Hoodwinked: The Environ, The Shock And Out Of The Bag

Mission name: The Environ, The Shock And Out Of The Bag

Location:Northern part of the Forest, "The Roast" pub

Time:20:00 p.m., sometime in late winter and early spring


Save the hostage

Secure 3 magical objects: napkin, donkey and baton

Prove the dirty business of Landlord

Situation:The reporting services of HEA results, that the owner of the pub, so called Landlord, is not only suspected in the dirty business participating, but also in illegal supplying sausage-meats, blood sausages, sausages, goulash, hams, greaves, bear and "moreover piece of bread" the pub, but also in selling and collecting rare and magical artefacts. And so this is the situation, that the wandering musician, named Jackie, was tricked by sly Landlord, who fooled him for magical objects, like napkin, which will lay the table by goodies, when he is told:"The environ" and donkey, from who the ducats will fall, when he shake himself. Jackie wanted to seek the revenge on the Landlord by sending the magical baton on him, for such a disgrace and humiliation. But Landlord had been informed very well and his henchman secured and captured Jackie, before he could say: "Baton, out of the bag!"In the present time, Jackie is hold as a hostage, meanwhile the Landlord is enjoying received 3 magical objects and head of the HEA, Nicky Flippers has his two number one agents inside: Red and her trusty partner, The Wolf and of course his little hyper-active squirrel sidekick Twitchy, working incognito, disguised as a ones of Landlords henchman and backup task force of HEA under the Granny command is only waiting for a right time and the command to action.