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The savior.

Klaus doesn't quite understand what grave situation could have driven Elena Gilbert accompanied by his sympathetic elder brother to come to him, the same Elena Gilbert who's life he had effectively ruined; to sit across him in his house, as calm and collected as if he was her distant uncle and not the ex-evil Hybrid.

Why ex? Well you can blame his mother for that. The bitch turned all her children back to humans so Klaus was no longer powerful Hybrid just... Klaus. Fortunately he had had the sense to break the link between his siblings so when Finn took his own life it didn't hurt any of them one bit.

But the one drawback of his mother's plan that suited her perfectly but not the Scooby-doo gang was that along with the originals all the vampires were turned back human as well.

Klaus shifted in his seat impatiently as he watched the anxious look in the doppelganger eyes and the warning glares in Elijah's eyes.

"What?" he demanded his patience waning. He was human, like actually human in 1000 years, time was not in abundance for him anymore, and he had no intention of spending any of his precious time playing the staring game with Elena.

Elijah tilted his head at him purposely while Elena began with a squeak "So as you know when you turned human" she waved her hands to include him and Elijah "Everyone turned human"

Klaus merely nodded and when both remained silent he prodded further "So? I thought you would happy now that your lapdogs were no longer vampires"

"I am" Elena assured him turning once again to look at Elijah "But, Caroline she's human too... and and"

Klaus flinched slightly at the name of Blonde but his frustration at his brother and Elena's silent conversation won over his discomfort at the mere mention of Caroline's name.

"What about Caroline?" Klaus said trying to keep his voice as unaffected as possible, but failing miserably.

Elena looked up at him from under her lashes, her eyes twinkling with the first but not last sign of tears to come and he felt the first burst of panic in his renewed human heart.

"She's dying" Elena sniffed and opened her mouth to continue but Klaus cut her across

"How?" he asked incredulously, she had just become a human barely three days ago, how could she have gotten in trouble in three days?

Elijah moved from his standing position to join Elena on the couch, leaning forward in his stance he looks just as interested as Klaus.

"She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 13, and and the treatments were working for that time, but then she got turned and it didn't matter anymore" Elena explained stoically, steadily looking at her shoes "And now it's back, and it's faster than it should be and and I don't know what to do"

Her strength wore out as she burst into tears and the gentleman that he is Elijah scooted over in his seat to put a comforting arm around the fragile teenager.

"No one is a vampire anymore" Elena wailed to a numb Klaus, as Elijah patted her on the arm "There's nothing we can do to save her and I just don't... I don't know what to do" she repeated in a daze finally lifting her gaze to Klaus, the fear and despair clear on her face.

He understood why she wasn't happy about the Salvatore's being human again, now with no vampire blood to heal her friend she was going to die.

She was going to die.

Klaus cleared his throat roughly before speaking "And you're telling me this why?"

Elijah turned to give Klaus another warning glance, whereas Elena just looked confused which slowly turned to fury.

"I thought you would care" she spat angrily "Obviously you don't but still I have no other option so I'll be shameful and ask you to help us. Please?"

"How can I possibly help her?" Klaus asked getting up and moving steadfastly to the bar and poured himself a large glass "I'm not a vampire either anymore, I'm nothing... just human"

When there was nothing but silence from behind him, he assumed they were having another one of their silent conversations which left him only to his tumulus thoughts.

He was angry at her, very angry indeed. She had used his crush on her to distract him while the Salvatore's daggered Kol. But that didn't mean that he had suddenly lost whatever affections he had felt for her, or that he hadn't noticed that she genuinely liked talking to him despite how miffed she pretended to be.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn't simply burn away his feelings for the blonde. And now the blasted thing was dying.

He clenched his teeth in anger as he heard his brother get up behind him.

"Bonnie has an idea" Elijah spoke softly

Elena opened her mouth to either beg or yell at Klaus but Elijah shook his head at her and directed her towards the door.

"He'll come around Elena, I'm sure of it" Elijah said surely but Elena still looked skeptical

"It's supposed to get better now" she cried, an almost demand in her tone. She felt like a child demanding him to make it right again "No more vampires, it's supposed to be happy now... but again I'm losing people"

"Listen to me Elena" Elijah said sternly grabbing the startled girls shoulder, pulling her to him "Niklaus hasn't felt anything for anyone in a long time; he won't give up without a fight"

With a last sad smile and slight blush she hurriedly left the house hoping and praying that Stefan and Damon had found something.

He was at Caroline's house even before the doppelganger. No invitation required, he strolled inside and perched himself by her bedroom door, watching her pale sickly face as Bonnie lightly placed another wet cloth over her forehead.

He had been too used to her being the light all the time, the bubbly cheery blonde who could survive anything and here she was; lying in her bed, weak and sick and broken. And as a man who always had the power to do whatever he wanted, he couldn't do a single thing right now.

The one time that his power could have come in use, to save someone he cared for and it was lost to him. He could do nothing but watch her die, but he wasn't going to do that before finding out what the witch had thought of.

Bonnie practically screamed when she walked out of Caroline's bedroom and straight into Klaus, but he instantly put his finger on his lips tilting his head towards the now sleeping Caroline.

"How is this happening?" Klaus asked lamely.

Bonnie didn't say a word just went to refill the bowl of water and remove more ice-cubes from the freezer.

"I didn't know she had cancer" he said firmly.

"No one did" Bonnie said "Only me and Elena knew, not even Matt. Before the car accident, the cancer it wasn't that bad and after she became a vampire it just... it was a moot point. But now..."

"The witches won't let me help her either" she added drearily "This happening was supposed to make everything better..."

As much he could clearly see the pain the witch was in he had other things on his mind; like what way Bonnie had come up with to save Caroline. But before he could ask Elena showed up at the front door flanked on both sides by a Salvatore brother.

They had made a truce about half hour after they were all turned human; each was to leave the other alone. Klaus agreed out of sheer frustration, as it is he no longer had any use for the doppelganger blood.

"I was doubtful you would come" Elena commented as she stepped inside the house and took a seat next to Bonnie on the kitchen table.

"Well I'm here aren't I" Klaus responded curtly "Get on with it" he added directing his gaze to Bonnie.

"We were out for the past two days trying to find out if by any chance there was someone who was still a vampire" Stefan began tilting his head to his brother

"But there were none" Damon concluded gravely, a thin crease formed permanently on his forehead, his face contorted in an unknown emotion.

Klaus recognized the emotion immediately – guilt.

He waved his hand asking them to continue, his patience lessening every second.

"I tried contacting the witches and they said it was free will, as you know" Bonnie said finally "But I have another idea, it's risky and difficult and the magic is beyond what I've ever done, but it's the only option right now."

"Well don't keep me waiting love, what is this genius plan of yours?" Klaus all but demanded

"Well, for starters I would send you back into past so..."

"I'm sorry what?" Klaus asked incredulously absolutely sure he had heard her wrong. Humans hear things wrong all the time, he reminded himself.

"Send you back into past" Bonnie repeated more firmly this time.

If it hadn't been for the serious expressions on everyone's faces and the dying girl inside he would have actually laughed.

"Why?" Klaus finally asked after trying to think of any way this could help save Caroline.

"We sent you back in time, when Caroline was young just diagnosed with cancer so you can heal her then and there. So that when this day comes, she won't be dying"

Klaus sighed as he considered their plan and decided then and there that no one was stupider than this gang of sorry people.

"Let me explain something" he began slowly "Even if you are able to send me back in time... I would still be a human, how can I save her?"

"Yes we know" Bonnie said angrily, noticing the condescending tone in his voice "But back then there were vampires, Stefan and Damon were around somewhere, so were you. You are to convince some vampire in those days to give enough blood to Caroline to heal her cancer."

He stayed silent for a full minute as he tried to think of ways that this go wrong, and apart from the big 'sending someone back in time' he couldn't think of anything.

Ok so the gang was still dumb, but the witch was smart.

"Oh" he simply said still deep in thought.

"I offered to go" Stefan interrupted his train of thoughts "But Bonnie thinks its better if you go" Stefan's disapproval of Bonnie's suggestion was abundantly clear.

"I'm not sure how much efforts they'll put on Caroline and how much on Elena" Bonnie said spitefully and Elena shifted in her seat uncomfortably

"And plus, you are somewhat influential" she added looking at Klaus "You can threaten anyone into doing what you want, they won't know you're just a human now" Klaus nodded his head sarcastically at 'just a human'.

"Also you have your own personal reasons to want Barbie alive" Damon snipped, but Klaus was too deep in thought to react to the implied meaning.

"Could you do this?" He asked Bonnie after a while and she nodded her head immediately.

"It's not an easy spell and it's complicated... but I'll do it somehow" Bonnie said definitively

"So will you do it?" Elena asked timidly.

Klaus groaned angrily as he moved closer to the blonde's bedroom and took in her frail sleeping figure.

Three days of being a human and his life was already miserable. On one hand he wanted to do whatever it took to save her life, on the other he wondered why he should go through all this for a girl feels nothing but hate for him.

Love was a vampire's greatest weakness, and he was not weak.

But he was also no longer a vampire.

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