Ranma ½: The Darkness

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"Why harbor such hatred for your fellow man? Just grab him by the neck, and slam him into a glass window. You feel better about yourself, and he doesn't remember anything. Ever. Problem solved." Quoted by Me.

In another part of the castle, Luster, the Queen of the Moon, tosses and turns. She sees a dark nightmare where the protector of her children is being told secrets by a dark skeleton, she sees his face, his very soul, be drained, and she can do nothing about it and she screams. Khonshu wakes with a start, and tries to comfort his wife, to know avail. "If it means that much to you, I'll have the crypt destroyed tomorrow." Luster nods her head, and slowly goes back to sleep.

"And that's what started us on our path to destruction, the separation of the two sisters, the fall of Talusin, all of it." Setsuna can't help but wonder what this Master of Fists will do to the time stream, and Crystal Tokyo, but she cannot interfere directly unless it is ordained. She turns from her inner thoughts and watches as Ranma wakes from his meditation in the morning.

"Get up boy, time for training!" Genma says as he bangs on the door. He opens the door just as Ranma yells "Misogi!" And intentionally misses his father by the space of a hair. (Capcom vs. SNK 2 Shin Akuma)Genma slowly gulps and says, "I meant breakfast is ready! Yeah, that's it! Breakfast is ready!" And he runs out the way he came. Ranma bears a grin, and walks down the stairs to eat with his family. Nodoka, thinking for a moment, says, "Ranma, before you get started, I was wondering if you would like to spend sometime with me after school."

Ranma's grin gets bigger and he nods to his mother. "Sure mom, that would be great!" He begins to eat his food with gusto, all the while thinking about the memory he took from the Reptile. "Who is she, and why do I care?" He gets up from the table, and makes his way towards school. "Ranma! Prepare to die!" Ranma, falling back on old habits, jumps out of the way, and turns to Ryouga. "What did I do now, P-Chan?" Ryouga's eyes light up in fury. Ranma says at the same time as Ryouga, "Because of you, I've seen HELL!!" This makes the lost boy blink for a moment, scratches his head, and say, "Your old lech has been following me around, and has been causing me nothing but trouble."

Ranma shrugs. "Sucks to be you, doesn't it?" Ranma slowly takes steps towards Ryouga. "Its not like Akari is alive," Ranma gets closer. "Her family hates you for something you tried so hard for." He's standing in front of Ryouga now, and shouts. "IT'S NOT LIKE THE MOST POWERFUL MARTIAL ARTIST ON THE FACE OF THE GODDAMNED EARTH IS GONNA STARE YOU DOWN, AND TELL YOU TO TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!" Ranma's arm shoot out and grabs Ryouga by the neck, and lifts. "This is the only favor I'm gonna do for you, Ryouga, I'm going to take the Darkness and the hurt away, and you can start out fresh."

Ryouga blinks, and stays silent, as he's dangling from Ranma's grip. "You'll still have the capacity to hate, but I'd advise against it. You'll actually be human now. And your anger won't impair your judgment." While this is going on, Setsuna watches as Ranma's eyes glow red, and energy; negative, dark energy, travels up Ranma's arm from Ryouga's neck. Ryouga begins to scream in agony, as leeched energy causes his eyes to roll back, and green energy writhes behind his eyes.

After what seems like an eternity, Ranma sets Ryouga down. Ryouga begins to shed tears, and slowly looks up at Ranma with something akin to happiness. "Thank you." Ranma nods and says to Ryouga. "The curse of being born of Demons, such as your hatred and direction are lifted. The focus you always lacked will grow until at last, you will be a master of the art."

Setsuna's brow slowly begins to sweat. "Not even Talusin could do something like that. He actually purified him of all dark influence…" Setsuna grabs her time key and teleports to the cherry hill temple. The sailor scouts are about to discuss what to do about Ranma when Setsuna appears, causing most of them to go into shock. Her standard entrance usually meant being there before anyone else, of just walking in, but never to teleport in front of them. "Before you say anything, let me get some things out. Ranma is the current holder of an ancient power that predates the Moon Kingdom. His powers are spawned by a mixture of free will and pure evil. I can not advise you on what to do, because I cannot influence the future in anyway, unless it is 'ordained' by my future self." She then sits back and watches as the new information sinks in.

"If his power is evil, then we've got to destroy him!" Rei says with righteous fury. Ami shakes her head. "From what we've seen, he's done nothing but destroy evil. Even so, he handed are butts to us on a platter the last time we took him on, and he didn't even attempt to kill us." Minako starts to complain, "But he's so cute, how could he be evil." The rest of the Sailor Senshi just give her the look. "What about all the dark kingdom generals and the…" After the naming of the fifth or so cute villain, Minako just hangs her head. "Why can't we have any cute good guys for once?" No one can answer her question.

After Ryouga gets up, he thanks Ranma. "Lets see the old lech stop me now!" And Ryouga leaves the streets, for the first time, heading for the right direction. Ranma smiles, then has a look of terror on his face. "Oh Shit! I forgot about school!" He uses his Ashura Warp to transport to the men's restroom, and runs to his classroom, just making it in time to see Usagi running up the street. Ms. Haruna points at the hall, and Ranma hears, "Waaah!" He shrugs. (Why does she look like the girl from that memory?) Not getting any answer from his own thoughts, He listens as the lessons begin.

In China, Saffron, Fire God of the Phoenix people, sits on his throne of frozen fire. Deep in meditation, he replays a battle over and over again. Kima stands beside his throne, never looking at the fiery star that is her master. Finally, he looks up, and says, "Kima, find out where he lives, then send me word." Kima nods, but is unsure of what this could mean. Saffron, all though a deity, was not known for his mercy. His rage and anger made warmth for the phoenix people for eons. For him to be beaten by a stripling of a boy, a land dweller, well it has been unheard of. There were no references to this event to have ever taken place. And now Ranma, one of the most offensive, and arrogant of land dwellers had defeated her lord. What would he do to someone like that?

"Its about time." Ranma says as the bell rings. He picks up his school bag, and begins to fill it up with all of his necessary school work. "Excuse me, Ranma?" He looks up, and sees the meatball headed girl. Without letting her get in a word edgewise, he says, "What do you know about two sisters, a skeleton bathed in purple flames, and a monster known as the Reptile?" She blinks, and says, "Nothing. Look, what is this about?" Not knowing how to answer the question, he says, "Look, I'm meeting my mom, so I gotta go." Then he walks past her without a second glance. Usagi blinks. "What was that all about?"

Ranma walks lazily to his home. "This Master of Fists thing sure doesn't make my life any easier." But then, what did? He leaves his thoughts in favor of spending some time with his estranged mother. Hopefully, he could learn a little bit more about her. When he gets home, he sees his mother tending to her garden, pulling out weeds, and spraying the plants with an insecticide. "Hello mother." He states, and bows low before her. "She looks up and smiles at her son. "Genma is out with Soun, so that leaves you and me for dinner." He nods, and waits for her to continue. "Would you like to accompany my for dinner, Ranma?"

Ranma scratches the back of his head. Under normal circumstances, if he went to dinner with another girl, Akane… He thought about her again! He shakes his head and says, "Yeah mom, that would be great." She nods, and says, "We shall be leaving shortly, after you finish your homework." He nods, and begins to get ready for his first dinner alone with his mother.

Setsuna watches all of this via the Gates of Time. "How can something so ancient be so human?" Not understanding Ranma's need to be with his mother, Setsuna sits in thought. "I guess I should use this opportunity to watch this Supreme Master of Fists up close, and personal." She nods to herself, and looks through the time gates to find out where they will be dining. (Note to whom it may concern. I'm not to sure upon the character of Sailor Pluto, other than the fact that she is the guardian of time. I've read several fics that make her out to be either an inhuman bitch, or a lonely woman in need of companionship. Since I have no idea what is the real case, so I'm going to be playing by ear. If you don't like it, don't read it, which is a double negative which means do read it.)

When Ranma and his mother arrive at the restaurant, a group of men notice Nodoka right away. Nodoka takes no note of this, but Ranma can feel dark intent in the room. Not wanting to alert his mother, or let her know about his true power, he sits with her at the table, and they both order. He notes the way that she eats her food, and with several seconds of watching, he dissects her eating habits, and adds them to his own. "Martial Arts Dining Etiquette…" He mumbles to himself. After eating the appetizer, they begin some small chit chat. "Tell me Ranma, what have you been doing these last couple of years?"

Ranma thinks about the question for a moment, and begins to tell her everything that happened in Nerima. He ends with a single tear, with the death of Akane. Setsuna, all the while, has been recording the entire conversation with several micro-cassette recorders all around the restaurant. She continues to eat and watch Ranma and Nodoka half heartedly. Near the ending of his narrative, Ranma says, "Mother, I just remembered something I gotta do. May I be excused." She nods, and he leaves for the bathroom. The group of men, noticing his disappearance from his mother, decide now is the time to get rid of him, and take the woman.

When he enters the restroom, he goes to the water faucet, and waits. Several minutes later, the group of men walk in behind him. Without a word, one pulls out a knife, and tries to stab him. Ranma turns to the side, slightly, and watches as the knife is embedded into the counter of the faucet. Without turning around, Ranma says in a conversational voice, "My name is Ranma Soatome. I am the Supreme Master of Fists." He then turns around, and grabs the man by his neck. "I can sense the evil intent in your soul. You would Rape my mother?" His eyes begin to glow red, and the rest of the men, numbering four, all fly and stay stuck to the wall by Ranma's sheer force of will.

He turns to the one that he has by the throat, and says, "Feel the pain of my Penance Stare." His red eyes begin to send flames into the eyes of the man he holds. This causes the Dark Intent that the man has nursed and fed for years to be turned into himself. He feels his own dark hunger begin to eat away at him. He begins to whimper with near mad emotion coursing through his psyche, and he nearly feels the end result of his Dark Intent. He looked in Ranma's eyes, and felt he was a breath a way from near Damnation.

Ranma then begins to tear the Darkness from the man's being, and drops him to the ground. He turns to the rest of the men, now without a leader, and says, "Take him and begone. Learn from this, or I will do to you as I did to him." They all nod their heads quickly, waiting for the chance to leave. Ranma goes to his mother, and they leave. The men, after Ranma was a mile away, fell to the ground in a heap, and ran, leaving the one who lead them to his crying at he once was.

Setsuna didn't know what to make of all the recordings that she had of this man. All of her recorders had nothing but static, except one. Near the end of her last tape, she heard one phrase. "I love you mother." It was said with such conviction, that she had to wonder just how far he would take that love. Would he kill for her if she asked him to? Did she really love him as much as he loved her? Setsuna kept thinking about what he said, until she concluded, "I need to quit thinking of him like a monster. From what I've learned, he's just a young man who hasn't seen his mother in over ten years." She then begins thinking about what she can do to help stop the other menace to the Senshi's lives. These new monsters were not what you would call your average Deamon. They all at one point or another were only found out by accident, and they never seemed to be hostile until they were found out.

That spoke of intelligence, and also of someone else pulling the strings. The only connection that she had with any of these monsters, were that they were always around something to do with education, and always about ancient history. This made her think about why someone would be interested in history. None of the other monsters beforehand had that type of foresight. "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." But that also left her with another thought. "Who has been sealed away from everything for so long that they would be that out of touch with history?" Of course not knowing the answer to that question, Setsuna went off to bed, intent upon finding that answer in the morning.

On another continent, perched upon the mount of legend known as the home of the phoenix, Saffron has finally been given his answers to the whereabouts of Ranma Soatome. He rises from his throne, a being wreathed in fire, shining as bright as a diamond that has been polished in flame, Saffron, God of Fire to the Phoenix people says to Kima. "I will be leaving to kill this one called Soatome. In my absents you will be in command. He turns to his throne, and the frozen flame parts, showing two eggs. They are, of course the eggs of the bird of fire. One will hatch another phoenix, and the other will hatch… no one knows.

"If I do not return, this egg will hatch, and you will be its mother, Kima. Guard it well, for it will hold the life of the phoenix people in it's hands." She nods, and bows to this unnecessary show of caution. Saffron has grown in power because of his defeat, and Ranma should not be able to stand a chance. Of course, that is what they said about him the last time…

That's the end of part 2. I'll continue to write as the writing bug hits, but I've got no idea when the next update will be.