There are a number of dead ends and potentially fatal choices in the story.

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This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real person or location is purely coincidental.

It's a bright, sunny morning. The air is filled with the joyful laughter of students. There's more activity than normal in front of the school gate. A crowd is forming as students are being called over.

I wonder what's going on.

When I peer into the center of the hubbub, I see my friend and student council president David Turley.

"Good morning! Lovely weather we're having, don't you think." A beat passes after I look at him puzzledly. "Hmm? Why do you look so surprised? We announced at last week's assembly that this month the student council would strictly enforce school rules." Ah yes, that's … it? "I have been tasked with performing inspections to ensure students are in compliance to school rules. Now, it goes without saying that EVERYONE is subject to inspections, even old friends. Now then, uniform inspection time... Collar, check! Pant hems, check! And your socks … check! Next is the contents of your bag... Notebooks, textbooks, pencil box! Not even a whiff of contraband. Your nails are evenly cut, and your haircut is sensible." Another pause. "Indeed, quite remarkable. You're a model Monica Academy student. Someone like you ought to consider a future in student government. You'd be perfect for it."

He snaps his fingers at me before continuing, "Oh, but I'd never try to coerce you into joining the student council. We aren't like that." David's position seems to have relaxed at this point. But he just suddenly put on a straight face again. "Now then, off to your classroom! Enjoy your day."

Before I can reply, Mr. Diligent Student Council President is on to the next student's inspection.

Hungry for their gossip on their way to their classrooms, the students jabber about the inspections.

Things are always so gently bustling in the morning.

Another peaceful beginning to another peaceful day.

Tutorial -System Menu-

Press Δ while on campus to open the System Menu. Here you can save your story, adjust the story options, etc.

I enter the school yard, a pit of sand and enlarged sidewalks everywhere; granted there are a few trees and bushes around. The main campus building where all the learning happens is providing a nice a large shadow over the front yard. At least I won't get my eyes burnt when I'm under these babies.

I pass by a male colleague of mine that I don't remember the name to. "Welcome and enjoy your stay at the Monica Academy!" …I guess I—"...I just wanted to try saying that once, just to see how corny it would sound. If you continue right, you'll find the Archery Range, but you should head for the school building now." Thanks, I was about to forget to go to school while at school. "Your classroom is on the second floor, right? If you don't get to your classroom soon, you'll incite Archer's wrath." I'm not talking to you anymore.

And just to spite this random person I continue to my right and I see the Archery Range right in front of me. Technically there's a second exit here on the side of the range; though this side gate is closed. If I want to leave school, I should exit at the main gate. Walking up to the doors, I wanted to get inside, but instead a lingering scent in the air triggers in my thoughts a soft wave of nostalgia. The archery range seems to be completely empty. The entrance is even closed up tight.

Now that I think about it I'd better hightail it back to the classroom. Room 2-A is on the main building's second floor. That's why I'll walk back to the schoolyard. As I walk toward the main building, I overhear a conversation between a female student near me and a male student across from her. "Oh? Isn't the Archery Range open?" That was her talking.

"What is this Archery Range you speak of? Oh, that building over there to the right. What about it?" Her male friend.

"Well, somebody left their stuff there, but whatever." How worrisome.

Their conversation is boring, so I'll go over here with another classmate who is standing by himself. He turns my way and starts to have a conversation with me. "I have this weird feeling that I'm forgetting something. I just can't think of what it might be..." That kind of stuff happens all the time. "Man, I must have a hole in my head. Maybe if I head back to my classroom."

...Anything else? That's it? OK, discussion is over. I'll just go learn things now.

I walk past the schoolyard and notice a fieldwalker that is currently abandoned right outside of the entranceway to the main building. So that's why there are white markings on the ground. I shouldn't pay it any mind.

Inside the building, I pass by the footlockers and walk towards another classmate. "Oh man, I got to go to the bathroom before homeroom starts! My eyes are starting to float!" Float? What does that even mean? What does eye floating do? I don't understand your metaphors.

I look over him to see the announcement board behind him. Let's see...

"4 days until the next exam. Be sure to study your hardest!

Sincerely, Mrs. Merrill"

How nice of her to say that.

Now that I think about it, I don't remember bringing any learning materials with me. Ah, that's right. I don't have my bookbag with me; I guess I'll have to mooch off of someone. I turn my head to the right and see the supply room. Hmm... Maybe I can get my supplies from that room. I put my hands onto the door to create an entrance to the room; except the door doesn't budge and I'm stuck here looking like I'm about to break into a private facility. The door to the supply room is locked tight.

Students aren't allowed to enter. Oh really now? Fine, if you won't let me in then I'll go elsewhere. I walk to the exterior of the boys' bathroom, which is on the right wing of the hallway. I don't really need to go now. Next to this restroom is the girls' bathroom. I don't have the guts to walk in.

Down the hall, I see the faculty office. Beside it is another announcement board, it reads...

"From the Faculty:

Exams start next week, so be sure to curtail club activities and study."

Aye, aye. I got that. From the other board, you don't need to say that twice. You know what, I'll just come in here and tell you guys now... Whatever, I don't really have any need or desire to talk with any of the teachers, so I shouldn't go in.

Well, there's this guy standing in the middle of this hall just staring blankly at yet another announcement board. I wonder what's so interesting about this one.

"From the Nurse's Office:

It seems that many students are falling ill due to the stress of exams. Please come to the nurse's office if you feel ill or are injured."

Huh. That is pretty interesting; people collapsing and dying from exams. It's cases like this that we don't need exams.

I should apologize for doubting your interests earlier. "I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. And I've been really forgetful as of late..." OK, that's it. I'll just leave.

Since, the nurse's office does sound interesting I'll go there instead. I can feel the people inside, but I'm not quite sure how. Anyway, the door won't budge. Natch.

There is an exit down this side of the hall; the academy's garden is up ahead. It looks like it's under renovation, so only those involved in the process are allowed to go in. Maybe there's something interesting at the other end of this hall. I pass by room 1-A. Even though no one is around, the silence is so absolute that it's somewhat unnerving. After that, is room 1-B. This classroom feels totally lifeless. The lack of students just makes that feeling worse... The last classroom down this end of the hallway is room 1-C. All of the first year classrooms seem totally devoid of life. I wonder what's going on.

At the end of the hallway, there is an empty space. I don't see very much use for this space. I mean, I do see the fire alarm, the fire extinguisher and the air conditioner, but that's about it. I'll go back to the entrance of the school and see if there's anything interesting there.

Oh yeah, the school commissary is right below the ground floor. The cafeteria is just up ahead. It looks like they're still getting ready. So that means I can't get any grub right now. I think I might have skipped breakfast this morning, though.

I'll go to the second floor then. Yet another bulletin board is up here. Do the faculty here love announcing the same thing or what?

"Monica Times Preview Edition 1

A special feature will begin the day after tomorrow...

'Cracking the Unsolved Mysteries of Monica Academy.'

Don't miss it!"

I guess I won't, since I'll probably have to do something about this.

I want to explore the campus some more, so I go down the right side of the hallway to find the Library. There are weird mechanical noises coming from inside... I'd check it out, but the door's locked. Lo and behold, there's another bulletin board just for the Library.

"From the Librarian:

About Exams

The library will be closed for the duration of exams. During the closure...

The shelves will be re-organized and the much-requested PCs added. Stop by after your exams!"

Oh, the weird mechanical noises must be about the re-organizing. All right, fine.

Let's see what the seniors have on the third flo—"We better head to the classroom. Our classroom? 2-A ring a bell?" A lady classmate is talking to me right now. We know each other... Sigh, I think that's enough exploring for today. My classroom is 2-A. I don't have any business on the third floor. I ought to get to my class before the bell rings.

Obviously, most of the spoken text has been copy-pasted from the script of the original Fate/EXTRA. Thing's will get interesting on later days, but for now, it's a small idea that I'm kicking around.