My brother's and I glanced at each other before looking back to the coven that had just busted through the door without waiting to be announced. Irina the sister that had demanded my mate's head was fuming but being held back by her sisters who now have the sense to be scared. I could hear a low growl coming from Caius. "What is the meaning of this, Eleazar?" Caius was known to be the most vicious and blood thirsty of us all, I looked at our old friend and seen that he was now standing in front of Irina and the others with his head bowed. "I apologize for my family and for Irina. Her mate was recently killed so I am sure that you will understand that she is pain and not thinking clearly." Irina growls at Eleazer before pushing her way through. "I am thinking pretty damn clearly. There is a human with knowledge of our kind and because of her my mate is dead. I demand justice for my mate and you have to give that too me because she is human." Marcus chuckles to himself but of course it was heard by all in the room, five heads snapped in his direction in surprise. My lips stretch into a grin knowing they had not heard my brother be anything other then bored. He cared for Isabella like a daughter but his humour was at this silly girl for thinking she could demand anything of us.

"I suggest you watch your tongue, girl. So there is a human with knowledge of our world. And her name is Isabella Swan. My question is how is she responsible for the death of your mate? If she merely a human." Marcus's voice was clearly laced with sarcasm and amusement. The deadly gleam in all of our eyes was enough to have Eleazer pulling Irina back. "She had protection and they killed him for no reason! He was only curious and trying to do a favor for a friend. He didn't deserve to die." Irina had lost all her anger and was now dry sobbing into her sisters shoulder. I looked at my brothers before turning my head back to the group before me. "Jane, my dear go and get my our newest member." She disappeared almost as soon as she came into the room. "I will remind you only once where you are and who you are talking too. In just a few moments – everything you have told us will be set straight." I could hear her coming and smiled as soon as her scent filled the room, I had never smelled anything so mouth watering even with her as a vampire. "Ah Isabella, come greet our guests." I glided down the steps to take her hand so I could lead her back up to my throne. "My dear this is the Denali coven. Carmen and Eleazer who are mates and the three ladies behind them are Tanya, Irina and Kate." Isabella had gone completely still not even pretending to breath.

"My dear?" I followed her line of sight and she was staring at Tanya who was staring back with a slack jaw. Tanya most of realized she looked like a fish out of water because she composed herself and glares at my mate. "We know each other don't we, Bella?" There was a smug satisfaction in her voice that I really wanted to knock out but I stayed in my seat to watch. "I always wondered what it was that Edward seen in you. You were nothing but a silly human. So plain and not even pretty. Then I realized you were a toy to him and once he was bored he came climbing into my bed for real pleasure." My jaw clenches and I nearly launched out of my seat when my love started laughing – and I was taken by surprise when she climbed onto my lap. "Oh Tanya, you think I care about Edward? You can have his sorry ass – I have come to realize that he is below me. Just like you are below me and you should learn your place quickly before I am forced to remind you." Caius smirks listening to Isabella as did Marcus and I could feel pride in my mate swelling in my chest. "No! She must die! I demand it! My mate would still be alive if not for her." Irina broke free and charged towards Isabella but my love was quicker, her hand around Irina's neck only a second before the women's body hit the floor. "I would suggest you not attack your queen. You will show proper respect or loose your pretty little head. Do I make myself clear?"

Isabella was growling in the face of Irina who was growling back. "ENOUGH!" I took my mate into my arms and allowed the Denali's to get a hold of Irina. "You will refrain from attacking my mate. Now my love, explain to me what she is talking about." Isabella snuggled into my arms then pouted a bit and I could tell this was not something she wanted to talk about. "After Edward left I was a mess but one day I tried to go to our meadow only I found Laurent waiting for me. He told me that Victoria was after me for the death of her mate, James. Then he started talking about how good I smelled and how he would save me from a long painful death by making it quick. He didn't get the chance because some friends of mine who are shape shifters killed him. He was going to kill me they had no choice." I smiled down at my mate before looking back at Irina who was looking livid again. "You liar! He changed and was drinking animal blood." Marcus held up his hand. "Enough Irina. You have heard the truth here today so either accept it and leave or join your mate." Eleazer nods. "I apologize again and I thank you for telling us what happened, Isabella." - "No, No, No! She has to die." Oh hell, this bitch was never going to learn because her and Isabella were now fighting in the middle of the throne room.

If I wasn't a vampire I wouldn't be able to watch them fight it out and I decided that this was a fight that my mate needed. I nodded to the guard who pulled the rest of the vampires out of the way and kept Irina's family from getting involved. Isabella got the upper hand and snaps Irina's head from her body, she stood in the center of the room panting with venom leaking from her lips. Constant growls still vibrating her chest. "It's alright my dear. Come to me." I watched her drop the head and dash over to bury her face against my chest. "Alec." I nodded to Irina's body laying on the floor and watched as he set the remains on fire, I heard the Denali's crying at the death of the sister but I was out of patience's for these people. "Felix, take the Denali's to their rooms and the rest of you are free to go." I leaned down and kissed Isabella's forehead. "You may go back to your sister and brother my dear. You might need someone to talk to about what just happened and you might feel more comfortable talking to them. I will be wating in my chambers and we can talk then." She nods and gave me a quick kiss before running out of the room, I sigh and sat back down. "We will need to learn more about this Victoria and prepare to take her out. That will wait until after the Cullens trial this week." I spent the next few hours discussing business.