radioactive bugs climbing all over it. "Mind-link?" M'gann asked in everyone's minds. Rocket almost doubled over but regained herself, sending a reassuring smile to the rest of the team.

Aqualad nodded and the link was step up. "Everyone here?" M'gann asked, looking from person to person.

"Robin's in."


"Always here for ya babe!"

"Shut up Baywatch and yeah, I'm here."



"This is so weird!" Rocket exclaimed, staring at everyone wide-eyed. Robin chuckled and walked over, slinging his arm around her shoulders. She looked at him weirdly but then shrugged. Zatanna eyed them but her shoulder relaxed, Robin was simply being nice. He had been like that to her… wait a sec… Had he merely just been nice because she was new? Or, was it something else? Zatanna had easily set up a block so no one could hear what she was thinking.

"Everyone ready?" Aqualad asked and everyone nodded.


To be continued...