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Chapter 2

"Caroline" he said softly as he brushed her hair off her forehead, seating himself on the edge of her bed he remembered a time not that long ago when he had saved her life.

He so badly wished he could just take her into his arms and heal her again, but it was not to be.

She stirred slightly at the movements on his hand on her hair, peeking one eye open she took in the haphazard appearance of the hybr- Klaus, just Klaus now. She turned on the bed slightly and watched in trepidation as he inched closer to her, his one hand resting on her bed next to her waist and the other stroking her face.

She had never seen him so vulnerable before.

"What are you doing here?" she croaked

"They're trying to save you" he whispered softly

His expression turned to a frown as soon as she started to laugh darkly.

"I can't even count how many times they've tried to kill you, and it never worked" she stuttered through her soft laughs, but then her face got grim suddenly "This one won't work either"

It wasn't the self-pity or sadness in her voice that affected him. It was the surety with which she said the words. The fact that she truly believed she had no savior broke his heart, and now he actually had one.

She looked a mix between confused and slightly worried when a typically smug smirk crept up onto his face as he lowered his head and placed a soft kiss on her head, leaning further down he whispered into her ear.

"This time though, I'm on their side"

She couldn't help but smile slightly despite her state as she watched him walk away, a new sense of hope filling her heart.

"So what do I have to do exactly?" Klaus asked mechanically as he stormed back into the living room.

"So you're agreeing to do this?" Stefan asked skeptically and Klaus give him a 'duh' look before turning to his brother perched by the side of the room, surprised at Elijah's presence here.

"Well first things first" Bonnie declared bossily "You cannot under any circumstances see yourself, or let yourself see you... or let it be known to anyone that both past and future you are there at the same time... or..."

"Yeah I get it" Klaus butt in hastily "What else?"

"It shouldn't take that long, she was diagnosed on 6th July so I'm sending you back to 1st July, that way you have enough time to find her and also find some vampire to give her blood. One week and you should be out of there..."

"Yes and exactly how am I going to get out of there?" he asked sullenly

Bonnie walked ahead and handed him a large pendant with a turquoise stone, he took it quizzically while throwing her a confused look.

"When it's done you throw this into the well at Abby's house, it's charmed. I'll get a signal and bring you back" Bonnie said tonelessly and added heatedly when she saw the doubt on Klaus's face "What? I might not know a lot of things but magic I know. So do as I say or stop wasting our time"

Klaus groaned angrily when he realized that he could no longer threaten or intimidate the witch; with his new human state she was stronger than him.

"I'm allowed a moment of uncertainty" Klaus quipped "And why are you here?" he added suddenly turning to look at his brother.

"I called him" Elena offered as a meek explanation but continued when Klaus only quirked his eyebrows at her "He's your brother"

"I'm your brother" Elijah agreed nodding his head at Klaus.

"Ok let's do this" Bonnie said in a tired voice getting off her chair and taking a second to collect herself.

"Maybe we should do this tomorrow, you look tired Bonnie" Stefan said concerned.

"Yeah you look exhausted witchy" Damon added

"I hate to agree with Damon but you do look terrible" Klaus said instantly noticing the bags under the witch's eyes, and the fact that she seemed to have lost 10 pounds in 3 days.

"I'm fine we have to do this now" Bonnie insisted

"Caroline doesn't have time" Elena pressed when Damon opened his mouth to argue.

"Just don't mess it up Bennet" Klaus threatened

"Or you'll do what?"

"Just because I'm not a Hybrid anymore doesn't mean I'm suddenly a nice person, and I mark my words I will..."

"How about we fight later?" Elijah suggested condescendingly and Elena nodded her head vigorously.

Bonnie directed him towards the living room where a bowl of witchy ingredients lay ready in wait, and after she was done setting up everything exactly as she wanted she turned to give him a nod.

With a last look at his brother, human or supernatural Elijah was his family, his brother.

"Do not do anything other than heal Caroline" Bonnie warned and he rolled his eyes at her.

"And do not change anything else Klaus. One change itself is going to cause problems, any more and I don't know what will happen" she added firmly

He nodded his head and said "I promise" and no one but Elena noticed the look that passed between him and Elijah.

He thought he heard Caroline murmur in her sleep before he felt a sudden pull in his chest and the last thing he heard was Latin chanting.

There were a lot of things that even after 1000 years Klaus didn't know; apparently even immortal life isn't enough to know everything.

But then there were things he knew should not be happening.

For ex: he knew that he was not supposed to be naked.

Yes, he was quite sure the witch didn't say anything about plopping into the past butt nekkid.

But alas he was naked in some sort of garden or lawn judging by the grass blades poking in between his- you know, and it was bright early morning judging by the blazing sun blinding him over the trees. Slowly and wearily he got off the floor, eyeing the area for any spectators, thankfully there were none.

He was naked in someone's backyard complete with white picket fence, and it looked very familiar to him. Like he had been here before, like he had seen it before, he definitely recognized that tree, but it should be longer and and...

So he wasn't just naked in someone's backyard, he was naked in Caroline's backyard.

And as if God had chosen this moment to punish him for all the massacre and mayhem of 1000 years he heard someone coming out the back door... into the backyard.

Using strength he didn't know human Klaus could have he hid himself behind the large tree hoping that whoever the person was left soon and by some miracle left behind a pair of clothes for him to borrow.

But since his luck had been going so well these days it was no wonder that not only did the person not leave but he had a nagging doubt that the person was in fact a younger Caroline.

He could never not recognize that mop of blonde hair and those piercing blue eyes, but what really assured him was when he heard her laugh. He knew Caroline's laugh like the back of his hand, it was music to his ears.

And there was a huge problem that he noticed instantly, even though he was supposed to turn up somewhere in Mystic Falls he was pretty sure Caroline wasn't supposed to be this young.

Oh and there's the fact that he was standing behind a tree naked. Don't get him wrong he had every intention of letting Caroline see him in all his glory but he much preferred it to be when she was older and wouldn't run away screaming about a strange man with a strange thing to her parents.

From what he could gauge from the corner of his eyes she looked about 5 years old, and that was really really really bad news. She was supposed to be 13.

The witch had fucked up, sent him too far back and now he had no clue what to do.

But first things first, he needed to find clothes.

Unfortunately in the midst of all his thinking he had forgotten to keep quiet and Caroline had heard the rustling of the leaves by his feet.

"Hello?" she called out slowly

"Is anyone there?" she said again, her voice a surprising mixture of fearful and brave.

He cussed under his breath as he slightly peeked out from behind the tree bark to look at Caroline who immediately backed up two steps, the doll falling from her hands.

"Hi, what's your name?" he asked in the best polite and child friendly voice he could muster.

"My mommy has a gun" she declared haughtily

Definitely Caroline

"I'm sure she does" he retorted "My name is... Nik, can you tell me your name now?"

Her little nose on her little face crinkled in deep thought as she narrowed her blue eyes at him, gauging him thoroughly.

"Caroline" she said finally "And I'm not supposed to talk to strangers"

"Well how about this, you don't talk to me, just uhm help me out" he said quickly taking any chance he got.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked curiously

"It would be a real help if you could go get me some of your dad's clothes" he asked in the sweetest voice he could.

When she neither said nor did anything but only convulsed her face into a more skeptical state he added "Or I could come out of here and you would have to see me naked"

She positively shivered in disgust and then somewhere along the way her curiosity turned to fear and it was clearly written all over her juvenile face.

"I won't hurt you, just get me some clothes and I'll leave you alone" he assured her and after a while she nodded her head and ran inside.

She came back out five minutes later with pants and shirt and even a jacket, though all of them made him look like he 40 years old but right now he would take these clothes over no clothes.

"Why don't you have your clothes?" she demanded of him when he emerged from hiding tying the last few buttons of the over-sized shirt.

"Thought you can't talk to strangers" he reminded her and she opened her mouth in the most adorable way keeping it open all the while thinking of how to respond to that, her eyes flickering wildly and then she finally cleared her throat and turned back to the sassy Caroline, even at 5 years old.

"You're not a stranger now, I know your name... and you're wearing my daddy's clothes"

"Smart" he snorted and she actually took it as a compliment and smiled widely bouncing on her feet, her yellow frock swinging around her.

"Thanks, I saw it in a movie" she declared proudly and he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"I'm sure you did" he replied shaking his head "I... have to go now Caroline. I'll see you later sometime"

He thought he saw her smile falter for a second before she quirked up again and nodded her head at him. He smiled at her awkwardly before making his way out of the backyard already thinking about the ways he could fix this mistake, he was supposed to be 8 years in the future and he couldn't possible wait 8 years for her to grow old... something was wrong and he needed a witch to help him out.

The feeling of being watched made him turn around and surprisingly he noticed that Caroline was still looking at him and smiled and waved at him when she saw him looking at her.

He stopped in his tracks and glanced up at the house and as far as he could see from his human eye there was no one inside.

"Where are you parents?" he asked and her smile faltered immediately

"Mommy is at the police and my dad said he went out to do something, I don't know when he's coming back" she replied sadly turning to look down at her shoes.

She was a lonely five year old alone in the house. Even though it wasn't his place and what he was about to do was beyond his character, but his instinct to protect Caroline no matter what age kicked in and before he knew it the words were spilling out of his mouth.

"You shouldn't be outside, go inside and lock the door and don't let anyone but your parents in" he ordered and she looked at him confused "Understood"

She nodded hastily and retreated back into his house, and he wondered how easy things could have been if the older Caroline listened to him so quickly.

Magdalena was the only witch he knew in the area and due to the fact that she was terrified of him and he threatened to kill her entire bloodline (which was a lie, again she was now stronger than him) she agreed to meet him near the Lockwood dungeons.

"You seem different" she said as soon as she saw him and he sighed heavily. He had been expecting this, witches they were always too damn good at noticing these things.

He just had to make sure she didn't touch him.

"I didn't call you read my aura Magda, I need you to tell me something" he chided, striding up to her as impressively as he could. She simply raised her hands and frowned.

"What do you know about time travel?" he asked

"Only that it is one of the most difficult spells ever"

"Can you do it?" she looked at him perplexed for a full minute before answering

"In theory yes, but it's too risky. I could die and it could hurt the person attempting to jump time as well"

"What kinds of risks?"

"Well death, physical hurt, ending up in the middle of a desert, Antarctica... why do you need to know all this?"

"I need you do this spell on me" he said decisively and she gaped at him

"That is impossible Niklaus, I refuse... I cannot send you into the past" she said firmly

"Actually not the past, but I need you to send me into the future" he corrected undeterred by her hesitance

"That's even worse" she yelled angrily "It cannot be done... its too difficult"

Klaus merely groaned angrily as he started to pace thinking deeply. What was he supposed to do now; time travel again in the past or go back to his time and then ensure that Bonnie sent him to the proper year.

One thing was for sure, when he got back to his own time human or not he was going to rip Bennet limb to limb.

"There is something off about you" Magdalena repeated taking a step closer to him and he gave her the old Klaus stare down while carefully stepping away from her.

"Let's get this straight, I make a demand and you do it or I kill everyone you've ever laid eyes on. You have ten years of debt to repay me and if you do this consider it completed" he snipped and she opened her mouth for a second before closing it again and reluctantly nodding her head.

He hid some clothes in the walls of the Lockwood mansion just in case he showed up naked again, and this time he had specifically told Magda to send him to the Lockwood dungeons. This time he would have clothes, maybe 8 years old but at least that would be one less problem to deal with.

He was on his way to the clearing in the woods where she said she would perform the spell, already thinking about how he was going to find a vampire to save Caroline when he felt that familiar ache in his chest.

With a gasp he fell to the floor, his hand on his chest and he could feel himself being pulled away... it felt familiar. A little too familiar...

He was flat on his back again, and by the feel of the asphalt he knew he wasn't in the the woods anymore. Was he teleporting now?

He was also experiencing his first headache of new human life, and he had forgotten how annoying it was to have your head pounding like a gong. His eyes still closed he caught the smell of beer and sweat and... garbage. Turning his head to the side and popping one eye open he cringed away instantly when he saw the large garbage dumpster by his side.

He was in some alley and definitely not at the same time as he had been in the woods. It had been almost evening there and now here it seemed like bright morning. He hurried out of the alley and into the street looking around wildly for any sign of where he was. He didn't recognize any of these buildings or shops or people, he had no clue where he was.

And then he bumped into someone small and realized that the question he should have been asking was - when was he?

He mumbled an apology to the blonde woman helping someone up and when she turned to face him he recognized her immediately.

"It's okay, my daughter wasn't paying attention to where she was walking" Liz Forbes aka Caroline's mother said and his gaze fell down to the girl brushing her dress, a frown on her face.

Caroline, but not the same Caroline he had met just a while back, this Caroline was older... much older. If he was to guess she seemed around 14 or even more, she looked less like a child and more like a teenager now and he was positively freaking out.

How was this possible? He had just seen her as a five year old, which left him with only one option- he had time traveled again... but how?

He was at least thankful that this time his clothes had stuck with him.

Before he could think on it more he realized that Caroline's mother was speaking to him "I'm Sheriff Forbes, are you new? Haven't seen you here before?"

"Uhm yes, Nik Mikaelson" he said awkwardly stuffing his hands into his jacket pocket hoping that the sheriff didn't recognize her ex-husbands clothes "I had family here, really really long back just came by to see if I could acquire any of our old properties"

"Oh well let me know if you need any help" Liz offered sweetly "This is my daughter Caroline"

He almost burst out saying 'trust me I know' but instead he took it as an opportunity to confirm something else, something very important "Hi Caroline, how old are you?"

When the sheriff quirked her eyebrows weirdly he realized how a grown man asking a teenager how old she was might look like so he hastily added "I have a niece about your age, she needs some new friends here" The sheriff seemed to be reassured that he wasn't some sort of perv at that.

"14" Caroline said in a small voice and shook his outstretched hand, he couldn't help but be slightly amused when he saw the rosy hues of a blush on her cheeks.

"I'll see you around Caroline" he said with a smile as she and her mother walked away.

He had fleeting emotion of regret that he hadn't met Caroline before he murdered and tortured her friends, then maybe things could have been different. He shook his head violently, willing himself to get rid of all such thoughts, he was stuck in the past and he had somehow time traveled twice... but there was one silver lining.

Caroline was 14 which meant she had already been diagnosed with Leukemia, he had to find a vampire now and his work would be done.

It was time to put in effect the fear that his name evoked, vampire or not.

He was driving far away from Mystic Falls to a town three towns away from Charlottesville, and somehow he felt uneasy leaving Caroline behind, even though he knew nothing happened to her in these days. It was a small town and he didn't even bother to read the name as he sped through its greeting sign in his stolen Mercedes.

He always kept vampires of his all across the globe waiting to do whatever he asked of them and he had one not too far from Mystic Falls and that contact of him had told him of a possible vampire in the town to where he was headed. He just hoped he was able to do everything he needed to before he got whipped to some other year.

The town had only one bar and from experience he knew that that was where he had the best chance of finding the vampire, he entered the bar slowly and scanned his eyes across it slowly. He knew it would be easy for him to recognize the vampire, he knew exactly how they behaved and looked.

His head snapped to the side when he heard a familiar voice, a very familiar voice, all it took was one look at the back of the head of the person for him to recognize the vampire in town.

Only person hadn't changed their hairstyle from the 1920's.

Stefan Salvatore.

"Why are Klaus's clothes still here?" Elena asked in a squeaky voice looking wearily from Klaus's clothes rumpled on the floor exactly where he had disappeared to an open-mouthed Bonnie.

"Uhm..." Bonnie mumbled staring at the clothes intently.

"Was that supposed to happen?" Elijah asked in a panicked voice.

"Uhmm" Bonnie repeated

"That was not supposed to happen" she confirmed in a small voice turning to look at a fuming Elijah despairingly.

"What just happened to my brother?" he demanded

"He's fine, it's just – he just doesn't have his clothes" she assured him with a fake smile "But that shouldn't have happened, you can carry things with you... why did it happen" she murmured to herself.

"Wait, so you mean wherever Klaus turned up... he's naked?" Damon asked amused and Elena glared at him angrily, Bonnie simply nodded still deep in thought.

"Where did you send him?" Stefan asked

"Caroline's backyard"

"This is fantastic" Damon exclaimed, the only person capable of having fun in the most adverse situations.

"No it's not" Bonnie said gravely walking to the pile of clothes and sifting through them frantically and let out a small whimper when she obviously found what she was looking for.

"This is here too" she with dread holding up the blue pendant stone "How am I going to bring him back now?"

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