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-Next day, team assignments-

Naruto was sitting top row, as far into a left corner as possible, he was the first one there. He sat waiting for the first person to enter the room, though he had only been there for 5 or 10 minutes, he was extremely bored.

'Hmm...' Naruto thought to himself 'I wonder how long until the question me about why I'm here? I don't exactly have the smartest classmates. Maybe they won't even recognize me? That would be hilarious!'

The truth is that most people wouldn't recognize him. After he had made it home last night, he had changed his wardrobe. No more was the orange and blue jumpsuit, but instead a modified version of his ANBU uniform. Dark blue cargo pants with an orange stripe, starting from the hip and ending in a point just under the side of his knee. A black muscle shirt almost completely covered by a dark gray ANBU vest. Dark blue arm sleeves that went from his wrist to his elbow, all of which had Orange stitching. Black shinobi sandals and the final touch, two headbands, the first being the standard leaf headband, rightfully on his forehead. The second was the gold plated "Swirl" headband, which was tied around his right bicep (if you haven't figured it out yet, it's a headband from Uzushiogakure).

He was still stuck in his musings as one of his classmates entered the room. He looked to see Shino Aburame looking at him with a raised eyebrow, which to an Aburame, meant total shock. Naruto chose to ignore him and speak to his tenant. Closing his eyes and resting his head on his forearms, he began to slip into the dreamlike state that granted him access to his slumbering prisoner.


"Oi! Fox, wake up, I got a while before I need to do anything and I have a few questions." stated Naruto as he walked up to the giant prison cell of the great beast.

"And just what might those be? I swear, if you repeat any of the questions from last night..." threatened the calm yet booming voice of the Nine tails fox. In all honesty, the mass of chakra enjoyed his time talking to his container, it was a much better alternative to doing nothing all day.

"First off, could you find anything about that weird thing that happened on the mission in grass country?" asked Naruto, who had been racking his brain for the last six months after the event.

"I have nothing solid, though I do have a hunch, your mother was a full blooded Uzumaki, correct?" asked the fox.

"From what I could tell, and my dad was the grandson of your first prisons brother in law. What do you think?" asked the hyperactive blonde

"It's only a rumor, almost a myth, but a long time ago, there was a family that combined the blood of the Senju and the Uchiha" stated the fox

"Yea, the Uzumaki, you already told me this" stated Naruto with a sweat drop.

"Just making sure you remember. Anyways, it was said that certain members of the family had a strange power that seemed to come from almost nowhere. The only evidence that it even really existed was that the eyes of the person would change slightly." informed kyuubi

"Define slightly. Is it like the sharingan? That wouldn't explain everything else... Got anything else?" asked Naruto

"Not at the moment, give me some time to look through my memories, I'm sure there has to be something there that fits everything. What was your other question?" asked the fox

"Oh, right. How much of your chakra can I use and still be in total control? I think I want to work on that a little bit. Never know when I'll need another trump card." stated Naruto

"Just under one tail, your body is still unable to handle any more than that, though you can use two tails on your berserker mode. Is that all?" asked the demon

"Yep, thanks Kurama! You're a big help" said Naruto as he faded out of his Mindscape.

"Was that a crack at my size?"

-Class room-

"Wake up!" shouted Kiba into naruto's ear, who appeared to be sleeping.

"Why is he even here? We all know he didn't pass the exam, what's he doing here?" asked a girl named Raiya, her high voice hurting everyone else's ears.

"He probably thinks just because he's dressed like an ANBU that they'll let him on a team" stated a boy named Trode

"EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" shouted Iruka as he entered the classroom "OK, I have a major headache and I would like to get this over with. Just remember that I am proud of all of you for passing and being on your way to your ninja career."

"Hey Iruka sensei! Naruto didn't graduate, why is he here?" shouted Kiba as he pointed to the blonde in the back left corner of the room, who appeared to have just woken up.

Iruka looked towards the smirking Naruto. Something about the smirk on his face and that he didn't really care for Kiba picking on a fellow ninja, made Iruka want to go along with his own little prank. "Hmm... That's odd? He has a headband? And he's on the list, even assigned to a team... But if Kiba said it, it must be true, I'm sorry Naruto, but you're just going to have to put up with idiots the rest of your life"

Everyone was stunned, Iruka just made fun of a class member! And he said that Naruto had actually passed? Was it Opposite Day?

"Now that that's over... Team One is..." Naruto zoned out at this point, not caring until his Name was called "Team 7, led by Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki."

"Oh no! I'm on the team with the class idiot! At least I still have my Sasuke-Kun!" screeched Sakura, her voice actually breaking a glass on Iruka's desk.

At this point, Naruto had no need to stay in the class, seeing how he knew exactly where his old ANBU commander was, so he got up and left, though not before he spoke his mind "Oh no! I have the class bitch on my team! But at least I get an ex ANBU captain as my sensei, that should even out the pain." and he left, walking right out the door, leaving a stunned classroom.

-5 minutes later, memorial stone-

"Hey captain, hows the rock?" asked Naruto, his eyes tracking to his mothers and fathers names.

"Now now Naruto, No need to call me that anymore, now I'm "Kakashi-sensei"" stated Kakashi with an eye smile.

"Whatever you say Sempai, but we should probably get to the academy, I'm sure the banshee and duck ass are going ape shit right now, I didn't make the best first impression as a team mate" stated Naruto.

"Hmm, i think now is a good time to start the test."

-45 minutes later, classroom-

Sakura was pissed, not only did the class idiot make her look bad, but her sensei was late and the idiot was nowhere to be found. Sasuke wasn't as pissed, he got to see one of his fangirls taken down a peg, that was nice, but his sensei was late, so the two evened out.

All the sudden the door opened, but to their displeasure it was just there idiot teammate. "Oi, Kakashi wants you to on the roof in 5 minutes" then, Naruto poofed away, confusing the two genin. Naruto couldn't do the clone technique.

-5 minutes later, on the roof-

"They aren't going to get here on time, there too self centered to take orders from me" stated Naruto tiredly. It was like he was a recruit all over again.

"Then this should work perfectly, don't worry, have I ever let you down before?" asked Kakashi, flipping a page in his book.

"Demon country..." stated Naruto.

"OK, you said you were going to let that go!" stated Kakashi

"And I will, right after you teach me "It", not a moment sooner" stated Naruto

"Fine, we can start tomorrow before the test." stated the copy nin

"What test? And what are you teaching the dobe that I'm not learning?" it was Sasuke, he was just making his way out the door onto the roof, followed by the banshee.

"The test you two already lost 3 points out of ten on" stated Kakashi

"What's it for? What did the 3 of us do to get three points off for?" asked Sakura.

"First off, just the two of you got points off, Naruto did as ordered, so he doesn't lose points" stated Kakashi.

"What was the order?" asked Sakura.

"Naruto told you to be on the roof in 5 minutes, you took 7" explained Kakashi

"Why do i have to take orders from the idiot? I'm twice the ninja he is" screeched Sakura.

"And two more points off, you are both now at 5 out of ten points" laughed Kakashi

"What is this test for?" asked Sasuke, his tone pissed.

"The test is to see if any of the 3 of you get to be on my genin team, if you pass the test, you're in the team, if you fail, you go back to the academy." stated Kakashi in a very bored manner

"You can't do that! A genin team has to have 3 genin and one jonin!" screeched Sakura

"First off, I don't have to do anything, second, I can choose to select an apprentice if I want, leaving two of you to go back to the academy. Now shut up, it's time for introductions. You first Pinky" stated Kakashi

"Umm, why don't you go first sensei? So we know what to say?" asked Sakura

"OK, My name is Kakashi Hatake, my hobbys... Not going to say, my likes... Don't care to share, my dislikes are traitors and thieves, my dream is to teach the next Hokage and get a date with a certain big chested Jounin... Alright, now your turn"

"My name is Sakura Haruno, my hobbys are...(looks over at emo boy) my likes are...(looks back at Sasuke) my dislikes are Naruto-Baka and Ino pig and my dream is to...(once again)"

"Uchiha, your up."

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I have no hobbies, I don't have many things I like, there are many things I don't like, and my dream is not a dream, it will happen, I'm going to kill a certain someone, then rebuild my clan"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, my hobbys are none of your business, my likes don't concern you, my dislikes are traitors, thieves and idiots, my dream is to become Hokage and restore my clan"

"Dobe you don't have a clan! You're an orphan" stated Sasuke smugly.

Naruto grit his teeth and looked to Kakashi, who simply nodded, Naruto disappeared in a seal less body flicker "If you two want to live, I suggest you don't piss him off, he's killed more people than you've met. Training ground 7, 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, be there." and with that, Kakashi disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"What do you think he meant by that?"

-Next day, training ground 7, noon-

Naruto and Kakashi had been working on "It" for the last 2 hours, so it was easy to see where they lost track of time. Sakura and Sasuke however, we're not amused.

"You're late!" screeched the pink haired girl

"Sorry, I killed my alarm clock and had to give it a proper burial." stated Kakashi with an eye smile, though the loud cough from naruto ruined the mood.

"Lair!" she shouted again

"Now that we're all here, it's time I explain the test. There are two bells (holds up bells) that you must take from me by 3 o'clock, that gives you 3 hours. If you fail to get a bell, then you lose 5 points. There are also other penalties, but those are all common sense. Naruto, you don't have to participate in this exam, I already know you can complete it" stated Kakashi, naruto nodded and started walking away.

"How come the Dobe gets a free ride, when I, a Uchiha, don't?" asked Sasuke smugly

"Because I've known Naruto his whole life and know mostly what he is capable of, and if you both pass this test, then I'm sure Naruto will fill you in on a little bit more about himself. Right, Naruto?" asked the copy ninja

"If they pass, I'd be glad to" stated Naruto with a knowing smirk

"Then begin!"

-2 hours later-

Sasuke was getting pissed off, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get a damn bell. He had tried every approach possible, but couldn't get to a bell. How was he supposed to do it alone? Then it hit him, the point of the exercise wasn't to get the bell by yourself, but to get it with teamwork. He moved quickly to his blonde teammate, reminding himself that he was only using naruto as a pawn to pass the test.

"Hey dobe, help me out to get the bell?" asked Sasuke, Naruto had been surprised it had been a request instead of a demand.

"Say please" stated Naruto with nothing but cold and ruthless confidence in his voice

"Fine, please help me get the bell?" asked Sasuke, though it was painful for him to ask for help from a non Uchiha.

"Sure, you got a plan?"

-55 minutes later-

Naruto threw a wicked spinning back kick, a move he most likely got from Gai, at the head of Kakashi, forcing him to take his eyes off Sasuke But he wasn't an ANBU for nothing and could see through the trick that the pair was using. Naruto would distract and Sasuke would make a grab for the bells. I might have work against a chunin, maybe even a fresh Jounin, but not Kakashi As they went for their last attempt, the alarm sounded, leaving the duo short a bell.

"I must say, you did far better than expected, but no bell. So I'm going to go ahead an tie one of you to the post. However, I'm feeling a little off today, maybe it's because I haven't killed anyone this month... Oh well, I'm giving you one more chance after lunch, so get ready. Naruto, tie Sakura to the post, she didn't try at all during the test, also she doesn't get any food and gag her too, my head still hurts from her yelling, I'll be back in an hour" and with that, he poofed away.

"Wow, he really is off today, never would have thought he would give you another shot... But it won't matter, he's too fast for the two of us" stated Naruto, lying through his teeth.

"What about Sakura? I'm sure she can at least be enough of a distraction for me to get the bells?" stated Sasuke

"But she's running on empty, she would be useless unless you feed her" stated Naruto "That's the only way to get out of this situation"

"Fine. Open up Sakura, we need you at full go to pass" stated Sasuke As he took the gag off.

All the sudden, the sky turned dark and Kakashi appeared from nowhere "I told you not to feed her! You disobey an order to feed her? You...you... Pass"

Now, 3 things happened when Kakashi said that. First both Sasuke and Sakura yelled "What!" Second Naruto handed Kakashi 50 ryo. And third Kakashi explained.

"The point of this exercise is to work as a team. Which you did by giving Sakura food when I told you not to. In the ninja world, those that don't follow the rules are trash, but those that abandon teammates are worse than trash. I learned that lesson the hard way, and I still suffer from my mistakes I made" stated a depressed Kakashi

"What happened Kakashi sensei?" asked Sakura, Naruto put a hand on Kakashi's shoulder, silently asking for permission to tell his story he shook his head no.

"Maybe later, it's not a pleasant story... But, since you did pass, Naruto, would you like to fill them in?" he finished with an eye smile

"Ugh, yeah, might as well get it over with... First understand, if either of you speak of what you hear here, you will be killed. This is an s-ranked secret. Do you both understand?" he watched them nod their heads in awe "I'm not who I appear, though my name is Naruto Uzumaki, I do love ramen, orange and pranking, the rest of what you know of me is a lie. I'm not the dead last of our class, in fact I wasn't even a true student of that class. It was a cover to hide that I was, in fact, ANBU-"

"But you couldn't even do a simple clone! There's no way you were in ANBU if Sasuke-Kun wasn't!" screeched Sakura.

"Shut up, though Sasuke may have been the best in the academy, I was the best in the class. The reason my grades sucked were a combination of not caring, always being tired, and choosing to make myself look bad. I was an ANBU recruit at seven years old, during that time i wore the puppy mask, showing i was Kakashi's apprentice. I became a full fledged member at 11, at which time i earned the Fox mask and own 3 ANBU records. Kakashi was one of my captains and has been training me along with several other members scenes I was five. I have more chakra than all 3 of you combined and I could pick apart our whole graduating class in a maximum of 3 minutes."

"Even if that was true, what records could you hold?" Questioned Sasuke arrogantly.

"Kakashi, wanna fill them in? I get enough gruff at HQ over them." asked Naruto

"Gladly. First, fastest takeover of a bandit camp, 6 minutes 37 seconds, beating my sensei's record by a full minute. 2nd, highest confirmed kill count on a mission, 351, beating Itachi Uchiha's by 13. And the last, and my personal favorite, Naruto is the only person to ever steal dango from Anko and make it out without a scratch." stated Kakashi

"351! There's no way you did that!" yelled Sasuke, Itachi didn't even kill that many Uchiha! How could Naruto kill that many people on one mission!

"Ask anyone in ANBU" stated Kakashi "It was the same mission Naruto set the bandit camp record, he went in by himself, got the hostage out, and killed them all"

"Wow..." whispered Sakura, her whole world turned upside down. The class idiot was extremely powerful. Know all she could go on is hoping that Sasuke was better.

"Yep, oh well, let's go get lunch, my treat" stated Kakashi as he walked away.

"It's four o'clock..." deadpanned Naruto

"Fine, early dinner, smart-ass.."

-Next day, mission assignment office-

"I don't care about protocol! I am not going to do countless D- Ranks!" shouted Naruto, getting a snicker from the ANBU in the corner of the room "Something funny, Tora?"

"Haha, yep, you have to do D-Ranks" laughed the ANBU named Tora

"Oh yea? You're named after that damn cat i most likely have to chase!" at this Kakashi busted out laughing. It had been common knowledge in ANBU that Naruto could one up almost anyone, well except Kakashi and Anko...

"Oh shut up brat!" yelled Tora

"The fox hunts the cat! Not the other way around" stated Naruto smugly

"Just get your mission brat" sighed Tora

-Two weeks later, Naruto's Mindscape-

Naruto was getting pissed, not only had he had to do 10 strait D-Ranks, but he couldn't even train the way he wanted to. He had to do team building exercises because his teammates refused to work with him. Sasuke still had the Uchiha stick up his ass, so he thought he could do everything himself, and Sakura hated that Naruto was better than "Her " Sasuke-kun, so she refused to work with Naruto. On the first "Mission" Naruto had made fun of Sasuke and Sakura had tried to hit him like she used to in the academy. Long story short, Naruto blocked the punch and Sakura found a Kunai at her throat before she even registered that Naruto moved.

Now he was descending into the depths of his mind to Speak to his tenant

"Hey Kurama, what's new?" asked Naruto as he walked up to the cage

"Hello Warden, I've just been laying around, looking into your question. I've have to say, if what I found out is true, you might finally let me redecorate" stated the fox

"What did you find out? Does it have to do with that eye thing you told me about?" asked Naruto

"Yes, but it's bigger than we thought. It is a doujutsu, like the Sharingan, but that's where it gets interesting. My knowledge goes back to when I was created, I've already informed you of that, so I'll skip the details" (If you don't know the story behind the tailed beasts, then look it up, it's a pretty cool concept) "I looked back through all of mine and my other hosts memories, and found out something shocking. The Uzumaki are not the result of the combination of the Uchiha and the Senju. The Uchiha and Senju were split from the Uzumaki."

"The sage of six paths was an Uzumaki... Does this mean the doujutsu is the Rinnegan?" asked Naruto

"No, there two separate entities as far as I can tell. The sage had told his sons that the Rinnegan was the result of the sealing of the Juubi. What you have does not have a true name, but it has been called the Cursed Eye." stated Kyuubi

"Why is it called the Cursed Eye? A Kekkei genkai is a gift, not a curse?" stated Naruto

"It's not the eye itself, but the people that get the eye. They stop all their other training and rely on it. Apparently, the eye has 5 different abilities, though I have only found 2 of them. Much like the sharingan, you unlock each level as you master the last. From what I could tell, you unlocked the first level on the Grass Mission when you slaughtered that camp of bandits, bravo by the way, I really enjoy watching that memory."

"Just tell me the rest please" asked Naruto, the fox wouldn't let him forget that Damn mission

"Alright fine, like I said, you've most likely unlocked it already, you just have to trigger it, which I'm not sure how to do that, it might work the same way the sharingan works, though I'm not sure. The first "stage" of the eye is basically like the first stage of the sharingan, it slows down your perception of time and allows you to predict your opponent's next move, though it is unclear if you can copy jutsu. The second stage is, from what I can tell, a boost to your nervous system, reaction time and anything having to do with it are increased. That's all I could manage to find, but it should help. Any questions come back to me. Oh, and you should try to search the ruins of Uzushio, if i remember correctly, there's a secret bunker there that might help. Now get out of here, I need my beauty sleep."

"Yea yea, see-ya Kurama" said Naruto as he faded out of his mind.

-That night-

"Hey Kakashi, how does someone activate the sharingan once they unlock it?"

-End of Chapter-

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