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"This is bad... If Naruto-kun can't recover from the mental strain, the whole plan will be ruined! How is my son taking all of this..." Shouted Shisui as he paced back and forth in the bunker with Madara.

"Stop that infernal pacing! You remind me far too much of Hashirama than I care for." Demanded the Uchiha patriarch, his eyes closed and his body relaxed as he leaned up against the wall of the dark room.

"But grandpa, Naruto is like a son to me, and Shisui is my actual son! How would you like it if me or my father was lying in a somewhere in a hospital bed and there was nothing you could do about it!"

"Enough!" Shouted Madara as he exploded from his spot and slapped Shisui into the wall. "Do you forget that I watch all five of my brothers die? Do you forget that I had to sit back and watch your father die a pointless death for that pitiful clan of ours!"

"Enough! Both of you!" Shouted a voice from the shadows. The uchiha's froze before slowly turning to see an older man with dark red hair staring holes through them. "I didn't revive you Madara, create new eyes for you Shisui, pull the Sanbi from Yagura and place it in that damn Senju, so that you can throw a god damn temper tantrum! And before either of you idiots say anything, I will remind you that I lost both my daughters at that impostor!"

-in Konoha hospital-

"How is it possible that NO ONE was there to help break his fall?" Questioned a pissed off Tsunade, who was currently acting Hokage while the younger blonde layed in the bed before her. It had been the longest twelve hours in the history of the hidden leaf, as most of the population had watched their leader fall from an enormous height before he disappeared behind the buildings. And now they didn't know if their leader was ok, or even alive.

Itachi, Sasuke and Kakashi all stood on the opposite side of the bed of Tsunade. It was kakashi who spoke first. "I was watching. Right as naruto delivered his last attack, he seemed to pull a white energy construct out of the body. There was a pulse of energy right after that and naruto was flung to the ground."

"That would make sense. I had my EMS activated at the time, and he seemed to be falling at an incredible rate, like he was forced to the ground." Stated Sasuke as he looked to his best friend. 'Cmon Dobe, you can do this! Wake up! This village needs their leader!'

During the following silence, Jiraiya entered the room. "Ma and Pa took all the extra bodies with them, we saw konan taking Nagato's body away. Pa said something about the rods having nature chakra in them. He wants Naruto to help do some tests when he gets the chance and wakes up. Has he woken up yet?"

"No. Hasn't even moved. He's almost healed from the fall, his right leg needs some work, but sakura and Shizune have managed to reconstruct most of his femur and Haku healed his back." Answered Tsunade. "Have you sent word to the other leaders? What of Daimyo Tasuki?"

"Yes, Gaara and A have already responded. Gaara defeated one of his attackers, but the other escaped. He's having baki watch the village. He'll be here in about two days. Tasuki will be here tomorrow afternoon. he said that he would personally overlook the reconstruction sense Naruto is out of action ." Stated Jiraiya. "I've sent a group to meet him, hopefully he gets here without incident."

"What of A-Sama and Mei-Sama?" Questioned Itachi.

"Mei has yet to respond and A is on his way as well. I assume Temari will be making her way with Gaara." Stated Jiraiya before he looked to Sasuke. "How good are you at the Hiraishin?"

"Same as Genma and Raido." stated Sasuke. "I can teleport to him, and with the other two we can teleport people to markers."

"Alright, get Genma and Raido and get to Mei, bring her here." stated Tsunade. "Then get to Tasuki and assist in escorting him here as well."

Sasuke nodded and with one last glance at his best friend and leader, left.

"Naruto... Why won't you wake up..." questioned Jiraiya to himself, though Tsunade gave an answer.

"There's an enormous amount of activity in his brain, thought he doesn't have any injury there. Whatever happened during the final seconds of that battle has injured his mind." stated Tsunade, only getting a grim nod from Jiraiya to signal he understood. "How are the branches?"

"Zabuza is taking it pretty hard, he loves Naruto like a son and it's eating him alive that he couldn't make it in time." stated Kakashi, his legendary orange book no where to be found as he himself was having trouble holding it together.

"Asuma and Gai are with Zabuza and Haku." Added Itachi, emotionless as usual, but holding back his emotions was harder to do than usual.

"Jiraiya, what are you picking up from Iwa and the minor nations?" Questioned Tsunade.

"Iwa is hard to read right now. They've been building their forces, which would indicate that they were gearing up for war, but they've been taking more missions than usual, higher rank ones. I don't truly know what their doing." Stated the Toad Sage. "Iwa usually takes in ridiculous amounts of low end missions, thinking that quantity over quality would be best, much like their ninja. But sense Kitsuchi took over, they've had multiple high end missions that usually go to us or Kumo."

Suddenly, a chunin broke into the room panting, looking like he had been running from the devil himself. "Tsunade-Sama, Jiraiya-Sama, other Samas!"

Everyone in the room sweat dropped at the hurried, yet respectful addressing of the out of breath Chunin. Tsunade, figuring it was important, responded. "Yes Koona, what is so important that you would break through the door, and past the Anbu which should be guarding it?"

Said chunin simply held up a scroll. "A message from the Tsuchikage."

Before the chunin could even blink, the four conscious members of the room were surrounding him, Itachi and Kakashi had their sharingan active and glaring at the scroll, seeing if there was any chakra trapped inside.

Getting a nod from the sharingan users, Jiraiya took the scroll and opened it, revealing the message.


I would like a civil meeting between the five great nations. Held at a neutral sight, my suggestion is Iron Country. I will be awaiting your response. Know that if this meeting is missed by any one nation, there will be consequences. I have extended this plan to each individual kage as well as lord Milfune.


Yondaime Tsuchikage.'

"We need Naruto for this..." Stated Jiraiya bluntly. "Why would Kitsuchi call for something like this? There's no way that he's fully recovered, and Iwa is still weak from invading the Kumo chunin exams."

"The Iwa ninja we killed said that they hired Akatsuki to attack konoha... Perhaps Kitsuchi believes that Naruto was killed by pain or that the village lost a good amount of manpower due to the invasion..." Stated Kakashi.

"We will ask him when he awakens." Stated Itachi. "But it does seem odd that he would go so far as to suggest something like this."

"Especially with Naruto still as a factor. Didn't they see what he did in Kiri and in the chunin exams?" Questioned Sasuke rhetorically.


"Are you sure they will go for this sir? After all, we have no reports that Namikaze died in the fight. If he's still alive, the plan won't work." Stated Kurotsuchi, the niece of Kitsuchi.

"Yes, even if he survived, he will be weak. None of the other countries will try anything in iron country. Plus we have Mifune's support if things don't go as planned. For now we simply wait." Stated Kitsuchi.

"What do we do about Akatsuki? Are we going to pay them?" Questioned Kurotsuchi

"If they succeed, then yes, but if not, then we will part ways."

-Akatsuki hideout-

"I should have known Pain would fail, the Godaime is too intelligent to fall for his tricks. Did you recover his body?" Tobito questioned in a serious voice.

"Yes." Answer zetsu. "But the toads took the paths with them."

"Good." Was Obito's reply as he moved towards the statue. "The paths eyes are simply cheap knockoffs anyway. They are of no use."

"So what's next? With pain gone, konan leaving, Hidan now more useless than ever and deidara dead, we don't have the manpower to complete the mission." Stated Kakazu.

"Yes we do. You will all have one of the captured beasts sealed within you." Stated Obito, shocking them all.

"But that will kill us! No bijuu can be sealed into an adult." Stated Sasori.

"You will all survive. Kisame will survive do to his already massive chakra pools, sasori only has a heart, so as long as we seal it there, there will be no problem. Kakazu, you have five hearts, meaning you have five chakra coils, you can easily handle it, and Zetsu, you are made of the DNA of Hashirama Senju. You will easily be able to handle a bijuu." Stated Obito

"That leaves you." Stated Zetsu.

"I will be reclaiming my eye from Pein. Everyone prepare. Kakazu will have Yonbi sealed in him, Sasori will have Gobi, Kisame will have Rokubi and Zetsu will have Nanabi."

-konoha hospital-

Haku and Sakura sat next to Naruto, who had yet to move. Sasuke had been there earlier, but only for a short while before saying goodby to Haku and leaving with the rest of the body-guard squad on their assignment.

"I just don't understand. He's taken more damage than this and walked away smiling. How is this time any different." Questioned Sakura as she looked over her old team mate, before checking the clipboard at the foot of the bed.

"It doesn't make sense..." stated Haku. "His nerves and mind are constantly active, yet he doesn't move at all... It's as if he doesn't want to wake up, or possibly can't."

"Everyone has their limits." Both girls looked to the door, seeing none other than Kosuke Maruboshi, the eternal genin, a short old man who while skilled, was never promoted.

"What do you mean Kosuke? Naruto is sixteen and has a healing factor way faster than anything in recorded history, even Shodaime didn't have the stamina and recovery time Naruto does." Stated Sakura.

"Your a very talented medic Sakura and you as well Haku. But what I speak of is not medical as much as it is mental. Each shinobi has a limit to which they can perform before they lose the will to keep fighting. And I don't mean physically. Some shinobi are placed under enormous strain and are slowly crushed by it. Tobirama-sensei lost his during the first Great War. Sarutobi lost his after the kyuubi attack, though regained it briefly. Naruto-Sama may have lost his during his fight. After all, the damage that he has taken, and the hell he went through as a boy does not help."

"Have you lost yours?" Questioned Haku.

"Hmm. I lost mine in a different way than most. I lost mine after I got my teammates killed when I was young. I found it after Tobirama-sensei beat it into me. Naruto-Sama, if he does recover, may need to find a new fuel to fight with. Many shinobi burnout young. While Naruto-Sama has many reasons to fight, he may not have the mental ability too."

-Meanwhile, in the mind of naruto-

Naruto watched in confusion as he was surrounded in a flow of chakra that spiraled fluently and rapidly in and out of his vision as it matched the colors of a rainbow.

"Quite the show... Isn't it?"

Naruto spun around to see a ghosts like silhouette that had glowing purple eyes and spiky hair.

"Who are you?" Asked Naruto calmly, knowing that he was in his mind.

"Come now Naruto... As a fellow jinchuuriki, you should know of me. We even both held Kurama." Stated the voice as the ghost solidified into a man, roughly the same height as Naruto, blonde spiky hair and glowing purple eyes.

"All the prior hosts of kyuubi were females. And only an Uzumaki or Senju could hold kyuubi." Stated Naruto as realization dawned on his face. "You're the Sage of Six Paths!"

"Right you are Naruto. But on top of that. You are my heir." Stated the ancient spirit. "You see, both Tobirama of the Senju and Tumaki of the Uzumaki were both direct descendants of me. The Uzumaki more so than the Senju, but that is neither here nor there..."

"What can I do for you Lord sage?" questioned Naruto.

"Lord sage you say? Hmm, I rather like that. Though unlike you, I never did acquire the mastery that you have with nature. Though I do believe that my son, Arashi, was of equal stature in the arts of senjutsu. After all, you and he were both trained by that little tadpole, what was his name? Fukasaku?." laughed the sage. Naruto smiled before he saw the Rinnegan of his ancestor flex with power. "But now is not the time to speak of Fukasaku and his magic walking stick of nature. It is time to tell you what exactly I'm doing here. I once defeated a great monster. A being of such power that it was referred to as a god. It will be revived. You are the one that will stop it. Listen well. The light show you are seeing is the memories of the one you absorbed. You are also absorbing his Rinnegan traits. From what I deduce, the result will be that of my true eyes. You will use it well. When you awaken, your body will be weak, and your mind will be full of old experiences you never had any part of. You must fight through this, and you must set into place events to unite as many as possible. The eye of the storm is near and the darkest hour will overtake the world before it is reborn in the eye of the strongest..."

The sage then started to faze out. "... You will choose, and YOUR future will directly change THE future. The direction you take will only be clear at the very end."

"What do you mean? What is this monster?" Questioned Naruto as the Sage of six paths faded away.

"Now where would be the fun in that? If I tell you, then it won't be your choice..." Laughed the sage as he disappeared. "... It is not always the most powerful or smartest that make the strongest, sometimes it is the ability to give everything, knowing you have nothing more to give."

Before Naruto had a chance to respond, everything went dark.

Suddenly, scenes started playing before narutos eyes, he watched as a pair of konoha nins killed some adults, then he was looking at a familiar blue haired girl and an orange haired boy in what appeared to be a cave. The orange haired boy had determination in his eyes that rivaled hi own.

'She looks like that Akatsuki woman that was with Pein... Could this be what the Sage was telling me about?'

Then he was following three ninja, they seemed young, though held an obvious power. One man with long white hair, one woman with long blonde hair and one man with long black hair. Then the man with white hair turned around.

'Pervy Sage! What is Jiraiya doing here... Wait, that's granny and Orochimaru... What the hell...' Thought Naruto as several more similar images passed before his eyes, leaving more and more confused.

Suddenly, Naruto was looking out over a city, with buildings that seemed to continue on into forever as the ground was not visible from his height.

"To think, just ten years ago we were fighting for our lives on those very streets..." Naruto turned slowly to see the blue haired woman once again, though she wasn't in her akatsuki cloak, just her black pants and grey top. "I believe in your dream Nagato. But it cannot be completely achieved through fear! Don't you remember what he taught us?"

Suddenly, the world went dark again, and Naruto found himself slowly appearing by the kyuubi, though now his kage resembled the inside of a skyscraper.

"Kit, what the hell is happening? Why has my cage changed!" Demanded Kurama.

Naruto simply stared blankly into space before his eyes regained focus and he locked eyes with the great fox. "Kurama. We need to talk about something very" Narutos eyes turned purple, then red before the rings filled with tomoes "Important."


-With A-

"Hurry the hell up! We need to get to konoha!" Shouted A as he charged out the gates, not bothering to even look at the guards, Bee and Darui following him.

"No delay, brokage! Lets get movin, before Iwa gets groovin'!"

"Bee, that was terrible." Sweat dropped Darui.

"...I'm just worried about the kid. No jinchuuriki should be out of commission for long, especially the junchuuriki of the kyuubi..." Stated Bee solemnly. "Twelve hours is a long time, for us, and Yugito must be losing her mind."

"I'm sure he's fine. He's the strongest man in the world for a reason." Stated Darui. "Right sir?"

"... Lets just get there as soon as possible." Stated A as he increased his speed, an unreadable expression on his face, well, unreadable to everyone by his brother.

'You're afraid A. You truly are afraid. And so am I.'

-with Gaara-

"Hurry up!" Shouted Temari from her spot next to gaara on a giant chunk of floating sand.

"I'm going as fast as I can. I want to be there just as bad as you do." Stated Gaara

"He's... He's going to be ok, right? That's what the letter from Lady Tsunade said." Questioned Temari desperately.

"...I'll be honest Temari. Lady Tsunade is unsure of his condition, same with Haku and Sakura." Stated Gaara. "No man is indestructible. Even us jinchuuriki are still mortals. Naruto has been through the ringer time and again. He has his limits as well as everyone... He may have reached his..."

-with Sasuke-

Sasuke, Genma and Raido Appeared in the office of the Mizukage, shocking the occupants of said room.

After a moment, Mei regained herself and stood from her desk. "Naruto would not have sent you unless something big had happened... Has Akatsuki attacked?"

"Mei, Naruto didn't send us..." Stated Sasuke seriously.

Mei seemed to know instantly what Sasuke was implying as her face lost all color. "Everyone but Sasuke, out now!"

As several Kiri and konoha nins scrambled out of the room, Sasuke and Mei locked eyes. As the door clicked shut Sasuke found himself staring into the eyes of a very concerned Mizukage. "Tell me Sasuke. Tell me right now what happened to my Naruto!"

"He's in a coma, lady Tsunade, says she has no idea why he isn't waking up..."

-in konoha-

Yugito was standing over Narutos hospital bed, her eyes puffy from holding back the tears that threatened to explode from her eyes.

"Yugito... Is sensei going to be ok?" Questioned remy, who was being held up by Azumi and Shisui.

"Do not worry young one, were going to help your sensei."

Yugito whipped around to face the men that had managed to sneak in behind her, only to see too men that were feared in Kumo as well as everywhere else in the world.

"Your... Your..." Stuttered Yugito as she fell into panic "You can't be here! You're both dead!"

-end of chapter-

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