"Artificial Heart"

Summary: Alfred F. Jones is an enthusiastic young scientist. That is, until his beloved younger twin, Matthew, passed away. He doesn't take it too well and using his skill… He made fro himself a new Matthew… Songfic. Based on Rin Kagamine's song "Kokoro". Human names used. USCan~

Warning: Slight implications of boyXboy, incest and OOCness

Disclaimer: Hetalia obviously doesn't belong to me. Credit goes to Hidekaz Himaruya, the AWESOME genius!

"Mattie! Mattie!" Alfred F. Jones cried, running towards the room of his twin brother.

"A-Al?" Matthew coughed, slowly rising from beneath his bed sheets.

Alfred stood on his doorway, a big smile on his face. A drop of sweat fell from his golden hair and landed on the tip of his nose. There was a piece of rolled up paper in his hand tied with a fancy red ribbon.

"Guess what, Mattie?" he said excitedly, carefully sitting beside Matthew on the bed. Matthew coughed and Alfred lovingly ruffled up his strawberry blonde hair.

"W-What?" Matthew replied, "D-Did you end up finding Papa's secret stash of M magazines?"

"Of-Of course not!" Alfred yelled his face red. Matthew tried to giggle, but ended up coughing. Alfred noticed his condition was getting worse these days.

"T-Then, what is it?" Matthew asked softly.

Alfred gave the rolled up paper to Matthew then smiled warmly. "Go ahead…" he insisted when Matthew looked at him questioningly, "Open it up…

Matthew carefully untied the ribbon and unrolled the paper. He gave an audible gasp and his eyes grew wide when he read it.

"Go on…" Alfred urged, "Read it aloud…"

Matthew swallowed the lump in his throat and began to read. "Diploma of Graduation. This is to certify that Alfred F. Jones has satisfied the requirements to graduate from Hetalia School of Computer Science…"

He stopped as tears began to from in his eyes. Alfred brushed them away with his thumb. Matthew grabbed his brother's hand and pressed it against his cheek.

"Oh, Alfred!" he cried, "Congratulations!"

Alfred embraced him and whispered into his ear. "I finally did it Mattie! I graduated! I can finally become rich, like that Mark Zucker-something… I can finally pay for you're surgery!"

Matthew suppressed his giggles as he bit back a heart-wrenching cough. Matthew had lung cancer ever since he was ten. It had already been 12 years, but his Papa and Dad still had no money to pay for surgery. He stopped schooling when he was 18, since he had already hit stage four.

Alfred could only watch Matthew as he got worse and worse. He would visit his room everyday and take care of him when their fathers weren't around. Alfred wasn't good at physical work but he was gifted with computers. He decided to take up Computer Science so, after he graduates, he can apply in a computer company and raise money to save Matthew's life.

"A-Al…" Matthew stuttered, coughing hard. "Y-You should let Papa and Dad see this… They'll be proud of you…"

Alfred gently kissed the tip of his nose and gave him a mega-watt smile when he blushed. "Oh yeah! They better be proud of me!" he yelled, pumping his fist in the air.

He strode to the door, looked back and winked. "I love ya, Mattie…" he said.

Matthew blushed, but smiled faintly. "I love you to…" he replied softly, "Alfred…"

Little did Alfred know, that was the last time he could see his beloved Matthew smile. A month after, he was admitted in the hospital. And days later… He finally passed away.

"Alfred…" a man with a thick British accent and equally thick eyebrows called. He rested a hand atop Alfred's slumped shoulder.

"Mon cher… We all know how you feel…" a man with a French accent put in. He wanted to say something else when the Brit put a finger to his mouth.

"Let's let him be, Francis…" the Brit mouthed.

"Oui… For the first time, I agree with you Arthur…" the Frenchman replied.

Francis took Arthur's hand as the latter told Alfred they were going to wait in the car. Alfred remained unmoving. He remained hugging the tombstone of his beloved brother.

He didn't want to admit it, but he was crying. For the first time in his life, the hero couldn't save what mattered most to him. He wasn't able to save Matthew.

"Mattie…" he cried, "I'll get you back… I'll save you…"

He stood up and stared at the cold tomb stone. He was determined to bring him back, even if it meant defying the laws of nature.

"You'll see, Mattie…" he whispered, sadly smiling. "You'll see…"

"Where the bloody hell do you think you're going?" Arthur yelled as Alfred threw a duffel bag into his car.

"Away from here…" Alfred replied coldly.

"Why, Alfred?" Francis asked, coolly leaning on the doorframe. "Do you not like your Papa?"

Alfred scowled. "I don't like you…" he replied.

Francis exaggerated his shock. "Pourquoi? Did I do something wrong?"

"You speak French…" was Alfred's reply.

"And what is wrong with that, my boy?" Arthur asked, appearing beside Francis.

"Mattie spoke French…" Alfred replied softly, eyes staring at the road.

Arthur looked at Francis, who just nodded in response. It had already been three months, but it seemed as if Alfred could never get over Matthew's death.

"Alfred…" Arthur called once again, softly this time. Alfred looked up to meet his eyes. "If you are planning to live alone, your Papa and I won't stop you…"

Alfred smiled. "I just… I just need some time to think…" he admitted.

Francis smiled. "Mon garçon, it's okay if you miss Matthieu…" he added, "We all do…"

Alfred clutched his fist. "Matthew isn't gone…" he mentally screamed, "I'll find a way to bring him back… I'm a hero… I'll save him…"

Waving goodbye, he got into his car and drove away. That was the last time the couple had seen him.

Five years had passed since he left his parents and Alfred was already 26 years old. He had spent all those years painstakingly working on a robot in a small apartment he had rented.

"Almost done…" he thought, carefully joining two exposed ends of a wire. The contact resulted in a spark and the gears above the wire started moving.

"Oh, yeah!" he shouted, pumping his fist in the air, "I am so awesome!"

He turned towards his desk and grabbed a long cord attached to his computer. He walked to the back of his robot and plugged the other end of the chord to an outlet on the robot's back.

"Okay…" he whistled, "Hopes this goes well…"

He begun typing in his computer, downloading all of his brother's memories into the computer. He inputted all of Matthew's favorite songs, the shows he loved to watch and his mannerisms.

And when all was done, Alfred leaned back in his chair and pressed "Enter".

The robot began to stir; its artificial legs making it stand up. Alfred stood in front of it and placed a hand on its cold face.

"You can open your eyes now…" he ordered.

The robot opened its metal eyelids to reveal soft amethyst eyes.

"Just like Matthew's…"

Alfred tried to regain his composure and inspected the robot. "Is the system working well?"

"The system is working fine…"

The sound of Matthew's voice sent a chill down Alfred's spine. Even though it sounded robotic, it was still his Mathew's voice.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked his creation.

It looked at him with an expressionless face. "You're the one who created me…"

Alfred ruffled up its wavy strawberry blonde hair and kissed its cold forehead.

"From now on, your name will be Matthew…" he whispered into its ear, "And you can call me your brother…"

Author's note: Well, this is experimental since it is my first ever fic. I hope you guys loved it and please review me. Good and bad comments are both respected. I'll be posting the second chapter once I stop crying from the first one. Expect it to be soon!

Mon cher- French. Means "my dear"

Pourquoi ?- French. Means "Why?

Mon garçon- French. Means "my boy"