LbN: Don't ask me why I'm obsessed with the thought of the Gleeks as superheroes and super villains lately, lol. But if any artists are out there reading, and want to design Britt and Quinn's costumes, I will totally write something dedicated to you! Happy reading :)

All our lives we've been waiting

For someone to call our leader.

All your lies I'm not believing.

Heaven shine a light down on me.

Fabray Enterprises was the richest company in the world, which meant that Quinn's mansion was big enough to house about 60 families. There were only two, however. She and Rachel, and Santana and Brittany. Of course, there would be one more, soon, she thought with a smile. Having all that space was great—it meant they could have a big nursery.

It was also a nifty thing for storing all of her crime fighting gear.

She sighed as she took off her uniform. She hung up The Emerald Fury's gear for the night and yawned. Brittany must've still been on her patrol. There had been more activity in the north part of the city that week. She hadn't gotten a message, so she assumed her partner (of the crime fighting variety) was okay. "Nigel!" she called tiredly into the intercom. All she wanted at that moment was a bacon cheeseburger, some onion rings, and cuddle time with Rachel.

The butler didn't answer.

That was odd, she thought. She hit the intercom again. "Nigel?" No answer. "Rachel?" She hummed to herself as she strolled through the left wing of the house. Option number one: Rachel had dragged their poor butler nursery shopping again. Option two: she and Santana were off having a spa day. She got to their bedroom and went to lie down for a bit. That's when she saw option three: the ransom note.

Her eyes turned an unnatural shade of green, and the wood of their bedside table cracked as she read.


Brittany appeared out of thin air next to her. She had a letter in her hands too. "I can't find Santana!"

"What does yours say?" Quinn asked.

"It's time for the heroes to learn their place. Do what we ask, and she won't be harmed. Reveal your identities tomorrow on the five o'clock news, and she'll be returned safely to you."

Quinn took a deep breath and tried to contain her rage. That was the thing about having alien super powers. When you lost control of your emotions, things tended to catch fire. She quite liked the décor of the room as it was, and had a feeling Brittany didn't want to be burnt to a crisp that night, so she calmed as much as possible. "Mine doesn't say anything about returning Rachel. It just says to reveal myself, and she won't be harmed."

"It must be another one of us," Brittany said. The air around her began to change colors rapidly.

Quinn let her friend think. Brittany was the Sherlock to Watson, normally. The taller blonde had the gift of super-intelligence as well as teleportation and telekinesis. She was one of the heads of the Defense League. The Rainbow Mist was feared throughout the criminal underworld, not as the biggest or strongest, but definitely the smartest. Quinn knew she would at least have the suspects narrowed down in a minute or so.

"The only ones who know our identities are other heroes."

"Right," Quinn growled. "We told each other as a precaution…to keep each other honest."

"Asian Fusion were patrolling the east half of Sylvesteropolis tonight, and The Viper had the west half. You and I were on north and south…"

"So that leaves The Fist, Purple Redemption—"

"No, she and The Imitator got married last week, remember? They're in Budapest on their honeymoon."


"It only leaves The Fist, Boy Wonder, and The Rock of Light."

"The Fist—Finn," Quinn said. "Blaine and Noah had the meeting with the governors tonight."

They stood looking at each other for a moment.

"Why?" Brittany asked. "It makes no sense."

"He's been checked out for months now. We should've seen something coming."

"Not kidnap. Why would he take them?"

"I know exactly why he would take Rachel…."

"And Santana?"

Quinn sighed. "I don't know. But they're ours, and we're going to get them back. Come on—let's call Kurt at the news station."

"We will be holding another conference tomorrow, of the utmost importance," The Emerald Fury said. "We ask everyone in Sylvesteropolis to please tune in to the 5 o'clock news for an announcement."

"At this time, we have no further information for you," The Rainbow Mist said, air going blue around her. "But trust that we care for you and our city more than anything. We hope to have your support tomorrow night."

"This has been Kurt B. Hummel with the Daily News. Thanks for joining."

The camera man gave him a thumbs up and the news anchor turned to the heroes. They were already gone.

"Well…seems like they took the notes seriously enough," the smaller man said.

"I thought I told you not to talk," the bigger one grumbled.


The bigger man grumbled and got off the couch. "Yes, Rachel?" he asked, going into the other room.

"I don't understand," she said. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because he can, Rachel," Santana said. "He's always had a thing for power, and protecting the innocent just wasn't enough for him."

"Santana," Finn said calmly. "I'll have you know that the only reason you're here is because we didn't want you calling Brittany or Quinn right away. That means you are disposable. So I'd shut up, if I were you."


"Santana," Rachel whispered urgently. "Please."

The younger woman quieted.

"As to why I'm doing this," Finn continued. "It's really quite simple. I'm tired of hiding. There's no need. We are bigger than this city—we should be ruling it. Even though you're human, you should understand that. You're a larger than life movie star. Even Santana here has a pretty good name for herself. And, as you can see, plenty of criminals would be more than willing to lend a helping hand." He nodded over to the other man.

"You said I could torture her!" the small man whined.

"I said, you could if the losers didn't show their faces tomorrow, Jacob!" Finn snapped.

"Please let us go, Finn," Rachel asked. "I can't do this. I'm—"

"Rachel," Santana said sharply. She shook her head slightly.

"What?" Finn asked, seeing the exchange. "What are you, Rachel?"

"I'm scared," she said, quietly. "I never thought I'd have to be afraid of you, Finn. We were always friends."

The man's face darkened. "You're a good actress, Rachel. But not good enough. You were going to say something else before Santana stopped you. I suggest you tell the truth." He waited. Nothing. "No? Fine. Jacob, I've changed my mind." He nodded at Santana.

The small man's eyes lit up as he raced to a nearby table. He picked up something that looked like a Playstation Move Motion controller and turned it on. It sparked.

"No!" Rachel yelled as Santana's screams filled the room.

Finn held up and hand and Jacob stopped. "The truth, please."

"I'm pregnant."