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"You are the Nine Tail Fox!" Shouted Mizuki from his position in the tree tops, laughing maniacally as he pulled his second giant shuriken off of his back.

"NO!" yelled Iruka weakly, having taking the first of Mizuki's shuriken to the back.

"Ummm actually i'm not?" stated Naruto calmly, much to the shock of both chunin, but especially mizuki, who was hoping to mentally cripple the blonde idiot to make his escape easier.

Mizuki recovered quickly, hoping to convince the blonde that was the kyuubi, redoubled his efforts "Yes you are! The Yondaime-"

"Sealed the Nine Tailed fox in me the day of the attack and yatta yatta yatta... I already knew that Idiot, i've known for like 6 years now. Hell, I've talked to the damn thing! I was doing it while i was waiting for you to get here. How am i not supposed to know about it?" Stated Naruto "However, I also know that it's an S- class secret, so I Guess that means i have to kill you... or bring you to Ibiki, I still owe him 20 ryo from that damn poker game last month"

To say that both Iruka and Mizuki were confused was like saying that all kage only disliked paperwork. They were searching their brains for anything that they could think of that would explain the child in front of them. After all this was Naruto, the idiot prankster who didn't have a care in the world, how could he know he was a container, even talk to the fox? Who is Naruto?

Mizuki decided that he was bluffing and to call him on it "Yea right Demon, you're a failure! You couldn't touch me! Let alone kill me! do you really think a failure could beat a Chunin? you must be dumber than I tho-" In the blink of an eye, Naruto was behind him, holding a kunai to the throat of the tradiours Chunin.

"Mizuki, do you enjoy using your legs?" Questioned Naruto, his tone cool and careless, not unlike a certain silver haired Jounin.

"No shit i like my legs you piece of sh-" He was cut off when Naruto slipped the kunai in his other hand into the base of Mizuki's spine, effectively paralyzing the man. Naruto pushed him off the tree limb, letting him fall with no way of safely landing, and in a matter of seconds 3 things happened. Iruka saw Mizuki's legs collapsed beneath him, Naruto push him off the branch they were standing on, and when Mizuki was about 3 feet from hitting the ground, Naruto appeared and threw an incredibly hard uppercut to the exposed jaw of Mizuki, sending him back into the air, only for him to return to the ground hard when out of nowhere, an ANBU dropped Mizuki to the ground with a wicked axe kick to the base of his skull, sending the wayward Chunin into sweet unconsciousness.

"Nice shot dog, though i really wanted to be the one to knock him out" stated Naruto in a positive tone

"Now Now Fox, no need to be sad. After all with this you're finally out of ANBU, just like you wanted, Though you might not like the team you're with now..." Said Dog, removing his mask, revealing a very amused Kakashi Hatake "After all, it won't be easy going from ANBU to being on a Genin team. You should thank the heavens that the Sandaime let me be your sensei. You could have gotten asuma, and he is literally part Nara."

Now, Iruka was Many things, and an Idiot was not one of them, in fact at one point, the academy teacher was once an ANBU, though he always said he wasn't cut out for it. So seeing his former ANBU captain refer to Naruto as "Fox", A name only ever given to One other ANBU ever, he was quite confused "WHAT THE HELL! What is going on!"

"Ah, Iruka, Nice to see you again, come with us, you've already seen enough, you might as well know everything else, besides, it will be nice to catch up with my old student." Stated the lazy scarecrow as he began walking back to the village "Naruto, you carry the traitor."

-Hokage's office-

Iruka had just entered the office of the Hokage, only to once again be surprised by what he was seeing. Kakashi and Naruto, standing at attention. This is not the part that surprised Iruka though, what surprised him was that the Hokage was handing Kakashi a Jonin flak jacket, and Naruto 2 headbands, one the normal leaf headband, though it had black fabric, showing Naruto was a specialist. The other, was a strange golden headband with an unknown symbol on it. The symbol was type of swirl, it looked almost 3 dimensional, though it obviously wasn't, seeing as it was on a flat surface. It was after seeing the second headband that he finally decided to listen to what was being said.

"Kakashi, Naruto, this was your last mission as ANBU. I'm very proud of both of you, and I don't believe I would be overstepping my boundaries to say that you two were close too if not the best operatives I've seen in the last decade. With this mission, you are both listed in the Konoha official Ninja book, Kakashi, you will retake the rank of elite Jounin, allowing you command of troops in war time, Naruto, I'm sorry but you will have to be a genin, but you will keep your Anbu level clearance." stated the aged Kage, a smile on his face.

"Aww that's so unfair! I'm head and shoulders ahead of the others in my class! Did you know how hard it was to act THAT dumb? I'm sure everyone in the class thinks I'm an Idiot!" stated the still childish Naruto, though the way his chakra flared reminded everyone just how strong he was.

"May i ask what's going on here!" shouted Iruka, completely confused as to what was happening around him

Kakashi looked at the Chunin teacher like he grew a second head, then it clicked that everyone but the Hokage and ANBU were kept in the dark. He grinned sheepishly (not that you could tell.) and rubbed the back of his head in an embarrassed way, something that naruto mirrored. "Sure, sense were no longer ANBU, i see no reason why not. Lord Hokage?"

"I see no reason why not, How about you Naruto-Kun?" asked the aged Kage

"Sure, as long as he promises not to repeat what he hears in this room." stated Naruto, Iruka was shocked yet again by the tone of voice that his student spoke, a tone he remembered from his days in ANBU, one of complete and total confidence. Iruka nodded dumbly and took a seat, somehow he knew this was going to warrant a seating position "Well, might as well tell you all the important details first...What do you know about Minato Namikaze?"