The Only One

"ENOUGH!" Rock of Light bellowed, slamming his fist on the table. The Mohawk sticking out of his helmet turned bright red as he glared at the rest of the heroes. "Fury, I understand where you're coming from. If it were up to me, that traitorous bastard would be shot into space, and we'd be done with it. But it's not up to me. The President thinks it would lower the public's trust in us if they knew the truth. So he gets a hero's burial. That's the end of it, Quinn."

She slumped in her chair and glared at the crest in the middle of the table.

"As for you, Jesse—"

"Hero name, please."

"Fine. Saint, you're bugging the fuck out of me with your face. So make yourself useful and make us some coffee."

Saint grumbled and exited the boardroom.

"We have to get to the press meeting," Brittany said tiredly. She'd been teleporting back to the mansion every hour, on the hour, to check up on the girls. It was taking a lot out of her.

"Where are PR and Imitator?" the male half of Asian Fusion asked.

"Booking Ben Isreal," Rock of Light said. "Go on, Quinn, Brittany. We'll take care of everything here."

"See you, Captain," Quinn said, saluting.

"We've lost a hero today," The Rainbow Mist said. They'd decided to let her talk, since Quinn didn't trust herself to lie convincingly. "Criminal Jacob Ben Isreal kidnapped renowned surgeon Santana Lopez as well as famous actress, Rachel Berry. The Fist was the first to find him, and…" she paused, looking down. The audience mistook it for emotion, and there were sympathetic titters. "His hero burial will be at noon on Saturday. Please come to pay your respects to this man who helped keep this city—this island—safe for so long. We also implore you to respect the privacy of the victims. Thank you." She walked off stage, scowling.

Quinn smirked as they walked away from the reporters. She jumped when Mercedes appeared in front of her. "Shit! Do you have to do that?"

"Jacob got away."


"Walking him into the station," Mercedes said, grimacing. "One of his rat friends on the outside…there was a flash-bang. Those stupid glasses he wears protected his eyes from it. He ran."

"Shit," Quinn said. "Britt—oh." Brittany had already teleported away. "She's gone back to the mansion."

"Right. Let's go before the sea of reporters gets up here."

"We got a message on the cloud," Brittany said as soon as Quinn walked in.

"He wants me," Rachel said.

"Too fucking bad," Quinn mumbled, holding her tightly. "He's not getting you."

"He's threatening to reveal your identities."

"I have an idea," Sam said. "A good one."

The wind whipped at them as they made their way to the mountain fortress. Sam, tired, basically fell on the doorbell. "I brought her."

The sleaze actually answered the door himself, pointing a gun. "Let me see."

The figure stepped in front of Sam and lowered her hood.

"I'm surprised. I didn't think Quinn would've let you."

"We had to restrain her," Sam said, panting.

"Good," Jacob said. "Get inside."

"Jacob," Rachel said. "Sam's weak from bringing me all this way so quickly. Please, just let him come in and rest."

"How stupid do you think I am?"

"Jacob," Sam said, dropping to his knees. "You know all about us—our powers. You know I'm the weakest. By the time I regenerate, you'll be long gone."

The psycho was quiet for a moment. "Fine. But if you try anything, you both die."

Rachel helped Sam crawl just inside the door.

"You'll be okay," she said.

He just nodded.

"Follow me," Jacob said. He led her into the dining room and showed her where to sit. As soon as he put his gun down, however, something happened.

First, the gun flew across the room. Second, Rachel punched the table, which cracked in half. Third, and most important, "Rachel" turned into Quinn.

"For someone who knows everything, you really don't know shit," she said, advancing on him.

Jacob looked around wildly, but apparently hadn't thought to bring any more weapons with him.

"Sam wasn't drained from transporting us, he was drained from transferring his changing abilities to me." She picked him up by the throat. "Lucky you…I've got orders to kill rather than capture. You're a threat to the heroes, you see? And the President loves her heroes. Goodbye, Jacob."

"Rachel, please calm down!" Santana said. "This isn't good for you. Either of you," she said, nodding to the girl's stomach.

"I just want Quinn to be home."

"Your wish is my command!" Quinn said. Walking into the parlor, she pulled Rachel into her arms and kissed her. "It's over. For good now."

Five Months Later



"You're the Fabrays' lawyer! Are the rumors true?"

Brittany smiled at the reporters who'd been camped outside the hospital for two days. "I'm happy to announce that yes, the rumors are true. Rachel gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday at 1:06 in the afternoon. His name is Justice Michael Fabray."

The reporters shouted for more details.

"At this time, that's all the information I can give you. Both mommies are doing fine and are elated at the new addition to their family." She nodded at them all and walked back into the hospital. She grinned when she got to Rachel's private suite.

"Not a word," Santana said, smiling brightly as she rocked the baby.

"I think she wants one," Quinn mock-whispered.

"Hellz yeah. Little Fury needs a playmate."


"It's cool, B. They don't have cameras in here."

"No, I mean 'shhh' because Rachel's asleep."

Quinn looked over at her wife and smiled. She kissed her forehead, then groaned when her wrist communicator beeped. She pushed the button and read the projected display. "Gang activity by the docks, and the junior heroes aren't cutting it."

"I've got this," Santana said, smiling. "You two go."

"No, stay here," Brittany told Quinn. "I'll go grab Boy Wonder and take him."

"Thanks Britt."

The girl was gone a second later.

"Here, hold your son," Santana said. She gently handed the baby to Quinn. "I'm going to go get coffee. You want anything?"

"If they have BLTs in the vending machine, yes. If not, then just a Coke."

"I'm on it."

Quinn smiled down at the baby, and over at her wife. She heard the sirens in the distance and knew that the world was still in chaos. But in this moment, she felt safe.