Chapter 6 – The chase

Meanwhile the mean Landlord was riding out in the truck with donkey and napkin and Red, Wolf and Twitchy chased him on the snow scooter through the apartment side of the Forest.

"Cheche!" The Landlord laugh "You will never catch me!"

In the full speed, surpassing ("usually permitted in the town or village") 50 km/h he was sharply dribbling and maneuvering among cars on the road and he created a little barricade of cars by that in attempt to shake his chares off.

Wolf, driving the scooter with Red and Twitchy had to maneuvering among surprised walkers on the way because of that "traffic jam".

"Look out!" Wolf shouted on walkers. "Out of the way!" Red also shouted. "We are just coming through!" Twitchy also remarked.

After a while, when the car barricades had ended already, they also returned on the road.

In that moment, the truck turned sharply and drove right. Unfortunately Wolf missed that branch accidently in the full speed and yelled:"Oops!" However Red immediately allowed her red girdle, which she could use as a lasso, whip or even grappling hook in the certain or tricky situations and she swung it and she hooked the nearby lamp in the middle of road. "Hang on!" She cried out, held her girdle tight and she enabled their vehicle to turn sharply right by that, where the truck turned so.

„JUCHUUUUUUU!" Twitchy cried out excided.

"That was pretty good!" Wolf complimented her.

"It is still much better then breaking sharply and risking the slip!" Red answered with a wit.

"Yeah. If this keeps it up like this, such flexible girdle could become a necessary part of the every car equipment!" Wolf also answered with a wit.

The Landlord frowned, when he saw heroes still behind him in the back mirror.

Then the traffic lights were approaching and the green light turned on right now. The Landlord grinned and pressed the gas pedal to the top, that he passed the crossroad through and closely after that the red light turned one on the semaphore.

"Oh! Muffins! This is bad! Really bad!" Red screamed, when the crossroad was approaching.

But Wolf had noticed a big car transporter of sport cars and then he came up with either genial or rather crazy.

"Red, Twitchy, better fasten your seatbelts and hold your hats. Of course in your case rather the wood Red. A little turbulence are ahead of us!" He announced and turned his look at the transporter.

Red also looked at the transporter and she broke off herself a bit:"Wolf, this is not exactly a good time for playing a big guy!"

"And this is not exactly a good time for hesitating and conversation off! Besides, when we stop and wait until green again, the Landlord will run away with those magical objects!" Wolf remarked.

Red had been silent for a while with a consideration that Wolf is actually right and she had stated then:" Alright! Lets go for it!"

Wolf drove near to the transporter, they got on the cargo platform by swift inclining of the scooter and they jumped of it in the full speed and they literally flew through the air. It was quite a different experience for each one. The passionate Wolf howled with a proud:"JERONIMOOOO!", the shocked Red with her breath held had not known if she should also jubilating or being afraid instead for a while and Twitchy? Twitchy because of his hyperactive personality and action, excitement and fun loving attitude was just waving by his little hat and shouting: :"JIIICHUUUUU!"

They flew through the crossroad above the cars passing from the different direction on the scooter and they started declining down soon. But then something unexpected had happened: How they were flying, a little poster placed on the near mast got in to their way. And precisely Wolf who went howling he brushed against that poster by his snout when it wrapped his eyes by that and he could not see anything.

"Hey!" Wolf screamed. "Who turned the lights off!"

And Red sighed in the spirit:"I knew it."

However they were able to land, although not exactly softly (with bumping) yet safely behind the crossroad back on the road.

Red stretched quickly and caught the scooter handlebars and she had had even to dribbling and maneuvering among the cars for a while, meanwhile Wolf had been trying to get the poster of his face. When he finally made it, "Oops!" he screamed, when he could see a moving cars again and how Red is driving instead of him. He recalled quickly, grabbed the handlebars and he managed to regain the scooter control again.

"Well?" Red asked him half provocatively half excited."Is this not a little bit too extreme for you, man?"

Wolf chuckled embarrassingly and answered:"Well...Driving blindfolded...This is just a bit too strong coffee!"

"Heh!" The Landlord yelled surprisingly, when he noticed that they are gaining on him again.

In that moment Wolf noticed the fox policeman, who was also watching surprised, how is the Landlord passing through the streets in the truck in surpassing speed over 50 km/h and he carried such flapper, which is usually used for a signal to stop the car and he got an idea.

"Red! Maybe I know how to make him stop already!" Wolf howled.

"How?" Red asked with surprise and curiously.

"Just watch!" Wolf drove to the pavement, where the cup was standing, he stretched his right arm and he took the flapper with lighting like speed from his paw.

"Sorry! I am going to burrow this!" Wolf howled.

"Hey! My flapper!" The absolutely surprised cup yelled out.

Red asked with wonder again:"This is your plan?"

"And why not? The cups do it in one piece!" Wolf stated proudly and Red just shrug her shoulders.

Wolf really step on it this time, he drove to the truck as nearest as he could and attempted to give a signal to the Landlord to stop by the flapper.

"Stop!" He shouted to the surprised Landlord, who was watching with wonder what is that fuzzy up to.

"Did you not hear me? I say, stop immediately! Drive to the edge!" Wolf shouted again.

"Do you mean, like this?"The Landlord grinned deviously and he turned sharply on the side, which the heroes were riding on in attempt to slam them and shake them off.

"Hey! That is not what I meant!" Wolf yelled, but he had been able to evade the truck at time yet. "Cheche!" The Landlord laughed, how he drove them away, but those three had been still able to keep up with him despite his dirty tricks.

"So? Was it a good idea?" Red asked sarcastically.

"It was worth of try!" Wolf answered back also sarcastically and embarrassingly. "Perhaps we should have use also a policeman disguises and real police car!"

But this time, Red got an idea and suggested honestly:"Look, boys! Do you know what? Lets try it my way now, alright?"

Wolf grinned and asked and Twitchy was also listening:"So what are we going to do with that Road Lord?"

Like in the pub before, Red whispered something to tem:"Okay, listen...Whispers whisper whispers. Twitchy was smiling again from ear to ear and Wolf remarked:"Are you going to give me your brain?"He joked and the only thing she could do, was to smile about it.

Wolf pressed more gas, drove near to the truck again and gave her a signal:"Go Red!" Red got up carefully and stood on the seat, she was holding her balance and then she jumped gracefully right on the truck roof. After that, she gave them a signal that everything is going according to plan. Wolf only nod his head and then he told Twitchy:"Okay! The phase one finished! And now the phase two!" He pressed the gas on top when he eventually overtook the truck. Twitchy also playfully waved to the Landlord, who frowned again with wonder. Meanwhile Red knocked on the roof and called with a wit:"Knock! Knock! Is somebody at home?" Now already and totally surprised wondered Landlord with scream looked up to the roof:"What the heck...?" And then it came – Red got off the roof, she caught herself on left edge of the roof and then... she kicked off and crushed the window with minimum effort and she also managed to knock the Landlord out by one double kick. And in that while, Wolf howled to Twitchy:"Alright, little britches. Let him have it!""With pleasure!" Twitchy cried out excited. The squirrel put a little box with a sign "thumb tacks" out and threw them around the road. The truck drove on them and – "BAAAANNG!" The right tyre cracked by that, car collapsed with a slip and eventually tackled to the others cars parking in the edge by its hip.

Wolf and Twitchy stop immediately, jumped off the scooter and they were running towards stopped truck.

"Red! Are you alright?" Wolf shouted scared and thoughtfully a bit and Twitchy nervously caught his mouth.

The while of silence began, nothing was happening, but then the door had opened and Red step off, alive and healthy.

"I am going to rather change to subway next time." Red stated, even without losing the sense for humor.

Wolf and Twitchy relieved with a smile. "What about the Landlord?" Wolf asked. Red only grinned, jumped off the car and also put half paralyzed, upset and mainly disappointed Landlord out off it. The she turned to squirrel:"Twitchy, would you render him a honor?""With pleasure Red!" Squirrel cried out excited. He put the shackles out and entered to the Landlord:"Mr Landlord! In the name of the happy ending you are under arrest! You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will by use against you in the court." And he put the shackles on him. The only thing the Landlord could say was: "Muffins!" Eventually the trio walked the truck around opened the door where the donkey and napkin were locked and they put and brought them securely out, meanwhile Twitchy was watching the Landlord.

And in that moment a personal helicopter of HEA arrived and landed the road near the truck. Nicky, Granny and very Jackie step out of the helicopter. "Red! Wolf! Twitchy! You made it!" The director of HEA complimented the trio. Red and Granny were hugging themselves happily meanwhile Wolf and Twitchy took their "manly" greeting (fist on fist) with a satisfaction. Meanwhile Nicky came to the donkey and napkin, picked them and took them to the Jackie who was still holding a big with the baton."Mr. Jackie." The frog started. "I guess this belongs to you – donkey, napkin and the baton." Musician had been just looking charmed for a while, but then he had taken them from him. "I just do not know how I shall ever thank you all." Nicky, Red, Wolf, Granny and Twitchy smiled. "You do not even have to for anything. This is precisely what the HEA is for: provide a story with the happy ending." Nicky stated modestly. "All in the days work." Granny remarked.

"Nice work, agents." Nicky complimented heroes when he turned them."Not only we managed to prove the Landlords dirty business thanks to your skills and trumps and teamwork, plus all his henchman are secured but also all magical objects, which he had been collecting and stealing for all months we had also secured and put on the safe place."

Then he turned to Wolf:"Wolf, your voice recorder please."

Wolf just grinned, put his voice recorder, where he had recorded the whole Landlords talk out of his pocket and threw it right in to the Nickys hand.

"Besides, with that satisfactory evidence, photos, which Twitchy took and Jackies testify in the court as a witness, we will be able to convict the Landlord and his people." The frog stated, meanwhile two other agents were taking the Landlord away.

"You can count on me Mr. Flippers. For such disgrace, which that fat man sew on me I will definitely convict him!" The musician stated menacingly.

"By the way, I would like to thank you also. We could not get and catch that baton without you. Thanks for your help." Nicky said with a smile and gave him a hand.

"No. I thank you. You all." Jackie said and he shook a hand with Nicky also with a smile.

Meanwhile Red and Wolf were smiling and congratulating to each other."So...another mission successfully accomplished and another happy ending." Red announced with a joy and proud.

Wolf complimented her for that:"Your martial arts skills and intellect triumphed again."

"Hey! He also could not do this without your disguises and journalists skills." Red complimented Wolf now.

"Nice work partner!" Red stated playfully."The same think to you partner!" Wolf smiled and they both slapped their hands with a laugh, meanwhile Granny, Nicky and Twitchy were watching it also with a smile.

Then they all noticed that there is a sunrise.

"Oh lookyly look! The sunrise." Red remarked. "Why so wonder?" Granny had stated honestly, when she looked the watch. "There are 6 am." And Wolf also said:"That is great! We can catch a breakfast yet." Then he turned to musician."Hey Mr. Jackie! Would you ask that your magical napkin for a piece of cud?"

Everybody had just been staring for a while by that, but then they all had begun to laugh. And Wolf joined them with a laugh also.

The End. For now...