Things between Edward and I are going great since we had gotten back from Italy. The time apart had seemed to have him rethinking the physical contact between us. I was pleased when he finally started to touch me more and kiss me longer, still I was so frustrated that he was insisting that nothing could happen until we got married. The thought of marrying anyone was terrifying and at my age? I love Edward and wanted to spend eternity with him, I wasn't sure why he needed me to marry him for. I sigh softly while running my brush through my semi wet hair the more I thought about this the more I knew it was time to talk to him about this. His family was on a hunting trip and wouldn't be back until late tonight. "God get a grip." I whisper to myself as I fell back onto my bed and stares up at the ceiling until I couldn't take it anymore, deciding that it was time to go to Edward's house and wait on him it was all that was going to ease my mind at this point.

I tied my hair up into a messy ponytail and walked down the stairs were I grabbed my coat and my keys. I climbed into my truck then patted the wheel affectionately. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I slipped it out to see who was calling or texting but to see Alice's name flash on the screen was little confusing. Her text message, 'Don't go over to the house. Wait until in the morning. Please Bella.' My pixie best friend had never said please unless something was going on that she didn't want me to know about. Ignoring the message, I started my truck then drove over to the Cullens big expensive house. Sliding out of the truck, I bit down hard on my lower lip as I climbed the stairs to the front door there was this horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach. The same one I had gotten the day Edward had left me in the woods all those months ago. Quietly, I stepped into the house taking comfort in the silence that greeted me for all of thee seconds before I heard a faint noise coming from upstairs.

I gathered up all the courage I had and again I quietly climbed the stairs but the closer I got to Edward's room the more I realized these noises were coming from his bedroom. Moaning and those words, I love you coming from that sweet voice of my boyfriend. I knew before I opened the door what was going on but actually seeing him in the act broke my heart. His head thrown back in pleasure as a strawberry blonde rode him in the bed that he had bought for me when I stayed over, I knew this had to be Tanya and that made it worse. "No." I tried to swallow the word before it slipped past my lips but couldn't, both of their heads snapped in my direction and I could see guilt cross Edward's beautiful features. "How could you? You asked me to marry you!" I spat angrily at him but my traitorous tears let him know how hurt I was, he immediately tried to explain but I couldn't hear a word of it because he had yet to apologize or move Tanya. How could he betray me like this?

"Bella, it was a mistake. I was upset and she comforted me then it just sort of happened." Edward finally pushed away from her and came over with his sheet wrapped around him. Flinching away from him, I heard a furious hiss from behind me and before I realized it I was in the arms of my best friend who was whispering that she was sorry in my ear. The hiss had come from Emmett who was currently trying to rip Edward apart for hurting me again. "You fucking bastard! I warned you that if you hurt her again then I would rip your damn head off." God, I was ripping this family apart all because I thought a vampire loved me when clearly he didn't. I felt completely numb - I pulled away from Alice and quietly slipped past the rest of the family letting them deal with the fighting brothers. Numbly I got into my truck and drove away from the family that I loved, I had too and they would just have to let me go. I'm not sure where my mind was but I ended up at the airport with a ticket to Italy in my hand, waiting for my turn to board the plane.

The text tone for my phone sounded but I ignored it as the lady handed me my ticket back and left me to board by myself. It wasn't hard to find my seat and luckily it was near the back and maybe I would be alone. Taking my phone out to turn it off, I read Alice's text message. 'DON'T YOU DARE GO TO ITALY BELLA! THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! WE LOVE YOU! EDWARD SHOULD HAVE NEVER STARTED SLEEPING WITH TANYA.' Wait? This wasn't the only time Edward had been with Tanya, everything that he told me was a lie and my supposed family knew. I turned my phone off then curls up in my seat to sleep the long plane ride to Italy - I could only hope Aro would turn me so I could get revenge on his cheating ass. I needed to be the bigger person but this time I wasn't sure that I could be, I was still numb, I felt nothing at all.