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Download Complete. Program Start.

The moment he had installed the program, Matthew could feel something rapidly beating in his chest. He could feel something wet roll down his cheek and drop on the back of his hand. Were these what his brother called tears? Why were they falling so endlessly?

Matthew's legs felt like jelly. He slumped unto the ground, trembling like crazy. Gripping his chest, he could feel his "heart" beat wildly. His mechanical body could hardly catch up to it. His "heart" was something he couldn't control. Is this what brother made for me? My own heart and soul?

Poor Matthew still wasn't sure how to use his new heart. Alfred hadn't said a word to him about how to use it. Alfred told him nothing about the program.

"I'm sure there has to be something about it here…" he told himself, working away on the keyboard. He found a folder labeled "MATTHEW" and he clicked on it, wondering if it had information about the program.

But the folder only contained photos. Photos of someone who looked oddly liked him.

The first was of two beautiful blonde boys, one blue-eyed and energetic while the other was violet-eyed and shy. They were standing next to each other in a doorway, the blue-eyed one putting his shoulder on the other. The next picture was of the violet-eyed blonde sitting on a piano bench next to another blonde with emerald eyes. Another picture was of the same blonde, sitting on the edge of the bed with a polar bear on his lap. And another was still of the same person. He was lying down on a hospital bed as sat next to him, the latter's eyes filled with tears as he gripped the other's hand.

Matthew slowly began to understand who the person was. It was the "real" Matthew, the person whom Alfred talked about in his sleep. The Matthew that gave meaning to Alfred's happiness. He was the Matthew that he could never be.

As if the whole world had crashed down on him, the robotic Matthew cried. For a moment, he glimpsed the meaning of his happiness. Because of the photos, he could feel of the sadness he had been keeping bottled-up inside of him. He could finally feel all the feelings and emotions that were hidden deep, deep down inside of him.

He started to understand everything. He now knew the very reason he was created. Alfred never wanted to lose his "real" brother. But, he couldn't bring him back either. All Alfred could do was create him… The exact image of Matthew.

Matthew glanced back, seeing the stuffed polar bear just inches away from him. He remembered back then, when Alfred first gave it to him. The latter was very excited to see his reaction… But he was a robot… He didn't know how to react… All he could do was stare at it coldly, tilting his head to the side.

Matthew could feel tears well up again. He picked the polar bear up and hugged it, damping the artificial fur with his tears.

"You were his, weren't you?" he spoke into the bear's ear.

He looked back on all the memories. Alfred was always trying to make him act more like his Matthew. He dressed him up with the red hoodie Matthew was fond off. In a desperate attempt, Alfred even cooked pancakes and doused them with maple syrup. But all the robot could do was stare emotionlessly… Wiping the hopeful look off Alfred's face…

Matthew, for the first time, smiled. "He was lonely, wasn't he?" he asked the bear, "He was human… He couldn't stand to be alone… The feeling of being by yourself… It must be sad…"

He gripped the bear tighter, wishing that he could have at least thanked Alfred. He could have at least told Alfred the feelings that were going through him that very moment. He could have told him…

"Even if he is gone…" Matthew spoke slowly, wiping his tears, "I am sure he can still hear me… Wherever he may be…

He got up and strode to the balcony. Pushing the doors open, he could finally see what the outside world looked like.

Taking a deep breath… He started to sing:

"I can finally say, real and sincere words
I dedicate this song to you!"

"Thank you so much, thank you so much
For giving me the chance to live in this world with a heart
Thank you so much, thank you so much
For all the days that we have spent together
Thank you so much, thank you so much
You gave me everything that I always needed and more
Thank you so much, thank you so much
I'll sing for all eternity…."

"It was a miracle, exactly that and nothing more…
The Matthew finally found his heart and kept singing…
He sang out all of his feelings, but the miracle only lasted for a moment…
Unable to withstand the weight of his heart, the gears within him eternally halted…
He was never to move again…
Yet, as he lay there motionless, his face was filled with and joyous smile…
Years later, those who had found him claimed that he looked like a peaceful angel…"

"I Love You… Alfred…"