A/n: more funness.

Alexander Dane hated his career. He was nothing but the one man from that old SiFi show with the all loved Jason Nesmith. The only thing that made his days of sitting and signing autographs all say was the appearance of his dove, Summer Van Ryan, a short curvaceous woman who's auburn dyed hair was always pulled back in a tight bun.

Her job on the show was the always sweet and loved medical officer, Doctor Karyia of Laranji, another alien on the show. Her hair was always pulled back to cover her ears and hold up her head piece that carried her antennae that flopped over her forehead slightly. She too had once been known for her Shakespearian acting career, having acted as both Juliet, of Romeo and Juliet, and as Helena, of A Midsummer-Nights Dream.

At present the entire cast was currently gathered in the backstage area of yet another Galaxy Quest convention, almost anyway. Gwen was looking out at the crowd of fans, Tommy and Fred were both sitting on comfortable chairs reading the paper, and Summer was rubbing Alex's shoulders to prevent him from having yet another meltdown. Jason was no where to be found. Again.

Tommy looked at his watch and threw down his paper. "Man where the hell is he? An hour and a half late? An hour and a half?"

Gwen turned from the curtain and pointed a thumb over her shoulder. "I mean this is unreal. They're going to start eating each other."

"Oh, did you hear?" Tommy said "He booked another appearance without us."

"You're kidding?" Summer said turning around to face him as Gwen crossed in front of her to sit in front of a vanity.

Alex threw down the makeup brush he had been playing with. "How did I come to this," he asked his reflection.

"Not again," Tommy said looking at his lap and shaking his head.

"I played Richard the Third."

"Five curtain calls." Fred said from his chair, trying to open a tin.

"There were five curtain calls, I was an actor once, damn it. Now look at me. Look at me!" He quickly stood from his chair and walked away from it. "I can't go out there and say that stupid line one more time. I can't. I won't."

"Well, Alex at least you had a part. Ok, you had a character people loved." Summer said standing behind him again to rub his shoulders to calm him down.

"I mean my tv guide interview was six paragraphs about my boobs and how they fit into my suit!" Gwen said standing up from her seat as everyone else rolled their eyes. "No body asked me what I do on the show."

"You had the... Wait. Wait, I'll think of it..." Fred started and then dropped off.

Gwen sighed and said, "I repeated the computer, Fred"

The side door of the green room opened an in walked Jason. "Whew, your commander is on deck. Wow that smog is thick today." He walked in and took his sunglasses off. "Am I too late for Alexanders panic attack?" Alex jerked away from Jason. "Apparently not. You know you should get that looked at," he said flicking Alex's head piece as he passed. Tommy ignored him by placing his wrinkled paper between himself and Jason. "Ok, what did I do?" Tommy lowered his paper and looked at Jason. "What?"

"Really? You booked another appearance without us," Summer said as Alex and Tommy stood up. Alex moved to a different vanity and began collecting his things.

"Unbelievable." Gwen said mock astonishment, crossing her arms.

"You are so full of it man!" Tommy yelled at him waving his arms around

"Its not a big deal. These guys build a little set in there basement. I'm there about an hour." he moved over to Gwen and rubbed her arms. "Its nothing, Gwen. They wanted the Commander."

"There he goes." Fred said monotonously.

"Alexander, wait!" Summer pulled on his arm

"Grab him! Grab him!" Jason yelped as Alex ran and he, Gwen, Summer, and Tommy followed.

The four of them were able to pull him back inside as Jason tried to calm him down. "Old friend. Old friend!"

""Friend?" You stole all my best lines, you cut me out of episode two entirely!"

Gwen and Summer ran past the men to take their place for the introduction to the stage Gwen being first and Summer after Fred.


It wasn't until later that the crew could almost forget that mornings debacle in the green room.

That was until Jason blew up at a group of fans after returning from the washroom.

Summer looked at Alex worriedly as Jason strode away from the signing area in anger.

Alex looked at Summers worried face and felt his heart clench. It had taken only a few months to realize his growing attraction for the green eyed woman when the show began eight-teen years ago. After all this time he never chose to make his attraction known. He had had plenty of time to do so as the show had made their characters a bit of an item.

"You're not gonna break into a million pieces and lash out at a fan are you?" Summer stared at him seriously.

Alex threw his head back and laughed at her seriousness. "No, I will not fall so low."

Summer let out a sigh of relief and gave him a faint smile. "Good."